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      So I used my last pay check stub to file my taxes and I got all the numbers right pretty much but my total wages I got the numbers mixed up. Instead of putting **,383 I put **,838. I’ve been accepted by the irs. But I’m wondering if this is gonna slow down me getting my money back.

      Has this happen to any of you before and if it has what happened?

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          @Jamie From what I was told by the IRS last year – similar incident happened to me, the SSA doesnt get the IRS the wage info until March and the IRS doesnt start working this until May (After tax season) ; so by the time they notify you, its almost a year later, and that is if they catch yours; being short handed it may not even get to that point. Or atleast that is what the IRS worker told me last year – could be wrong and it would be great for someone to weigh in here. You could wait until you get your refund then amend asap so you avoid penalties and interest etc.

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