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    I am

    Irs website bk up and running has anyone got a DDD yet??

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    I filed 1/12.
    Accepted the same day.
    No update on WMR.
    Turbotax says I should get my refund by Feb. 8.
    Can’t order transcripts.
    I don’t know what’s wrong.



    If u can order account transcript hen later today u should be able to get refund transcript that’s what happened to us yesterday that got ou DDD today so u should have DDD tomorrow keep checking today for refund transcript


    @nikki if you can’t order transcripts with either address it means it processing next business day you will be able to order with new address then next day you will have a direct deposit date


    I woke up this morning to see that glorious second bar!

    Filed through TT 1/11
    Accepted 1/12
    Approved 1/30
    DDD 2/3

    For those that haven’t received a DDD- Hang in there! Supposedly next week is a big week for approvals and DD!


    This is so fustrating. I filed and got accepted on the 19th. Through TT. And my stuff still has one bar wth.


    Anyone know how long an NJ state tax refund usually takes after being accepted?



    I got my W2’s early on in January, but the Healthcare Marketplace hadn’t sent me my 1095-A forms yet, so I filed my taxes without including them (bad decision, I should have just patiently waited for the forms to come – lesson learned). So when the IRS went to process my e-filed 2015 tax return, the system notified them that I had Obamacare and that my return was missing the necessary forms, so the IRS suspended my refund :-( Long story short; my refund was delayed a whole month because of my foolishness. I FINALLY have a DDD for March 2nd, so there is hope for all of you in a similar situations as mine :-)

    Here was my timeline:

    . Filed and was accepted on 1/19

    . Able to order my account transcript on 2/5

    . Received letter from IRS stating that I had to send in forms 8962 & 1095-A on 2/10 (the letter also asked me to send in a newly computed page 2 of my tax return with my signature on it. I DID NOT SEND IN THIS FORM, BECAUSE THE LETTER STATED TO DO SO “IF APPLICABLE”. The fax number on my letter was: 1-855-262-0485. I’m in Pennsylvania. EVERY FAX NUMBER IS DIFFERENT. I suggest that you wait for your OWN letter to come with your unique fax number on it).

    . I faxed all of my info back in to the IRS on 2/11

    . On 2/26 I spoke with an IRS representative who told me that my paperwork was finished processing, and that my refund was going to be deposited into my account on 3/2. I also was able to order my return transcript that same day.

    . On 2/27 WMR finally updated to show my NEW refund amount (I was expecting $7,200, but I owed $500 back to the IRS for the Obamacare and also $3,600 back to the IRS for a 2013 over-payment).

    Now I’m just waiting for my money to hit my Netspend card (I did my taxes through TurboTax, so my refund will go to them first so that they can take out their fees, and then to my Netspend card).

    There is light at the end of the tunnel for us guys :-) … I didn’t think so at first because the IRS said that it would take 6-8 weeks for me to receive my refund after I faxed those forms back in. It actually took about 4 weeks.

    Hang in there guys… it’s coming :-)


    my ddd is for today 2/24 and on the wmr site it says received and approved but NOT sent. Not sure what to do at this point


    I filed early, 1-14. Got accepted the 16th. After weeks of checking WMR I had given up thinking I got audited then I decide to check today and my DDD is 2-18.


    I filed 2/8 with tax topic 152, with only 1 bar, with TT .I can order my account transcripts but not the other.I am getting it direct deposit.Shouldn’t I be getting a DDD soon?


    I won $1000 from hrblock #grandplan ???????????????????????? hope everyone receive there money soon


    Filed on Jan. 19th, called in on Feb. 9th and found out I had to verify my identity, she said it could be up to 9 weeks, so I was sad lol… but then last night (2/12/16) I got a notification from Money Network (the card I’m using for DD), saying I had a pending deposit for Feb. 19th … :D


    So I received a Brinks Netspend card yesterday and activated it this morning. My DDD is today but I have no deposit and CS said there are no pending transactions and it doesn’t show where my funds was sent back to the IRS. Should I be worried?


    Filed through taxact opted to have fees takin out DDD today received at 2:32am :)
    For everyone on here THANK YOU for all the info y’all have helped me stay sane these long past few weeks :)


    Money is in my bank account. TT or WMR never updated. For those of you who are still waiting, check your bank – not WMR or your preparer – you will disappoint yourself! Thank you all for the comfort and information during this ordeal. Take care!


    Wmr shows refund approved but my refund was sent to my emerald card at 1:10am.


    DDD 2/10, using emerald card with fees taken out and funds hit my card at 12:05 am. I did have to go in and check my account to find that out tho, didnt get a message or anything like that but its there.


    My refund is already been sent to my bank and will post by 6am. And my WMR doesn’t show sent. So i wouldn’t go by that.


