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    Wheres My Refund Georgia – Share your experience with filing your Georgia Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Georgia Wheres My Refund? go to Georgia Department Of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    I don’t think the site updated yet

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    Well, so much for calling. She obviously didn’t do anything. Still have my refund in green. The only thing that’s changed is my message. Now it says if it’s been more than 90 days to call.

    I give up.

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    Leigh Toole

    Zeroed yesterday but no ddd today :(

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    No DDD for me either. Went zero yesterday.

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    Got my stated deposited into my bank account this morning. Super nice Valentine’s gift! Filed and accepted 1/30.

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    Kathy Arzola

    I thought i wpuld get a ddd tonight since my balance changed to 0 yesterday. But no update for me.

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    What time does dor update ddd? I’m really expecting to see 1 by morning.

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    Georgia just posted refund to my acct!
    Amex bluebird card – gotta love ’em!

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    Lovely lady b

    @ chevy sounds like your situation may be different. If you had a schedule c, they may ask for receipts. I suggest you call to find out what’s the issue. Good luck! I’ve just accepted I owe 1100 bucks and will pay ASAP

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    Hi I posted almost a week ago I double checked the date I spoke to them it was last Wednesday when she said they processed my tax return. She said I’d have my return within 5 days and it hit my account today. When you call them they can tell you if it has been processed (at least the nice ones will) if you get lucky and they do tell you expect to wait 5 days from the time they process it. Hope this helps someone!
    Also if you haven’t signed up for a account on the Ga Tax center it is helpful if you do have one. If the amount of your refund shows up in green and the goes to zero That is how I know they have sent it to my bank .

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    @chevy, if it still says Filed – Error then you should call them back. Last year I had that and when I called, it changed to Filed – Timely.

    Your status under December 31, 2018 needs to say Filed – Timely.

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    @lovely lady b will I get a letter. I called them couple of days ago and the lady did an ID verify and said I was good give it 90 days.

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    Kathy Arzola

    Anyone know what time they update !

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    Thank you, I wish it was easier for everyone. I know we all need that money! God bless!

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    Lovely lady b

    No you must be good then. Happy for you.

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    @lovely lady b

    Are they all being flagged? I still have the amount in green, with filed – timely. Hoping that is good.

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    Lovely lady b

    Yes, ga is flagging schedule c’s this year. They rejected mine and added income and increased my tax bill. I have to pay them or show receipts.
    If you see the word error timely and a black zero just know you are getting flagged because of a the schedule C.

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    Cocoa puffs

    Thanks @peachblossom

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    Checked my account online. Hit individual income tax at the bottom. Every years past it says filed – timely. This years say Error – timely. Why’s that mean.

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    Year @refundwanted, I called once this morning and couldn’t even get the woman to ask my name or look me up. I took Robyn’s advice and called back, chose option 3 then 3 and told her that my DOR said to call. She verified and processed on the spot.

    If it hasn’t changed by tomorrow morning, try that 3 and 3 trick. My DOR evens shows that they received mine on the 28th but it’s just been sitting there with people that filed after me already getting their refunds. I remember doing this last year but didn’t think it would be such a big hassle this year, I was wrong. They need to make up their minds if we need to call or what. I’m tired of begging Georgia to send me MY MONEY.

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    I just called to speak to a representative and she told me that my refund was still being verified and I needed to allow them to complete the processing up to 90 days. I’ve been in GREEN for a week now so finally decided to call after hearing everyone else’s sucess with getting their returns “released”

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    @CocoaPuffs, I did the same this morning. We “SHOULD” see a deposit Friday or Monday.

    Check in the morning and make sure that green amount turned to black zeroes.

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    I called GDOR this morning, spoke to a guy, who verified my info, put me on hold, then came back and said everything was verified and that he released my refund.
    does anyone know how long until my cash is in the bank?

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    You’re welcome.

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    @BA Thank you! Yay!

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    @kathyarzola you’ll have one tomorrow for Friday.

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    My amount switched to 0 last night. How long from that time before you see a DDD?

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    i filed on 1/29. just waiting for a ddd

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    Filed/accepted on Jan 31 just updated today DDD 2/14

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    @Chantel you will know it has been released when the amount switches to black 0

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    how will you know if they are trying to audit you?

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    Does everyone with a schedule c need to send documents?

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    So does everyone with a schedule C have to send in documents?

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    I looked on WMRG and I get the message it is being processed and to wait 90 days. When will they approve? I logged in and the amount is in green. Someone please help.

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    Is anyone else getting theirs on the Green Dot I guess Taxslayer card? How does that work? Does it come earlier? Always have used my regular bank but absolutely couldn’t afford the fees this year Had my sixth brain surgery in three years so it wiped us out.

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    Ddd for 2/13 and it was in my account this morning. Not a second early but I’m happy to have it. Until next year, friends!

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    I don’t know if this correlates but my WMR changed and added the wait 90 day thing today and today I went to zero. I was green from the 4th until they added that extra and went zero.

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    Okay, called back and pressed 3 and 3. Told her my WMR said to call. She looked, verified everything and said she processed it and I was good to go.

    No change on anything yet so hopefully I’ll wake up to something different tomorrow. Unfortunately, my need for that money went from “it’ll get here when it gets here” to “I needed it yesterday” due to an unforeseen bill.

