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Help with Codes on my Transcript?

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    New and Confused

    I have the following codes on my transcript:

    150 Tax Return Filed
    806 w-2 or 1099 withholding
    766 Credit to your account
    768 EIC
    846 Refund Issued

    I love the sound of the last one REFUND ISSUED, but didnt know if any of the other codes are good/bad. I am new to all of this so any incite is helpful.

    My cycle is 20150405

    the only two transcripts I have showing are Account Transcript and Wage &Income.

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    new and confused

    YAY! My other transcripts are now showin!!! WMR bar still only at 1 bar (I know they update that only 1x per day so i am not worried so much about that anymore)

    Now, if only i can figure out state. I went to the state of DE site to check on refund and it says 6-8 weeks, but my friend got his yesterday! UGH idk why state takes longer than federal, AND its 6x less money lol


    Should be the 3rd or fourth depending on your bank. Congrats.


    Hi new and confused. I woke up today with the same thing on my transcripts. As far as I can tell it means we will have a DDD for 2/4. Hope I’m right!!!


    That’s a good sign the other transcripts should update at some point today. And no those are normal codes your refund should be on its way shortly.

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