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    I am

    Irs website bk up and running has anyone got a DDD yet??

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    @Amanda, I got a dd of 2/10 too, went through taxact, fees to be paid through refund. I have rushcard. Never had any issues with them. If you go tp http://www.republicbank.com/taxpayer , you can enter your ssn, dob, refund amount and filing status, and they will tell you if you they recieved your refund yet for fees to taken out. Ive used rushcard for 10 years, never had a problem. Dont worry we are in the same boat. If I see anything b4 you, Ill let you know! :)



    What times does sbbt update



    Jim you’re find your default probably isn’t far enough along. My cousin just received a default notice and has to days to dispute so they likely haven’t submitted it for garnishment yet. But next year if you don’t take care of it they will take it. It’s really easy to get a forebearance or deferment. There is really no reason for anyone’s loans to be in default unless they don’t have a computer or phone and even then I’m sure they can borrow someone else’s.



    When does sbbt update



    I have netspend as well and didn’t receive my DD yet my date was for 2/10 last year I didn’t get it until 5:07 pm but that is alright i also have fee’s being taken out of mine as well because i did not pay it up front.



    Well …@carmen

    And others…I called IRS this morning. My information said it was accepted on the 20th, they have the 22nd, guess cause of the delay. Anyway they say I should have the DD by 02/12 or the latest 02/19, just 7 days past the 21 days.

    Its not good news but its better news…..At least I don’t have to sit and worry.



    I have ddd for 2/10 I have a prepaid card and went through tax act and having fees takin out…. When should I receive my refund? Has anyone else used tax act and got their dd yet??
    Thanks all :)



    So if i have received a ddd of 2-10-16 theres nothing else to worry abt holding me up right ? In previous years ive always gotten my return within 10days and once i did get my ddd it was the same day or the day after. I got it on Friday and as of today 2-8 my bank isnt even showing a pending deposit! Just wanted to make sure thats all im waiting for and i dont need to do any identity verification or anything else ! Thank u all



    @samantha I have brinks prepaid through netspend and didn’t get dd yet I’m hoping it’s because the bank wasn’t open after 8pm last night so I’m also hoping a noon deposit but who knows lol



    With Ddd of 2/10… I wonder for those who got their dd going into a personal bank account will they have their money after 12pm today. I hope so lol! Those who got netspend got their money fast lol, congrats!!!


    Angie M

    @ carmen, me too. I filed the 15th accepted 20th. Bars disappeared Friday. Not able to file refund transcripts yet. Waiting , Praying and Hoping.



    Ok I’m really pissed right now this is ridiculous..still nothing
    Filed 2/15
    Received 2/19
    Both transcripts 2/4

    Lost bars 2/6 Friday into Saturday and still no damn ddd anyone on the same boat this is nuts.



    for those with ddd of 2/10 and have recieved dd on netspend already did you have tt fees taken out of refund



    I filed through turbo tax



    Hi for yous that got your dd on your netspend card did you file using turbo tax or another tax preparer?



    I got a ddd for 2/10 but my money just posted on my netspend card about 20 minutes ago. Yay!!



    Filed 1/18 turbo tax
    Accepted 1/19
    Got my DDD on 2/6 for a deposit on 2/10 I use NetSpend and just received my deposit at 10:06….. Good luck to all



    Accepted 1/24
    Approved 2/6
    DDD 2/10
    Refund Received 2/7 10:36pm



    I have a dd for Feb 10,I have a prepaid card most likely Tuesday I will get it ,i have funds taken out for filing with turbo tax ,last year I had dd for Feb 6 and I got my money Feb 5 ,so I believe if u have no funds coming out and have a dd for the 10 you should get it tomorrow if u have fee maybe dd for tuesday if that helps .



    I have a ddd for 2-10 will i get my dd today or more likely tomorrow dd to netspend



    @ Tiba

    Thank you



    @sharon IRS releases them at 2 different times one at 12am the other around 2pm. So if its not there like 12:30 am check again after 2pm. But you will more then likely get it tomorrow.



    filed 1/22
    accepted 1/22
    one bar
    still say i should get my refund with in 21 days
    no movement since 1/22
    guess i just have to play the waiting game!



    When does the irs send the money to sbtpg? I tried looking on their site and it says they dont have anything matching my info… Ddd 2/10 getting money deposited on netspend card.



    Filed 1/25 accepted same day, approved 2/6 and DDD 2/10 hope this helps! BTW I owed the IRS and I was processed in a timely fashion. Hope this helps!



    @ waiting yes I filed 1/15 accepted 1/19 was able to order both transcripts on 2/4 and still no ddd lost bars to page stating they are still processing my return and will post a date once available..I’m soooo frustrated!



    Has anyone ever been able to order return transcript but not have a ddd? I filed and received 1/23 and ordered return transcript 2/4 but still no ddd in wmr. Only 1 bar and 152 showing.



