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      can someone please give me step by step directions on how u view transcripts ive never done it b4

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          He… And yes that it is correct, when you are going through your list of deductions and credits and their codes, at the very bottom there should be an “846 REFUND AMOUNT (AMOUNT)” if that is there, and your cycle number matches 20150402, then you should have your refund sent Friday. If you cant see your Transcripts yet, then they are still processing yours and I would check again later in the day. Since transcripts post as soon as they are completed, some will have it available and others will not, but don’t worry, just because it is not their yet doesn’t mean it wont be and doesn’t necessarily mean you will get your money at a later date than everybody else. Just check back later to see if it is available.

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            thank u guys i was able to get to the page where u dowload trans it shows 2014 but when i download it & try to open it says not a valid pdf file im doing this on cell phone so im going to try again when i get to my laptop but just curious if it giving me 2014 as an option to download is a good sign also about the code 846 u mentioned what wud it mean if i dont have that code

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              I have no 2014 transcripts posted yet what does that mean?

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                MCRT88s assessment appears to be valid, but he or she forgot the critical part – your transcript needs to have a 846 code.

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                  GO TO & follow the instructions, click 2014 when you are done, make sure you enter a VALID e-mail address, as they will send a verification code. Once you view them, you can see your refund amount and a cycle date. Your refund date will be 2-16, that is not when it will be DD, your cycle number is when it will be DD. If you need help deciphering your cycle number, read my thread on it.

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