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    Maryland released my refund to Green Dot on Jan 24th at 10:59am. Green dot hasn’t released my funds. I called them yesterday and they said they don’t have my money. Today nobody will take my calls. Suggestions?

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    Files with Turbo Tax on 1/20, ACCEPTED the same day. APPROVED 1/28 with a DDD of 1/30. I have a Walmart Money Card (GreenDot) and on in the Eastern Standard time zone. SBBT released my refund yesterday. I juat checked my card and my refund is on it!!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!


    Received my refund on Green Dot: January 30 @ 12 am PST.
    Filed Turbo Tax: January 8
    Accepted: January 12
    Received Transcripts: January 27
    SBBT Received Funds: January 28
    DDD: January 30
    Cycle: 20150402

    I had an offset due to over payment on unemployment and I also live in California!

    New york

    Any luck for green dot users? And any from eastern time zone.


    I also kind of think they will make us wait til tomorrow :( I did go to the greendot website and chatted with a Rep a few minutes ago and asked if she seen any incoming deposits and she said she didn’t. I really wish we could have it today!! But as long as its there tomorrow I will be happy for the weekend!


    Anyone know when green dot normally post funds or have received them in the past. I paid the fees upfront so no other banking involved. Please keep me posted if and when you guys get funds on green dot card.


    Still waiting and I didn’t have the fees taken from tax return. Looks like tomorrow.


    Just wanted to bump this thread and see if anyone has seen a deposit go from SBBT to Green Dot yet? It would be awesome to see it today! But most likely tomorrow I’m guessing. BUT still want it today!! LOL~


    I dont believe that, on their website it says a lot about getting your tax refund back on the Green Dot card, it says you can have up to 10,000 direct deposited onto the card.


    I spoke with someone and they saw my state VA for tomorrow plus their website says get your federal deposit


    Greend Dot is telling me in chat that they are not accepting Irs Refunds direct deposited anyore…

    can someone confirm this?


    Just give it a few days. Double check you submitted the proper info also. I have green dot and never had a problem if all the info was right. I’ve botched that a few times too and it really sucks.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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