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    pat m

      my hr block says federal e file contined is anyone else getting that

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          I am surprised so many people have had so many issues with HR Block. This is the fifth year I have filed with them using the online program. I’ve never once had any kind of issue. I even have filed my moms through them for her for the past three years. People had refunds delayed last year? I was accepted on opening day and had my refund by the 6th. This kind of baffles me.

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            I filed just about 30 mins ago and every thing went though right away. I am tickled pink now if the the next two phase go as fast.

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              Filed on the 20th. Got an email this morning from H&R Block saying my return has been transmitted & will be processed within 24-48 hours. Hoping this is true because that would be amazing, but I’m not real confident.

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                I filed my tax return with HR Block on January 20th and was accepted on January 21st at 10:52 p.m. Confirmed on WMR.

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                  Filed at around 8pm with H&R efile cause I’m broke and it’s free. Finished and received an email at 8:37pm. At 8:50pm received an email that it was already accepted, and I confirmed with WMR.

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                  Kristi h

                    Wow! I’m glad I used tt this year. Almost like divine intervention. I have used H&R since 2009.

                    Went to tt this year because so many people brag about it.

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                      Update 5 minutes later – as soon as I refiled, the return was accepted within minutes, and I already have 1 bar at wmr. Spent 3 days trying to patiently wait for the irs to accept my return and much of tonight trying to figure out what the error was when it came back at hrb as rejected. Stupid software.

                      BTW, I did notice that hrb pulled down all links to rate them at this time, both from the web site and on facebook – they’re efficient at watching out for themselves at least.

                      In any case, anyone who filed early through hrb and was rejected but can’t figure out why, just try to refile.

                      If you haven’t filed yet, avoid hrb!!

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                        Holy crap — this is the last time I use hrb. Filed on the 18th and didn’t get any status update until my return got rejected this afternoon, but with no reason or error message attached to the rejection. I went through the return a dozen or more times and couldn’t find any errors. Called the help line to find out why it was rejected, waited 45 minutes on hold and was told to file again – the poor lady said this has been happening all day. Buggy software this year or something – freaking sucks.

                        If you haven’t filed yet, DO NOT USE hrb.

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                          Finally accepted. Around 500pm today 1/21. Filed yesterday at 1130am 1/20

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                            We filed with h&r block last night. Got a text this morning that says my return is complete & they will hold it until the irs starts accepting returns & will send another text when it has been transmitted. I thought the irs was already accepting returns?

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                              I filled on the 17th, finally got accepted today

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                                Filed on 1/20 at 2:40 am Accepted today at 4, 1 bar TT152

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                                  Hrb sucks not sure y ppl use them get ur billions back lol ok sure take ur billions if anything

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                                    I filed with HRB on the 17th. I got an email from HRB today about 3:30 my return was accepted. I checked WMR and have one bar and TT152.

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                                      Filed through HRB on the 15th. Just accepted today. One bar on WMR.

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                                        I filed with hr on the 17th, still not accepted…

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                                          Filed HR block 0700 efile. WMR showed by 1200 but did not receive any text/email update until 900pm the same night 1/20/15.

                                          Filed wife’s hr block 1140am. Still not accepted or on WMR as of 1/21 @ 1210pm. Odd but expected. With the IRS. It can happen anytime in the next 2 days though.

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                                            So B is that what is going on – I can deal with these folks right now. Im still gonna call – Last year I will used them I paid $19.99 to be delayed , when I could have gone elsewhere and done it for free!!!

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                                              Argg!! Filed on the 18th, didn’t get accepted yesterday and still not accepted this morning. Just called hrb and they can’t provide any information about whether it’s actually been submitted or not – they just directed me to call the IRS hotline. IRS hotline has no information on my return. So frustrated. This is the last time I use hrb!!

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                                              Kristi h

                                                H and R block has a smaller batch of test batches. Most often, when you filed with H&R Block, you are accepted on opening day if you file early, not before. It’s very rare with them.

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                                                  really I can’t even fault auto correct this time as I was typing on my computer.

                                                  I meant *amount* not about

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                                                    HR Block does participate in early checks like other companies like Turbo Tax. I have used them before and they accepted mine early before. I think it is just a smaller about of test batches.

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                                                      well if thats true then why does the irs already have my returns if hr block has not sent them in??? i was accepted the next day after i filed.

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                                                        They will never send them out till opening day. They should have to send them, not holding them. Because if there system goes down like last year, then it will take longer.

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                                                          I just filled mine with hr block and it says pending on the hr block site. It is my understanding, from what I have read, hr does not submit returns until the IRS opening date of the 20th

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