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      So I called the offset hotline and they said I “have” two offsets. But they were applied on 2/12/14 and 2/11/13. These amounts sound familiar. Is the automated system supposed to tell me about previous offsets???

      I had DIRECT loans. The Automated system said the amount of $xxxx was applied on 2/12/14 and the amount of $xxxx was applied on 2/11/13. They said nothing about an offset to occur in 2015. Can I assume that I’m in the clear? All my federal loans are in deferment until May, and I have two federal Perkins loans that I’m in an arrangement on. I’m on hold right now for an agent. But I’ve been on hold for twenty minutes already…

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          I have completed the consolidation program. Is it safe for me to file my taxes now? It still says I have a debt when I call the number

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            I too had an offset last week. Today I get no offsets found for your ss#. I just filed my taxes yesterday so I know its not because it has been paid. Anyone have any insight on this?

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              Bump anyone ?

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                Also had a question I had a offset a week ago and then I called today and its no longer there ? Anyone else have this !?!

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                  So I called the doe and my consolidation went thru and they removed the offset.. talk about in the nic of time…. they had informed me previously who ever pays them first loan company or irs they didn’t care even though I have been in consolidation process for almost 3 months. Day was made fine with waiting a week or even a month for my return now. Lol just happy I am getting it.

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                    In regards to offset for student loans, if you haven’t filed your taxes yet, DON’T! We were offset twice for student loans, the first time we lost the full return, the second time we called the collection agency who had the loan and started to rehabilitate it. We requested a delay in filing our returns for 2012 tax year and were given until October to file. In the meantime we got our student loans out of default so we were able to get our full tax return. We started the payments in February and had to make 9 consecutive payments in order to be considered out of default. We were able to make a double payment for our 8th and 9th together. They have to allow you a reasonable payment that you can afford and if they say you have to put a large sum down, you don’t. We told them sorry we can’t afford it and they worked with us to pay I believe 109.00 a month. We were finally out of default status in early November and paper filed them (the efile system isn’t available at that time) and our returns were direct deposited the first or second week of December.

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                      If you can show good cause why the IRS should not take the offsets out they will give you the refund money back. You have to file paperwork along with evidence why. The one year I had an offset my car needed some serious work, I sent them the repair estimate and they gave me the amount of the repair. It may have helped that we were in a natural disaster area, but it is always worth a shot.

                      I also had problems with the phone system and different reps not being able to find out whether I had an upset. Don’t rely on these things. If the IRS sent you a letter telling you owe money and it will be removed from your refund if you haven’t already paid, bet on it. They don’t magically go away.

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                        My fiance has an offset for student loans from 2003 he called the number the other day and it definitely states he has 1 offset. I’m so frustrated because we were going to use this money to get caught up on bills and buy our toddler some clothes and other things children need. Is it definite that they will take the entire refund it will be more than the refund I just wish they didn’t have to take the entire refund because he is claiming our son so that leaves me $hit out of luck. I have contacted the collection agency issuing the offset in regards to what our options are but we still haven’t heard from them. Has anyone been through this?

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                        deedee leeks

                          What’s the irs offset hotline phone number? What tax topic shows up for offsets? When I check where’s my refund it says tax topic 152.

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                            The issue some of us are having is it is saying “we found a debt” then it says a debt that we know has been paid!

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                              If it does not say “we found a debt” then you should be good.

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                                Check You’ll need your fafsa pin to check on the status of your Federal student loans. It will tell you if you’re in default. And if you are, you will definitely receive an offset. The automated system has been glitchy, so if you want some kinda peace of mind, I would talk to a rep, but even they are emotionless/unhelpful in such a stressful situation. Your best bet is nslds. Setting up an arrangement with said institution collecting on your defaulted loan will not stop the offset. They will take whatever amount is left. I have received two offsets, myself.

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                                  If I owe for outstanding student loans will that show up as a “offset”. I have some loans, but are not too old yet and really haven’t been after me for them yet. Question I guess is this, If I call the offset # and it says that there is not any then they are not actively pursuing the collection of these student loans yet ? Now, If not and I pay on them every month like im supposed to will they still take a “chunk” next year if I’m due a large refund or will they allow me to continue to pay manageable monthly payments ?

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                                    I wish they would get their stuff together! It’s sad to say that we used to get the returns and information faster before the irs went to this “new” system!

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                                      @Navywife2001: that literally happened to me earlier tonight! They gave me amounts and dates of offsets that occurred in 2013 and 2014! It really freaked me out because it’s like, am I going to be offset again for these amounts??? But I spoke to a rep and he informed me that the case these offsets were for is now closed. The debt has been paid in full.

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                                        I am wondering what is going on with the IRS Offset system as well. Called yesterday it stated my husband nor I had any non taxable offsets. Now tonight I called because the system states they are added everyday. Now it says my husband has no offsets but I have and offset from last year with a pay date of 02/12/2014. This is getting crazy! Been filing income taxes for the past 18 years and these past two years have been crazy. Who the heck knows what is up with the IRS!!!!

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                                          OK…waited thirty minutes to speak to a rep who told me that as far as he can see…nothing has come from DoE. He said, however, that this can change. I asked him about the automated message and he said it must have been a mistake on my part, that perhaps I selected a different option on accident.

                                          I had two offsets for one federal loan. They took my whole check in 2013 and about $1200 last year. I asked the guy what it said in his system and he said that the case is “inactive.” I asked him what that meant and we were literally arguing semantics for a good five minutes before he finally admitted that this was a closed case through DoE!

                                          What bothered me though was his ominous, “it can still change” comment. I asked him flat out if he’s seen offsets so far this tax season from DoE. This was asked to determine whether or not DoE is sending out their yearly garnishments for refunds. His response was that he, himself, have made no such calls yet. I tried to ask the right questions to get the best answers from his, “I cannot confirm nor deny” butt!

                                          Called the hotline again, I guess I chose the correct selection, was informed that at this point in time I have no debts.

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                                            Was wondering the same. I called for my husband and he had one so we called and set up payments but education said they were still taking it so I filed injured spouse. Now I called and he has no offset I dunno what happened

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                                              I was kind of wondering the same thing. The IRS offset my return last year to make current a student loan debt. It still shows up when I called the offset line. Even though it was paid last year.

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