    Praying I have it by Friday, Monday at the latest. Thanks again @robyn. <3

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    Sara D

    Filed 2/1 ,zeroed out 2/12 , DD today for 2/14

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    Mine went to black zeroes the other day and I decided to call as the message was a bit confusing on the check my refund….. wasn’t sure if I was supposed to call or not as email said no further action was needed. I called yday and a nice guy answered but put me on hold for 5 mins….every minute felt like 10! He came back and said he needed supporting documentation for schedule c and he would mail a letter with instructions. My login went from black to 0 to green again yday and overnight it went back to black zero….Figure he is just waiting on the upload and will release. WHO KNOWS…..I thought I used TT so they would handle all these details!!!! Hell I even brought AUDIT DEFENSE!

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    Amount switched from green to black 0. So I know it has been sent out. No change to the message from yesterday’s update. So probably a ddd tomorrow. Hope it just goes in my bank

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    Amount is 0 as of this morning.

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    @robyn, Thanks for the tip. I just called but didn’t choose 3 and 3. The woman I spoke with didn’t even ask for any of my info, didn’t look up anything, just gave me the 90 day spill and that was it. She was determined she wasn’t going to lift a finger. I guess these people don’t realize that our tax money pays their salary.

    I’ll give it a few minutes and call back. I swear this is getting more and more ridiculous with Georgia every year.

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    @peach blossom
    Yes definitely call. I did yesterday. Call 18774236711 and hit 3 then 3 again. It’ll say fraud Dept but just go with it. I just told her I thought I had to call because there have been no changes in my status. I did that yesterday morning and my green number went to black 00’s this morning. Also, my WMR noticed changed…. No DDD yet but there’s progress

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    I got my DDD for 2/14!!

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    Money in the bank this am! My amounts changed to 0 last Thursday and updated with a dr on monday of 2/12.

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    Leigh Toole

    Amount turned to black 0 this morning, no ddd though. Hoping for tomorrow.

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    Got my ddd this morning for 2/14!!!

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    I’m definitely calling today my DOR is even showing they received it on 1/28 but it’s still green.

    @if only, yes, you have to set up an account on the DOR site to view the progress of your state return.

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    If only…

    Do you have to set up an account to see the green to black?

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    got my deposit this morning!

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    Went from green to black 0 hopefully I receive a DDD for 2/15. From looking at comments looks like once you go from green to 0 you receive a DDD for the next business day

    #4267822 Reply


    So people who zero out today should have a DDD for Friday 2/15 from what I’m seeing

    #4267801 Reply


    Black zeros this morning

    #4267800 Reply


    Filed 2/4 accepted within minutes

    Green amount turned black yesterday

    Woke up to DDD this morning for 2/14

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    Morgan, I did not have to call.

    #4267792 Reply


    For those with DDD did you have to call?

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    Filed & accepted on 1/30 with TurboTax.
    Just woke up to this. Yay!

    Refund Status
    Your refund is scheduled to be transmitted, or was transmitted, to your designated bank account on 2/14/2019. Please allow 10 business days from that date and verify your designated account information to confirm receipt. If it has been longer than 10 business days, contact the Taxpayer Services Division at 1-877-GADOR11 (1-877-423-6711) to speak to a customer service representative during our normal business hours M-F 8am -5pm.

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    Update: My balance switched from green to black zeros.

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    Finally got zeroed out. Yay!

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    Update: mines just zero out waiting on a deposit date

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    I just got a ddd for 2/14

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    Too may people calling in that’s why they put the additional message about the 90 days.

    #4267693 Reply


    I now have a date of 2/14 as well….

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    Account changed from green to black zeros a day ago. Just got a text message saying a DDD for 2/14/2019 yes yes yes!!!!!

    #4267682 Reply


    Just got my text as well! I have a credit union so should see it today.

    #4267678 Reply

    Need my money

    Just got a text that my GA refund was sent to my bank today 2/12. Hoping to see it in my account tomorrow. Was green up until yesterday when it went to black zeros.

    #4267647 Reply

    Ok my message switch from your tax return has been received and it is being processed. Please allow 90 days.

    Now it saysRefund Status
    Your tax return has been received and is being processed. Please allow 90 business days to complete processing. If it has been longer than 90 days then contact the Taxpayer Services Division at 1-877-GADOR11 (1-877-423-6711) to speak to a customer service representative during our normal business hours M-F 8am – 5pm.
    What’s the difference it just added the contact number on? Does this mean it’s done. Amount is still in green. Smh at georgia. Just out right stupidity

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    Ok my message finally changed. But my amount is still in green.. Not sure if it means anything … Frustrating to wait with nothing but that message. I have not called either. Just been trying to stay patient . Lol

    Your tax return has been received and is being processed. Please allow 90 business days to complete processing. If it has been longer than 90 days then contact the Taxpayer Services Division at 1-877-GADOR11 (1-877-423-6711) to speak to a customer service representative during our normal business hours M-F 8am – 5pm.

    Before I was only getting ..

    Your tax return has been received and is being processed. Please allow 90 business days to complete processing.

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    Leigh Toole


    If it says filed timely beside it what does that mean? Mine is like that now, still have green amount though. Maybe I’ll update tonight

    #4267544 Reply


    Then you should be seeing it soon if it’s been processed. Make sure you use the desktop version and see if it says Filed – Timely next to Dec 31, 2018.

    #4267534 Reply


    Peach blossom, my account shows $0 in black. What does that mean for me? I definitely haven’t gotten my refund. No DDD either. :(

    #4267515 Reply


    @jody, I haven’t received my deposit yet. First thing tomorrow I suspect and expect:)

    #4267463 Reply


    @Rachel87, you have to log into your Georgia DOR account to see it. When your refund is issued, the amount goes from your refund amount in green to black zeroes

    #4267349 Reply


    Just out of curiosity… what does the black zero thing mean? I see a lot of comments about it but I dont see anything that explains what it means.

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