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    I am

    Irs website bk up and running has anyone got a DDD yet??

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    Well I checked my dates for last year and I got my state on the 26th of Jan last year and I got it on the same Monday this year sept it was the 25th. And I got my federal on the 30th last year which was a Friday so hoping I’ll get it on the same day again, but the 29th this year. Crossing my fingers. And oh no update for wmr for me either still on one bar and was accepted on the 19th


    Filed with TT on 1/7
    Accepted 1/11
    Still one bar on WMR
    No DDD
    I figured I would be first in line, what gives? Why do others who filed later have a DDD? This stinks, so tired of waiting.


    I filed on 1/21, got accepted the same day. I used Turbo Tax. My status updated last night and shows a DDD of 1/29.


    I filed 1/21 @ 2:00 pm (Federal and State) with TaxHawk (sister company to FreeTaxUSA).

    Accepted: 1/21 Federal, and 1/22 State (Michigan)

    I am a Non-Early Filer this year.

    I woke up this morning, feeling hopeful, (though I knew better…..(I thought that I would expect my earliest update……at the earliest to be 2/1) and found a DDD of 1/29.

    It seems that they are processing returns in random, or by how they choose to grab them.


    @cliff sbbt is the Santa Barbara Bank a trust.. If you paid to file and chose for the money to be deducted from your refund.. It would be funneled through this bank and then sent to your account.. You can check if they have received your money if so it only takes a day or so to get to you..


    What is SBBT? Also, how and//or where do you check transcripts? Thanks.


    @Kmill I’m a fellow TT filer also. Filed 1/11 accepted 1/12. No update to WMR. No email from TT. But I couldn’t order transcripts yesterday. I know because I had to keep putting in my old address (moved middle of last year) now it won’t accept my old address but I don’t know how they have my new one formatted as I have an apartment number. But SBBT will have your info because TT uses that bank to collect their fees. So once you filed, your info was transferred from TT to SBBT to await the refund for fee collection. Hope that helps!! Good luck everyone!!


    Exceeded my daily IRS Refund Checks….before noon…man I’m pathetic….signing off till tomorrow. Goodbye cruel IRS


    I filed on 1/23 in the afternoon, was accepted less than 15 minutes later, WMR updated last night with DDD of 1/29. I filed through H&R Block, did the PIN and DL #.


    No :( filed on the 9th. Accepted on the 11th with taxslayer. Still one bar. No transcripts avbl. No offsets. Tax code 152


    I’m annoyed I’m aware I owed NYS money which my refund this year would cover way more than that. Just was notified they are taking it from my federal and it’s pending out of my state. They said I will get the extra balance in 90 days…



    FILED 1/14/16

    ACCEPTED 1/19/16




    Filled 1/9; accepted 1/12. TT. Using netspend. Fees taken out of refund. No DDD. But SBBT shows they have received my refund information (haven’t received my refund yet) last year I was approved on Wednesday and received in Friday.

    Weird that SBBT knows my refund information but WMR just shows one bar


    Filed on 01/19/2016 still on one Bar
    Accepted On 01/19/2016


    I filed/accepted with TT on 1/19 and I woke up to a DD of 1/29 this morning.


    I got accepted 1/19 still no DDD
    my bfs got accepted 1/22 and he has a DDD of 1/29
    yay for him…… -_- lol


    Filed 1/7 through Turbo Tax. Accepted 1/11 today it updated as processed with DDD of 1/29. YAAAyyy………….it will happen everyone. Just keep checking


    Filed 1/14
    Accepted 1/14
    -Turbo Tax w/ fees deducted from return
    -As of 1/27 still at one bar

    Feeling impatient!!



    Thank you! I got my transcripts last year as well, and I seem to remember I was an 05 too….but not positive. I got my return last year on 2/9 (Monday)—I have filed early the past couple years but I never end up in that first batch of refunds. I guess I should calm down and be patient!

    Thanks for your help!


    Filed, 1/4; Accepted on 1/11

    No transcript avail, WMR 1 bar, SBT saying 2/1… Basically NOTHING.






    Accepted 1/14, got a dd date today on WMR. Deposit scheduled for 1/29. Yay!


    I filed on 1/15 and got accepted same day and still nothing, only 1 bar. im starting to get nervous.



    Thanks to identity stealery, we cannot order online transcripts this year. However thanks to this lovely group, last year I was able to order mine online and see the ‘cycle code’. This is an 8 digit code on your transcript that gives the tax year, processing week, and day of the week you are processed. Mine ended in 05, which is the final day of the processing week which generally denotes a ‘weekly’ update.

    From what I understand, most folks who are ‘weekly’ before, tend to be ‘weekly’ throughout though perhaps someone can correct me if this assumption is wrong.

    Some update ‘daily’ on cycles, and their codes could end in anything from 01(Friday) to 04(Wednesday). Us ‘weekly’ cyclers have those that end in (05)Thursday. My past 3 years of transcripts ended in 05.

