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      Alot of us weeklies received updates on WMR with DDD of 3/09 this past weekend. Everybody’s situation and when you will receive your refund is slightly different. So first of all, cycle codes. (Ex – 2022xxxx) Mine is 20220905. Which means I’m a weekly and get WMR updates, transcript updates on Fridays. In my case its been Saturdays.
      2022 – the current year. (Not important)
      09 – the ninth week of the year. (Usually get my deposit the week after. (So week 10)
      05 – fifth day of the week: Friday.
      I did not receive a DDD on WMR but it did update on the same day as you guys. Mine updated to 2 bars – approval. I had my TT fees taken out of my refund so there is going to be an offset – TC 203. This is the same code that pops up when they your refund is either reduced or fully reduced for something over due or in my case and a lot of others, your Turbo Tax fees. My WMR also said it would be deposited by 3/14 and if it wasnt i was to call the IRS. This is not a DDD. Its just an estimate of the longest it would take for it to be deposited. With that being fact, i wont have to wait until the 21st.
      my transcripts say 846 refund issued 3/09/2022
      which means the refund is slated to be sent to my bank on 3/09.
      These are not guarentees as we all know that stuff happens

      Long story stil long. If i paid for Turbo Tax up front, my WMR would have updated with a DDD of 3/09 and there wouldnt have been any confusion on my end. This is my tax situation and i hope this answers any questions some of you may have or at least calm your nerves. TRUST me, i know all about shot nerves. Feel free to ask anything. I wasnt able to share EVERYTHING on this one post. Ask away

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          Why is millions of people getting the “delayed” message, even know the majority of us know 100% we didn’t make any mistake on our taxes? For me, All i filed was a 1098-T form. . Nothing else, no ACTC, no EITC, i don’t owe anything or anyone, but I got delayed. . I filed 2/1, accepted on 2/3, and then WMR 1 bar, then delay message. I’m 20220705, with process day of 3-7-22 (yesterday)

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