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      Has anyone used a green dot before to get your DD? Just wondering how long it took to post deposit after the IRS sends it!

      I’m also showing first batch cycle code 20150402.

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          Ya, If you read my other thread, I do believe for sure that we will have our money on Friday. For my card, I am thinking that it will be sent to SBBT sometime close to midnight or in the hours after, fees will be deducted and I will have the money on my card around 5-7 AM.

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            Thanks Tara, I have the personalized card an have used it for work direct deposit before, so I Should be all good since my card says my name right?

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              Oh something I forgot in my original post. Make sure that you go online and set up the account with your name. If the account doesn’t have your name on it, I’m told by many different tax services last you, it will bounce back to the irs and you will get a check in the mail.

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                That’s wonderful news guys!! mCRT88 in the case of the first batch then, do you think we will see deposits Friday? I also have SBbt taking fees.

                I really appreciate your input thanks!

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                  We used it last year it was on there when the irs sent it.
                  We took ours to a bank near us and had everything removed for $200 Per $4000 removed.
                  This year we opted to get a bank account that only cost us $1 to set up.

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                    I have used walmart money card every year, which goes through GreenDot, and it is always available as soon as they send it, whether it is still pending or not!

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