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    Anyone have this and use TT with no fees?

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    Same here. Would be nice if it would be earlier lol


    Not yet. Does anyone know if and when funds will be released. I have ddd date of 1/30!!!!


    Any deposits?


    ACE/Netspend card

    No Update on the WMR site but received my DD around 9 pm tonight.

    Cycle code 20140402


    misslady…from what i understand your net spend card should have a direct deposit soon like today or tomorrow if you’re code is 20150402, most people in your position have a dd pending or have already seen their money hit so that bodes well for you! happy for you and i hope you get that DD soon


    I paid my fees up front so that it won’t go through sbbt. However i have half going to my bank and the other half going through netspend. Do you think it will come tmrw. My code is 20150402


    ya lava, you will get your direct deposit at around 9 am eastern but only the next day after sbbt gets the money, so the earliest possibility for us green dot people would be thursday morning if SBBT gets money tomorrow which i don’t think it will…friday more likely


    Last year I remember it was around 10 am or so when my federal deposit came in. I am on Eastern time zone. Hoping sometime soon.


    hey i have green dot and used TT and had fees taken out…we won’t see anything until SBBT gets our money and then sends it to green dot and then green dot will need to release the money so it could be anytime tomorrow the next day or friday depending on when sbbt gets the money

    gabrielle Paul

    also i had no fees when filing

    gabrielle Paul

    i have greendot , filed 1.15 accepted 1.16 no updates and no screenshots :(


    I use greendot, tt, paying fees thru sbbt bank. Cycle 20150402, codes 570/ offset, waiting for healthcr offset to be paid, some say there sh/ b no delay cuz of that…your cycle

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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