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H&R Block Fees 3-5 days more?

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    I filed with H&R this year after using TT for years (won’t make that mistake again) and I have a DDD of 2/4. I called Customer Service today to see if they have received my refund yet and how long after they take their fees would I receive it in my account. They told me it would be an additional 3-5 days! WHAT! Has anyone else had this experience? Does it really take that much longer?

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    Thank you Victor! I hate not knowing who has the money and when it will actually show up lol! I will chill out until Wednesday then!!


    It wont take that long the last two years using H&R Block with Emerald Card And fees I have always got my return before 12 in the Afternoon on DDD Normally is’s around 3ish in the A.M.

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