    Finally got my DDD filed with turbotax 1/22 accepted 1/22
    got my DDD yesterday 2/6 for 2/10
    I was able to order my return transcript on 2/5 had a feeling I would have my second bar on WMR on Saturday morning 2 / 6 good luck everyone I hope you get your money sooner rather than later



    @taxpayer 2015 I have an emerald card also I talked to customer service and they told me as soon as the irs releases the funds they will go right into the cards



    Was finally approved with a DDD of 2/10. Does anyone know when the IRS will release the funds? Did use turbotax and get a net spend card. Choose the free addition so no fees have to be taken out.



    I have a question about offsets. I’m in default on my student loans and i received ddd yesterday of 2/10 for the full amount with no tax topics and I called the TOP hotline and said there were no non tax debts under my SSN. Should I still be worried?



    Filed: 1/21 Turbo Tax, Free
    Accepted: 1/21
    Account transcripts: Able to order 1/29/16
    Return transcripts: Able to order 2/5/16
    WMR: updated to 2nd bar (approved) on 2/6/16 with a DDD of 2/10/16
    Refund Option: Wells Fargo Direct Deposit



    I filed 1/25 aproved 2/6 ddd of 2/10 (2/8 with netspend)
    Boyfriend filed 2/2 approved 2/6 ddd of 2/10 (2/8 with netspend)

    Not too shabby, I really didn’t think wmr was going to update before I got it, seems they are in fact using it insync to approvals, or at least ones done the prior day. I wouldn’t get any hopes up on getting it before wmr updates, but then I do not work for irs so I wouldn’t take my word for it.



    @ piper3

    I already have been approved… And have a DDD but i know ill get it monday instead of wednesday (hopefully any way, ill get it once the irs releases it since netspend doesnt hold funds lol) im just ready to take my kids shopping lmao



    Just because you got accepted early does not mean your return was being processed; The irs started processing all returns starting 1/19. Hold tight it will come. Well all have bills to pay.



    No update for me.



    I wish the IRS woukd hurry and release the funds already… I have bills to pay and kids to spoil lmao



    I’m still waiting too me and my boyfriend we got accepted 10 n 12 and still no bars no ddd..this is really crazy I’m happy for everyone else at least I know the its making progress



    @randaysha I feel u I’m on the same waiting line as you sorry to hear u got evicted just keep ur head up I’m hoping to have some good news when I wake up Monday since I already see nothing changed today..soooo stressed


    sherri n

    Filed the 19th just now got a Dodd of Feb 10th



    Wowwww this is the longest I’ve ever waited for my refund and all these people that are just doing there taxes are already getting a ddd..I filed on the 15th got accepted the 19th only update today was no bars with ur return is still being processed a refund date will be updated when available..are u kidding me wish I knew how they are working cause geeshhhhhh this waiting game sucksssssss!!!!



    Well guys, there is one simple word that gives us a little hope that we could possibly get the refund sooner than the 10th. The wmr site says your refund will be sent “by” the 10th. Not “on” the 10th. So there is some hope!:)



    In the future, we’ll be able to take care of all DMV processes from home, and getting a degree will take half the time, but the IRS will still tell us to allow 21 days for our refunds :D



    @randaysha first time filers take a little while but hopefully u get your money soon. I’ve been in the same position with my 8 month old and boy I must say it was the worse. Praying on you getting your return sometime next week.



    @Randal ha I really hope you get a DDD SOON. I’ve been where you are before. Hopefully you get an update overnight. Are you able to order your return transcripts???



    This thread has lightened up a bit since most people have received a ddd. I hope everyone receives their money in a timely fashion l.



    @Elizabeth haha why don’t you explain to me the difference between “within a week” and “the frist week”? My point stands- just because you or or friends or anybody else got their refunds by a certain time doesn’t mean everyone is entitled to have that same experience.



    I filed with H & R Block on 1-20-2016 — – was accepted on 1-22-2016.

    Check IRS — 2-6-2016 —- APPROVED w/ a DD of 2-10-2016

    Do anyone know how does the Emerald card works with H & R Block — Will I receive the funds 1-2 days faster of what??????




    This is my first time filing taxes ever and I’m so stressed out I just recently got evicted and I’m trying to move I lost everything including all my furniture because of someone I thought was my friend I’m becoming stressed out because I filed on the fifteenth of January was accepted the 19th but I don’t have a ddd everything was done right I have no error codes just everyone around me is receiving a ddd and I have nothing yet I really just wanna cry



    Now my mom how ever went through this. Filed:1/21 accepted 15 mins later
    1/29:able to order account transcript
    1/30: Her bars and topic 152 disappeared
    2/5: still unable to order return account transcript but called and had no offsets
    2/6: still no DDD
    Hope she sees an update by Monday. Last year she had to verify her identity (she’s old fashion and went to the local IRS building sat for 4 hours for a 2 sec verification) but had her return after that in 7 days. So idk I’m going to have her call Monday if there’s no movement for a possible identity verification..

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