Got an ID letter in the mail today – Accepted 1/22

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    Hey all just posting this here…

    Filed early on 1/18. Return was accepted 1/22. WMR went from refund is processing to can’t give you anymore information and has sat there. Today 2/11 I received an ID verification letter in the mail. (I also had to ID verify LAST year).

    This was different than last years, it directed me to and was done entirely online. It asked for 3 articles from my current year tax return (Adjusted Gross Income, Refund Amount, and last 4 of the checking the DD was set to). After filling this out on the website I got this message….

    Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Identity Verification process. We now have the necessary information to continue processing your return. Processing usually takes 9 weeks.

    If there are other issues, you may receive a notice requesting additional information that will extend the time that you’ll receive your refund.

    Just so you guys are aware :/ sucks, but atleast I know something about my return now.

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    Got the same thing today, accepted the same day as you. Black transcripts currently. Got the 9001 page up. What’s your WMR at?



    @scotty I already had an account from registering that I used to check for transcripts

    @newbiejay I remember last year taking about 3 additional weeks.



    Did you have to register in order to verify online I tried to do it but I’m unable to register because I don’t have any loans mortgages etc it sucks in the prior years when you did it didn’t ask for all that



    Just did my id verification today .. I filed 1/22 got the 9001 code 1/25 and got my letter today and verified today I’m a pather..hopefully I doesn’t take 9 weeks like they say. You said you did it last year did it take you long to get your refund




    Thanks for posting this update. I’ve been reading so much everywhere about that 9001 code and what it means until I’ve been losing your post is very helpful at this point. I filed 1/28 and was accepted same day…been checking WMR everyday since 1/30..had 1 bar then on 2/1 it changed to 9001 TT 152 message and it’s been stuck on that since. No EIC or ACTC either. Was planning on going into my local irs office on Monday (21 day mark for me) but I’m also on the lookout for a letter now.



    One final message.. No credits at all taken, 1040 form.



    Also when it sat on the can’t give any more information I had 9001 and TT 152

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
  • The forum ‘2019 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.