    I asked a local tax preparer about this and he had no idea about it (and was upset I refused to pay the company $300+ to file my taxes when I could easily do them myself for a small fraction of that). However he said if I was right about getting processed on Thursday, that should mean an update by this weekend. Fingers crossed!


    I just spoke to the irs after 20 times of trying to get through. They will not advise on ANYTHING until 21 days after our taxes were received. I was an early filer as well and I’m still at one bar and can’t get a transcript its hard to tell who has really talked to the irs and who hasn’t and the lady I spoke to was very generic and just repeated herself that she can’t look at any returns and I would have to call back in a few weeks. Let’s cross our fingers.


    I filed in got accepted on 1/15/16 in still 1 bar on wmr

    Julian A

    Filed 1/9
    Accepted 1/11
    Filed with TT Still at one bar.


    What does weekly mean? I too filed on the 14th and am still hanging at one bar. Thank you.


    Does anyone in MA have a DDD??? I just want to know if it’s just me.

    Filed 1/18/16
    Accepted 1/19/16

    No DDD as of yet…


    Congrats everyone who got a DD. I was hoping for mine
    Filed 1/23 accepted 1/23 can’t order transcript and no DD.


    Glad to see some DDD’s have rolled out! That’s positive news all around even if some of us are still waiting. I was in with the ‘weekly’ group the last few years so hopefully we will see some movement soon. I filed 1/14 with TaxSlayer, accepted 1/14. Still hanging out at 1 bar.


    I filed at 12:30AM on 1/22 via TaxAct. Accepted about 9AM on 1/22.

    Just got a DDD of 1/29.


    If u have fees taking out does it take longer


    I filed and was accepted on the 14th. Filed through TT. I see many were approved and given DD dates last night….but NOT me. I’m so disappointed! Sbbt also still shows nothing for me. Ugh….I wonder why?


    I got approve at 5:40pm on 1/19 and I’m still on 1 bar. When should I check my status if I’m in central time zone?


    H&R Block
    Filed 1/19 accepted 1/21
    DDD 1/29
    Prepaid fees
    Schedule C
    2 dependent


    I have 2 Bars!

    Filed 1/13 with TT
    Accepted 1/14
    Checked about 2:48 AM PST DD of 1/29
    Did not request transcripts.
    I am in CA.




    WMR updated for me also adds 1/29 accepted 1/11 Good luck everyone!


    I used to live in Burlington Iowa, but my status on the irs website still says the same as bein received an the website isn’t down at all?


    3AM Iowa


    I’m in Louisiana it just turned 3am, where is everyone at who have ddd? An wht time is it there?


    Updated for me as well. DDD 1/29


    WMR hasn’t updated yet, but my turbo tax now states “your refund was deposited to…my bank account”


    I just got a DD of 1/29/16

    I filed and got accepted in the 19th

    I don’t see a way to post a pic so the first 5 to send email addresses will get the picture.


    waiting for usually never the first set of deposits but hoping since I filed earlier And excepted early then I will get it early. filed 1/17, accepted 1/19


    Some more information if you can understand it.


    ****of us***** my bad!!!!


    I think most pf use will get our money on Friday, 1/29….I am hoping!!!


    Also, even though tax season officially began on January 19th, actual production (processing of returns) didn’t begin until cycle week 4 (this week). So this week is when people should start seeing an update and a DDD. If you’re on a weekly cycle, you won’t see any updates until Friday. So you won’t get your refunds until next week at the earliest if you’re weekly.



    The IRS process returns in 2 groups. The ones who are in the daily group can get processed any day of the week (the master file). But those in the weekly group only gets processed once a week, on the last day of the week. The IRS week begins on Friday and ends on Thursday. So those on a weekly cycle only gets processed on Thursdays, which means it doesn’t get processed until the Thursday of that posting cycle. IRS cycles are in 3 phases. Processing, Production, Posting.

    In the past, you can see what cycle you are on by looking at your transcript. And if it ended in 05, it means you are on a weekly cycle. The processing cycle code is 8 digits. The first 4 digits is the year. The second 2 is the week, and the last 2 is the processing day of the week. Because the IRS week begins on Friday, Friday is designated as 01 and Thursday being 5 because it is the last day of the week. Weekends are non-processing days.


    I called today to the IRS and they looked at my account and they told me i have my DDD 1/29 this Friday but my WMR is still 1 bar !!!

    Filed: 1/13
    Accepted: 1/14
    The IRS told me my DDD: 1/29
    WMR still 1 bar


    I Has my DDD; 1/29/2016 Sorry people. Enjoy your holidays


    filed 1/18 and nothing yet. I think I’m just anxious cause last year I got lucky and it took like 7 days. Here’s to everyone being approved by tomorrow hopefully!!


    Can anyone please tell me what some people are talking about when they say they are “weeklys” or “dailys” ??? I’m just trying to understand a lil more about when DDD’s are going to be given…..just waiting….