    DDD 2/10 HRB Emerald Card
    Still waiting, hoping it updates through the night. WMR still doesn’t show sent.


    Filed at H&R block on 1/20
    Accepted 1/22
    DDD 2/10
    Funds being loaded to an emerald card.
    Still no refund on my card yet. Keeping my fingers crossed its on there in the morning


    Has anyone received a direct deposit from republic bank yet with a DDD of 02/10??? Just curious mine still hasn’t posted and website says it was sent to my bank….

    Have u received yours yet?


    Well I’m happy for everyone receiving their money. I still have nothing on my netspend. Hopefully I will tomorrow!


    Yes I didn’t get mines either and my DDD is 2/10. I put mines on rushcard, thru H & R block. So hopefully in the morning it will be there. Good luck all.




    Filed 1/20 DDD 2/10 nothing in the account yet but in the words of Rihanna B**** better have money!!! Tomorrow !!!


    Filed 1/13

    Accepted 1/19

    WMR bar disappeared 2/6

    no codes I still have tax topic 152

    It says my refund is still processing and a refund date will be provided when available.


    Nvm I found my answer…

    The Refund Transfer (RT) is a quick and cost effective method for your client to receive their federal tax refund. The federal tax refund is usually available within 7-14 days from the time the client’s tax return is electronically filed. When the IRS deposits your client’s refund with SBBT, SBBT deducts all applicable fees from the refund amount and disburses the balance of the refund to your client. Your client can choose one of the following disbursement methods to receive the refund proceeds: SBBT Cashier’s check, SBBT Cash Card, or ACH Direct Deposit.(1) Your fees are deducted from the refund and deposited to your bank account within 24 hours after SBBT receives the IRS refund.


    SBBT has received my refund but my FNBT shows no pending transactions. Should I be concerned?


    Monday, February 8, 2016
    Press Release
    Justice Department Sues to Permanently Shut Down Liberty Tax Service Franchise Owner

    Wednesday, February 3, 2016
    Press Release
    Three Texas Tax Return Preparers Convicted of Filing False Tax Returns for Clients

    USAG Loretta “The Law” Lynch is TOUGH! She is VERY INTIMIDATING I hope TurboTax has that EDUCATION CREDIT RIGHT….


    GREENDOT card holders….filed on 01/20 acc the same day..dd for 2/10 but has posted to my account!!! yaay


    @still waiting H&R block uses Bofl. I have my refund coming to an emerald card still doesn’t show anything. I call the bank and they said as soon as the get the funds they go right on the emerald card. I’m thinking I won’t see anything until midnight tonight I was hoping to see something on there by now since wmr says by February 10th.


    @tonah thank you


    Does anyone know what bank does h&r block distribute their funds through? I have a ddd of 02/10/16 but nothing is showing up on sbbt nor my bank!!


    @waiting my mom in law filed with liberty her ddd is 2/10 but she recieved it today


    Hi has anyone file with liberty tax and got anything yet as far as dd?


    K so after a 21 day wait period which I e never done before call IRS this morning to find out I’m in review and it will take about 30 days till I receive info from them and then my refund will be released wth this is just wrong I’m soooo frustrated.

    Anyone else on the same boat??



    Hey just got a text from republic bank saying my funds have been sent to my rushcard! Check your status on republic banks’ website!

    Let me know ! Good luck???


    SBTPG has received my funds to deposit. Congratulations everyone and please consider putting some money in 3, 6, and 9 month CDs (certificates of deposit, some banks have as little as $250 min deposits) so you will have money all year! Look into opening an IRA as well and savings for your kids. Trust me, it’s greater later! Answer those collections phone calls and negotiate to settle your debt for a lower amount. Let’s invest in ourselves and get closer to being debt free this year! Good luck :)


    So if sbbt receive our refund would it possible they send it out today and not tomorrow?


    Has anyone received a direct deposit from republic bank yet?


    Finally SBTPG has received my funds now just to be deposit. Yayyyy!!


    Does anyone know how long it takes Republican bank to release funds to your bank account I am seeing mine hit republican bank but they have yet to send them over to me?
    anybody know?


    Santa Barbara has received my money now just waiting for it to hit my bank


    Jackson Hewitt ppl, my republic bank account showing refund has been received and sent out to my bank. Ddd 2/10 took an extra day than just doing it myself threw turbo tax.


    Hey every one SBTPG just received my money! Hopefully PNC gets it today if not i’ll have it tomorrow!!! good luck to every one else


    So Republican bank has received my money and taken out the fees now i am just waiting on them to send me my monnneeyy lol FINALLY!

    FILED: 1/15
    ACCEPTED: 1/15
    APPROVED: 2/6
    DDD: 2/10

    its ME

    check now buddies for 2/10 DDD. Hit at 8am….


