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Has any IS received their refund yet?

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    Or are we all still waiting?

    It sucks that this group isn’t as active anymore :( I guess everyone is commenting in the “Live Discussion” instead. I wish we had more activity here since it is IS-specific.

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    Ash b

    What is a 970 code also filed 2-17 just not able access transcripts. With an as of date may 24

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    @februaryfiler… i feel the same, the old group gave me hope…this format feels so disconnected 😞 Can you share what number you called and what you selected to get through? Every time I’ve called it tells me the call volume is to high for what I selected and hangs up on me.

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    same here, I didn’t get my first stimulus until September last year and my refund until June, meanwhile I had filed in January. And that was after me calling multiple times, trying to get a TA who never returned my calls, and writing my local representative who never got back to me smh.

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    Still nothing. As of date is still stuck on April 26th, after being moved 3 times. I’ve had a 570 code since March. Today is May 7th. I got the 3rd stimulus based on this return so I don’t get what’s taking so long. Even my state return already gave me my refund plus a check for the unemployment tax overpayment. This makes no damn sense.

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    @februaryfiler still nothing here either. They said if we haven’t received our refund or a notice by May 11th to call back. Well nothing as of this morning so I guess more run around this year. This is absolutely ridiculous that our IRS department can’t do any better than what they are doing. Didn’t get our taxes until October last year and I didn’t get my half of the first stimulus until December and that’s because I fought tooth and nail for it. Just over it.

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    I don’t like this new version either. I miss the bonding and support for one another. Still waiting! Filed early February. Did see some credit adjustments as of 5/10 so not sure what those are about but nothing else updated. I called a week ago and they told me not to expect anything until June 15th. Then call if nothing is received by then. Truly sucks this year.

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    Filed 2/10 accepted 2/12. 11 weeks as of last Friday and no movement since April 5. I’m getting really irritated.

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    F/A 2-18 just about 11 weeks and no movement transcripts still N/A this is horrible as of date 5/10 😢😢

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    Joe M

    Filed electronically on 2/22 with IS because of my soon to be ex-wife’s student loans (didn’t know they weren’t withheld this year)
    Accepted on 2/22
    No movement on transcripts, except the “as of” date now says May 10th, 2021. It’s been 9 1/2 weeks and not a single change.

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    Another Friday is here, prayers in the air for us all!

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    I e-filed and my return was accepted 2/12/21. I haven’t seen any movement on my transcript. I was hoping to find people here who had found more info than I have found.

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    Filed electronically on 3/3 and nothing. No updates on WMR just says “being processed” and it has said that since it was received. No better off than if I would have mailed it or filed IS form after it was processed.

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    I filed 2/17 my transcripts say n/a

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    Filed 2/12
    As of date 4/5 or 4/15
    No refund or update.

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    Efiled 2/10
    Accepted 2/12
    Notice issued for offset recieved 3/4
    Sent IS form irs recieved 3/8
    “As of” date stayed at 3/8 until this passed Friday and the “As of date” changed to May 10th. So hopefully will update this Friday with DDD!! Fingers crossed!!

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    Thanks @kpulver1992 it’s good to know some people are getting them!!

    @AshB it’s like a general forum without topics that people are posting in, it looks the way this forum used to look. However, it was overrun with stimulus posts recently, you get to it from the purple button on top. I dont like it because it’s taken away from the activity here so the IS community is now gone. I don’t think I’ll be using this site after this year now.

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    I efiled 2/12, sent is by mail 2/14. Return was accepted 2/12. Lost bars 3/16 and received no more info until this morning 4/24 and it says that due to a compute error by my tax prep software, turbo tax, I will be receiving a larger refund than expected. DD date 4/28-5/3 Notice sent date 4/26. The end is near! Have faith

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    What is live discussion

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