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Got Cycle 20150405 But No Code 846

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    I can see all my transcripts now and theres no bad codes or nothing that would hold it up. I got Code 150, 768, 766 and thats it. Does anyone else have this same thing and what does it mean?

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    I have cycle 20150405 which is supposed to stand for 2015 – year, 04 – 4th week of the year, 05 – 5th day of the week. The IRS starts their week on Thursdays so that cycle refund date would be considered a DDD of 02/02/15. My WMR updated Friday evening and shows a DDD of 02/04/15

    My transcript shows Code 846, which is Refund Issued. Yours won’t be on its way until your transcript shows that code.

    I filed 01/21 and accepted same day. Received 2nd bar on WMR on 01/31 with no offsets or anything that could slow it down. Hopefully yours all switches soon!!!


    @budahfly I had the 806 code too. Now all my bars disappeared!! ugh man Im hoping for an update


    150 = Return filed
    570 = Credit hold
    768 = Earned Income Credit
    766 = Offset Reversal
    806 = Credit for withheld taxes


    I’ve been in the same situation since Monday but with cycle code 20150403… I have a tax debt, though. That usually delays refunds for a few days. Hopefully the irs computer is working double time this weekend!


    I have the same thing, anyone seeing anything on WMR?


    I have the same code but no 846, curious what it means


    I have the same thing! Hopefully someone can give us an answer


    I got the same. Also had 806 and 570

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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