    Filed (and accepted) via TT 1/31
    On 2/4 I woke up to approved & a DDD of 2/8

    Yesterday WMR still said approved and this morning on the 9th, WMR said its been sent out but Amex Bluebird said there’s no pending deposits.

    Just really frustrating. Last year I got my refund the morning it said I would and I get my DD at work with this card and it’s always a day early. Hmmm.


    It doesn’t say press 1 for english it just says “Our office is currently closed” and then says it in spanish.


    @employee1138 are u sure they open at 7am trust me I called at 659am so I wouldn’t have a wait it should say press 1 for English then enter ur parties extension an it connects u right through


    I get a message saying that the office is currently closed and doesn’t give me an option to enter the extension number. When I enter it in it doesn’t do anything.


    @employee1138 18008290582 ext#652


    Good morning to all ! Does anyone know how long after sbbt recieves their fees , how long after do they send your money to your bank ?


    What’s the number? I need to call : (


    @employee1138 there phone lines cut on at 7am there open call them an today is that 21st day mark so they looking in accounts also


    @Ineedmymoneynow How were you able to call them if their office is closed?


    Just got off the phone with IRS they said my refund is scheduled to be sent out 12am tonight so I guess that means getting it on the exact day well worries are over see you guys next tax season


    DDD 2/10 filed with TT on my netspend but no deposit!



    I know what DDD (Direct Deposit Date) I already got mine honey 2/10
    Now like i mentioned below I STILL HAVE NO DD (Direct Deposit) RESEARCH before you try and correct someone!

    J Paukl

    I called the IRS to ask about another unrelated issue from a previous year. The rep I spoke to ended up looking into my returns and said my filings will be manually verified this year and instead of it taking the standard 3 weeks it will now take a week longer and be processed in 4 weeks. I filed and was accepted on 2/1. Does anyone else have a similar issue or experienced this in the past?


    I filed 1/13 accepted 1/19. Still no ddd. What is this Santa Barbara account for when looking it tells my my information isn’t in the system. Is this only if the refund is done just not updated on wmr? This is all so irritating. The last 5 years I have had my refund in less than 10 days 21 days will be up Tuesday as well as many others.


    Filed Through Turbo Tax. Accepted 1/24. I Have One Bar Through WMR. Topic 152. Today Marks Day 11 of the 21. I Am Worried. Never Has It Taken This Long. Why Is There Nothing We Can Do?


    I was able to order my account transcript last week and I’m still sitting on the first bar. I haven’t had any luck with my return transcript. I was accepted by the irs on 1/22. Hope there are some updates tonight. I see a lot of people saying they ordered their transcripts and the follows day got a ddd. That has not been true for me. I filed with hrb


    Return was accepted 1/19/16. Filed through Turbo Tax. Nothing but one bar with Tax Topic 152 as of 11:48 am EST 2/3/16.

    Malika Zera

    @ Denise

    If you have an offset if doesn’t take longer. The offset will be noted in the WMR page with the date you are set to get a deposit. The only way it will take longer is if you happen to be under review.

    Malika Zera


    Your 21 days starts when the IRS receives/accepted your Return.


    Those of us who have DDD for 2/3 when do you think we will see anything show on republic bank which is where my money is sent to take out filing fee then sent to me for DD


    Filed and accepted on 1/24
    Showed 1 bar for 1 day then topic 152.
    1/29 I was able to order both transcripts.
    1/30 (today) I show a DDD of 2/3.


    taxes accepted on the 11th and still at 1 bar???? Worried there is something wrong woth my taxes due to the fact many of you have rec 3 bars and recently filed?? anyone know how and when your notified of a problem on your taxes?


    I haven’t gotten one either…. Still at one bar!

    Malika Zera

    @ Tyler your most likely entering the wrong information. Check your return and verify your have the dollar amount you are suppose to receive correct. If your entering the amount with the fees taking out then you are entering incorrect information. Also make sure your entering the correct ssn and filing status.


    I have worked at the same place for six years and carried my two children since they were born.. I never had any issues so why am I under review now


    TT: Filed: 1/10/16 Accepted: 1/12/16 2nd bar: 1/30/16 DDD: 2/3/16


    taxes accepted on the 11th and still at 1 bar???? Worried there is something wrong with my taxes due to the fact many of you have rec 3 bars and just recently filed?? anyone know how and when your notified of a problem on your taxes?


    Read this and try to read as if you are decoding what the IRS is saying but its a manual that they must have to post somewhere on their site to explain how they have to process returns….remember they dont use simplified terms so you have to figure out what things like: Receipts= Payment, Receiving Campus = processing center, Good Tape = “good or approved tax return” etc…it also explains the cycle that they use which everyone sees on their transcripts…this is coming from the IRS site as their manual on how they handle processing of our returns….and it is LENGTHY but helpful!

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