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      so a fb page is stating that ohio is holding both state and fed untill u do a id verification quiz can they hold the federal ?i have a ddd of 1/30 for fed but have not acnolaged my state yet

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          I received the letter in the mail on 1/28 and immediately completed the quiz. It was 4 questions. Just checked and my refund was approved.

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            mine was just approved:
            Your return was processed on 01/28/2015. Please allow 7 business days from the process date for the refund to be credited to your account.

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              I hear you on that. I filed with TT on 1/20, accepted about 2 hrs later. Got my 2nd bar and DDD of 1/30, today. Juat waiting on friday! I understand about the FB page rumors also! Can get annoying!

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                i thought so i am so tired of fb pages spreading rumors like this to get ppl worried i need my return as soon as i can get it i have a car to get fixed so i can go back to work

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                  Hi Ohiomother,
                  Im in Ohio also. From what I understand the ID verification is for State return ONLY!! Its another level to help stop ID theft. So many people have filed fake returns on bogus SS#’s or on deceased persons, that the state implemented it.

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                  s trask

                    I don’t see how the state can hold your federal…. Its not coming from them. I wouldn’t put to much into that rumor. Also, the “new verification” step was included in TT software. So if you filed using TT… You should be fine. I live in Ohio as well and am waiting for an approved status. I filed and was accepted on 1/26. Still waiting for an update like everyone else. :)

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                      Ohio can’t hold federal. They can only hold state and I completely understand with all these people filing false claims

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