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      I can’t get my transcripts to pull anything up EVER! No matter how many times i get locked out… i enter the exact same info that is on my return for this year and it tells me my info is wrong every time… i even went back to look and make sure i didn’t make any mistakes on my return with my address and it’s correct there too. Why can’t i ever pull up my transcript? i have tried every year and i can never get them for some reason. I filed on 1/20 thru HR Block, accepted 1/21/15 and WMR is still sitting at accepted. I have never waited this long in my life for a refund. I also checked my confirmation code from HR Block and it says 201502 which i’ve read is a “dead cycle’ i need some answers… does anyone have anything like this going on too? on hold with IRS now, i don’t know if they’ll even help me. Thanks in advance for anyone who has some answers!!!

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          oh, apparently i dont get a confirmation number, i filed in an h&r block office.

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            I just talked to its told me could be full 21 days I filed on 1-20-15 accepted same day

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              They told me that they couldn’t even see my return yet so it must still be processing. And that apparently mine was going to take the full 21 days to process and to call back next week if i have no updates on WMR on the 21st day. NO HELP WHATSOEVER.
              @pagels i filed with HR BLOCK and the confirmation # was on the screen where it shows the IRS accepted it.

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                What did they say Im on hold too

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                  Where is that confirmation code at? I can’t seem to find one..

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