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      Our job generally sends our W-2s out by the third week in January. I want to file so badly I could faint. It is said that you can use your last pay stub to file but I’m too scared that I’ll make a mistake. Has anyone ever filed using their last stub???

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          If you use last pay stub, what do you put down for EIN number?

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            I know people that don’t even work and they do tax returns and put in random information and they have never been audited. I don’t think you have much to worry about atleast you are an honest work that earned your refund.

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              Thanks @Corey B.! I’ll definitely share my tears and fears along the way! Hahaha

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              Corey B.

                @Coborop lets keep each other posted lol thanks

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                  @Corey B. I hope not! I wish you well! I think I may be in the same boat as you my friend!

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                  Corey B.

                    Hope i didnt mess up too badly using my last paystub. I ended up actually reporting almost $300 more income than my w2 lists ☺ wonder if they will reject for me reporting too much income??

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                      It was a couple hundred dollars difference, it only affected my return by a few dollars. I basically mixed up two of my numbers. It was honestly no big deal to fix. And if you have a prior year w2 just use it and match it up with your last pay stub. Best wishes!

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                        If you have the same job as last year just match up your numbers from your last paycheck stub with the boxes labeled on your old w2 I’ve done it this year and prior years its no biggie….

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                          How wrong were you the first time and are your numbers still off each year but it’s minuscule?

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                            Every year! Forrest time I tried, I was nervous, of course I got it wrong, but I just had to amend…no big deal at all.

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                            this sucks

                              my last job doesn’t even know i moved, i haven’t updated my address with the post office yet since i get my mail sent to my moms…i know its gonna be a month or so before they actually track my new address, can i just use my last paystub>

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                              Kristi h

                                It’s tricky. If you file with your last paystub, yes the numbers can be different. Especially for monthly or biweekly workers, because some of their pay at the start of the year, is for work performed in the year before. Worst case scenario is the IRS will review it later on in the year, and if it causes you to owe money back you will.

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                                  it is highly discouraged from using your last pay stub to file. Sometimes the numbers there and on your W-2 do not match up, which can actually DELAY your refund. If you don’t mind taking a chance, go for it. But it is wisely advised you just wait for your W-2.

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                                    I did the same thing this time around. Someone also told me about using the last paystub and I trust her judgement. I’m a bit nervous because I’m sure a few numbers will be off due to simple accounting methods over in our HR/Payroll Department. I just couldn’t wait, so I jumped the gun!

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                                      I always use my last pay stub. I only have one job so it’s easy

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