H&R Block Filers Accepted on 1/25

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    I’ve filed with HRB for nearly 10 years with no issue.

    This year I filed on 1/19 and my return was rejected stating that my return needs to be mailed.. Then before I got around to logging in the next week on 1/25 I got another text saying it was accepted. I’ve been on one bar since. I called HRB to confirm it was accepted on 2/2.

    My transcripts for 2017 aren’t showing and my Wage Report for 2017 shows no return filed.

    I see a lot of 1/25 filers with no status, not even PATH messages. I’m polling to see if the other filers from 1/25 are from HRB also.

    Comment below..


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    So if you itemized, that may be the hold up..there’s no review!



    HRB sent this in the beginning:

    Your return includes Schedule A: Itemized Deductions and included medical expenses.

    During our annual e-file testing with the IRS, you might have received an email (or will receive one soon), telling you that your return was rejected and that you’ll need to print and mail it. Or, you might see a similar message after signing in to your account.

    Please ignore any previous message you received. Your return was rejected incorrectly.
    Your return is in “pending” status and hasn’t been rejected by the IRS. Congress recently lowered the threshold for the medical expense deduction from 10% of your AGI to 7.5%, which means you might be able to get a bigger refund (or owe less tax) this year. So, we’re holding your return until the IRS updates its system.
    Once the IRS updates its system to reflect the lower threshold, we’ll email you again with instructions on how to file again to take advantage of these changes. Please wait until you hear from us — you won’t be able to e-file again until IRS system changes have been made.

    If you decide to print and mail your return, you’ll need to wait for the IRS to accept it (in approximately 6-8 weeks). Then, you’ll need to file an amendment to see if you are due a larger refund (or owe less tax).

    Thanks for choosing H&R Block. We appreciate your business, and apologize for any inconvenience.

    About this message

    We’ve sent you this automated email to update you about the status of your H&R Block account. Please don’t reply to this message. We’ll never ask for your Social Security number, username, password, or any other personal information by email. To protect your account from unauthorized access, don’t give your password to anyone, and never respond to email if you aren’t sure who sent it.



    @april I think this is HRBlock..honestly



    Same with me accepted Jan 29
    And still shows processing.
    Called IRS.
    Said was under review. Loll and my review started 2/15.
    Wait 45 days there so full of it




    I’m on the phone with the HRBlock now…she has no idea why my dates are different but I couldn’t efile my state taxes because of some error. Now she believes there’s a real issue.



    Nevermind I see it. I all I see is my filing date though which was 1/13



    I logged in H&R block and I am not seeing where it gives a filing date?



    Update: Saw another HR block poster indicated they’d been accepted in January and were “still processing”. He provided steps to check your HR Block filing date which I did.

    Steps: “when you log into the website, go to My Taxes at the top, then History. There will be a filing date next to your federal refund amount.”

    I was accepted on 1/25 with a confirmation number but shows “filing date: February 19, 2018” in my HRBlock history.

    I called the IRS today, second time, first time was 2 weeks ago. I was told that my return wasn’t even being processed “YET”.

    Two weeks ago, i was told I was going to take 6 weeks to process. Something is going on.
    My son and mom both filed after (2/7) me with refunds over $5k and both have received their refunds (2/21).

    Any other HRBers have the “still processing” message with an off processing date on the HRB site?



    Updated overnight. No bars, all amounts etc are there and message says:

    “Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.”



    Bit the bullet and called today. Spoke with a rep who said “they are still processing your return. We have experienced a ‘processing delay’ that has impacted your return”. I don’t have any credits and I have no clue what that means. I didn’t want to hammer her given that I’d already been on hold for 15 minutes while she “reviewed” my return. She said they did not need any more information from me at this time as well.

    So it’s officially the waiting game….



    Hi return was accepted 1/25 bars have been missing for one week filed with Turbo Tax



    @kaykay, I don’t have ACTC or EITC or any credits.



    Filed on the 24th accepted 25th…. didn’t file with HR block as I do my own.. Still on PATH since the 3rd…I think it’s the same for all..last year I received my refund on the 17th and the funds hit my account before i got a DDD message.. so Yes look for updates and deposits next week filing with eic/actc



    @Trevor, keep us posted.



    @Trevor tomorrow is 2/12 come back and give up an update! Let us no if your transcripts date change or if they actually update. Maybe we we’re resequenced and a week behind. I’ve had that happen before.



    I filed h&r block, accepted 2/23, 2017 transcripts N/A, bars gone, no tt, still waiting, transcript does say 2/12 processing date though, so I’m still waiting 😂



    I also filed with H R i was accepted 1/25 I ordered my transcripts and they were blank HOWEVER I did update to path on the 3rd.
    Do idk
    I do know I meet with my landlord today for a house I will probably lose and idk how to fight for my 1500 back :(



    Thanks @Heidi I’ve seen a few of us…trying to gather a rough estimate of how many of us there are.



    Yes filed 1/25 H&R accepted 1/25 still one bar account Transcript incomplete /return Transcript NA.




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