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      Got the second bar on the Where’s My Refund official site this morning. Given a Direct Deposit Date of February the fourth, but already got deposited this morning to METABANK.


      Good fortunes everyone.

      Filed: 01/16 (TaxACT e-File)
      Accepted by Internal Revenue Service: 1/20

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          @matthew Mcintyre

          Unfortunately that most likely means your Direct Deposit was rejected by your financial institution and you will be receiving a CP53A notice from the IRS. CP53A means they will be researching your account to make sure it wasn’t a fraudulent attempt to deposit your return to someone else.

          Usually the reason why this happens is because the name, address or SSN the bank has on file does not match the information on the return. This year the IRS is not even allowing you to deposit refunds into your spouse’s account, if that applies to you.

          Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if this is the case then from the date written on the notice (note that it is not the day you receive the notice in the mail), it can take up to 8-10 weeks for them to research and re-release your funds. They will mail you a paper check and not direct deposit the funds. Though some have received their refund far sooner (4-6 weeks after date of notice), others have waited even longer than 10 weeks. I fell into the latter, and I will finally be receiving my refund next friday after a notice dated 3/2. Good luck.

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          matthew McIntyre

            The irs said my refund was sent fays ago why isnt it in my account?

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              Thank you PhickDiva–was much needed.

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                Congrats Rob!

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                  Code 203, which showed up on the Where’s My Refund official site this morning along with the Approved bar, did not appear to cause any lengthy delays in my refund.

                  This is for those of you with the same notification code who might be wondering.

                  Factors you might not have received a deposit yet include:

                  -Personal bank deposit protocols and timeframes
                  -Total amounts receiving and/or paying out
                  -Number of reasons for the 203 refund codes

                  I am not a professional or expert, but am merely supplying possibilities to address taxpayer anxieties.

                  Hang in there.

                  Good fortunes, all.

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                    NOTE: My surname begins with C. (Not sure if that makes a difference in the order of anything.)

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