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      Filed 2/5 accepted same day
      2/25 3am as of date changed to 3/14/22
      When I checked again at 7am it changed back to 12/20/21 and is still there also bars and tt152 disappeared
      Called irs 3/2 they said there could be a error and it could take up until 4/18 to get my refund
      They could send out a letter if needed but none has been sent if it’s minor they will fix it on there end.
      Only thing on transcripts are my CTC payments
      Can anyone relate if so how long until u got your refund?

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          Filed 1/25/22 accepted the same day. I’m in the same boat as you. On 2/25 went from 3/14/22 back to 1/3/22… I was happy it had finally updated, only to disappoint me and change back that evening. I took a screenshot, glad I did as proof. Cause that was weird.

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