    Waiting patiently


    For those of you who are saying H&R Block sucks. Keep in mind that H&R Block and TurboTax are the only two tax software that goes above and beyond in verifying your identity and keeping your information secure. The last few years, there have been so many identity fraud that this year, they are really focusing on making sure that there are no fraudulent returns, meaning no one stole your identity to claim your money! Because if you were in that shoe, it would take months to clear it up before you would see anything.

    Mrs. Howard

    Filed 1/16/16 accepted 1/19/16 still at one bar……paitently waiting for bar #2

    State accepted 1/20/16 still haven’t received


    Filed on the 18th accepted on the 20th still one bar H&R block never again I’m in Mo ?


    I filed 1/18 with HRB online. Weird bc my taxes weren’t accepted until 1/22.y WMR dosent even acknowledge they have received my return. But I called today and the IRS rep confirmed they did receive it 1/22. However nothing more. When should I been expecting an update and I’m certain I’m a weekly. I had an idendity issue the last 4 yrs


    The irs did not even start processing taxes until the 19th, regardless if you got accepted early or not. They only accepted early because they were testing! Another thing I was accepted on 2/6 last year and got my money 2/10 of last year and never even got a second or third bar so you really just have to keep checking your bank!


    Filed 1/13 /15 accepted the same day, got my money 1/30.

    Filed 1/23 this year. I’m expecting my money on or around 1/29-2/3

    That’s the end of this week, beginning of next week. Chill guys, its coming!

    I’m paying off credit card debt, and hopefully buying a larger camper for me and my family.


    @seriously213….Thank you for that. I think you are right about the releasing funds the following wed-fri. Well, everything you said makes total sense… I read it and had an aha moment….. nice!


    Relax guys irs updates on Wednesday. .. secondly. To all you going off sbbt date.. they are all defaulted 20 days if you pay attention it means nothing.. relax. A watched pot never boils


    Still no DDD for me.. filed and accepted within an hour on 1/20/16.. here’s to hoping for an update!


    Last year I filed on the 21st of January. I never got a third bar or a DDD. I ended up getting my refund on February 6th. I never got a third bar even after my refund was in my account. I filed on the same day this year so I’m hoping it gets to me around the same time.


    [email protected] … If you are a mature adult who has been dealing with the IRS for YEARS, you know that this is normalcy for the Internal Revenue Service. They haven’t waivered once, from the normal processing of tax returns. I am however humored at the flood of “I want my money now” and “what’s wrong with the WMR” comments. Seriously… it’s not a issue with the IRS, the issue is with us!! Calm down. Stop getting hype over nothing because at the end of the day … the IRS will not change and honestly has not changed. They are consistent with the no updates to a week later ONLY on Wed-Sun and no updates on Mon and Tues. Consistent with ACCEPTING returns early and APPROVING after the official start date. Consistent with not sending any funds till the following Wed and/or Fri and then additional dates after the season jumps off. They won’t release one red cent until they are fiscally prepared Too and no matter how many times you call or log on….. ZERO will happen until it is time.

    So lets all get some wine, sit back and wait. Post your plans with your refund whenever it comes. Treat yourself and your family. Move forward and know that next year IT WILL BE THE EXACT SAME THING. :o)


    @mcrt88….thank you for that, I think you are right, that is my timeline from last year as well.


    I got a DDD from SBBT 2/4. I got accepted on the 14th


    DDD through sbbt 2/4


    It will come. I can almost GUARANTEE that we will have WMR updated to 2 bars with DDD’s tomorrow morning..
    I went through my bank history, old posts on this website, etc. and for the past 3-4 years Tax season has opened (week 1 day 1) and then the next Wednesday (week 2 day 8) WMR has updated and given DDD’s for that Friday (week 2 day 10). Last year Tax season opened on the 20th, people who filed on the 21st or before, all got their WMR updated on Weds (1/28), and had DDD’s for Friday (1/30). The year before that tax season had delays (1/31) and was a little off, but for the most part, ran about the same.
    Typically, it’s about 8 days (or the 2nd weds) after the official start of tax season until WMR updates and about 10 days (or the 2nd Friday) until the first DDD. Until then, THERE IS NO REASON TO WORRY.
    Now, if you filed early and you don’t have your money this Friday, WMR has updated and there is no movement THEN start panicking but for now, this all right on track with the average timeline. Everything is NORMAL. It just seems like it isn’t because of the anxiety of something going wrong, offsets, reviews and everything else that can happen in between filing and getting that paper! Lol. :)




    Accepted 1/11, still no DDD, not approved. Having dreams of being approved. It’s killing me!


    Filled 1/10 with tax act, it’s accepted 1/13 still on one bar…
    What the heck!!!!


    Accepted 1/19. According to HRBlock’s website DDD is 2/9 but WMR doesn’t even give me the track bar yet.

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