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    Wheres My Refund Georgia – Share your experience with filing your Georgia Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Georgia Wheres My Refund? go to Georgia Department Of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    My return was single – around 1K – so we seem to be all over the place. Don’t see any correlation or pattern to us all waiting like this.

    Has anyone heard anything about why it is taking so long?

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    Completely unbelievable.-

    Wish I knew their fb page- I would comment there too.

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    Well I filed married joint on 1-30 and accepted state on feb 4th. I have been on green since then. A little over 4K state return and was thinking that it was because of the amount but some others are really low amount still green. This is stupid waiting this long.

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    Their not even replying to fb comments

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    Been that way since 2/3 as well.

    Married, filing joint, one W2, no dependents.

    $886 coming back.

    Received my federal on Tuesday.

    Everything is exactly the same for us that it’s been for the last 23 years, nothing but one job change in that time. We’ve NEVER waited this long. Blow up their Facebook page like everyone else.

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    @sunshine filed 2-1, accepted 2-1. ECTC and Head of Household. Getting back just under $1000. Been green since day 1

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    @ sunshine filed 1/27, HOH both credits and getting back under $300

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    Anyone else that is still on green- what info have you heard or gotten about why we are still on green this long? Of course, they tell us the same BS about waiting 90 business days (until June 15th) before calling, but anything else?

    I just don’t understand…..

    I am also wondering what we all have in common- maybe the amount the others got is smaller, or maybe we all filed same status, etc…

    This is so unacceptable : (

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    Received my federal refund this am. I don’t remember ever receiving federal before my state refund. Hopefully you guys receive your federal also. Filed both on 1-27, and accepted on 1-30. Still green.. “Phuckum”

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    @Sunshine in 4 days it a be one whole month. I’m over it at this point

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    well- in three days I will be on green for one full month…
    I cannot understand what order they are going in as so many people are getting their refunds and I am still sitting on green… this is depressing : (

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    got my ddd for 2/26 waiting to see how long it takes to post to tt card. took until 7pm to get my federal with a ddd of 2/26

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    Green since Feb 6th Here

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    Feb 4 and still green….. Not sure what is happening but this is crazy. I will have my federal before state.

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    Do they ever update during the day, or is it only overnight??

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    Zeroed out today and it switched to the long message. Accepted Feb 4th or 5th. If my case is the same as others’, this means DD in 2-3 days I guess…?

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    Still green since opening day. Have called at least ten times. Have done three refund requests. Nothing to lose since they aren’t sending me my money anyway,

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    last year i had the 90 day message and mine didn’t zero out for 3 months. this year already at a month.

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    Accepted 2/4 or 2/5, still green. Like others, I have the return has been accepted, please allow 90 days for processing, etc. Also called, the lady was nice but she said she couldn’t tell anything and to….wait…90….days…REEEEEEEE

    Geez for real I’m about to have to start making contingency plans. I wish there was a better way to at least know when the money is coming for sure so we could make arrangements.

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    @Still Green, you won’t even get a check until the numbers turn to a black 0.00 and you’re issued a date within 24-48 hours after they do.

    When they turn black, your DDD is on the way.

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    Still green since Feb 3 but have DD date for my federal ..only my 4th year in state and never took this long :0(

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    Does anyone know if the numbers will stay green until I cash the check or will they zero out before they send the check?

    By the way I am still green since Feb 4 2020 as well. Thanks

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    Accepted 2/5- still on green as well 😌

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    still on green since FEB 3rd- No movement…

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    Filed with turbotax 2/18 accepted 2/18 with eic and ctc and have a dd of 2/25

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    anyone with DDD of 02/24 receive their funds yet?

    #4371186 Reply


    Navy Federal just released my funds! Good luck to those still waiting DDD…

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    Filed jan 22nd.
    Accepted feb 4th
    Zeroed out the 19th
    DD of 2/24
    But i called them and they said its been transfered already to my account but no deposit yet. I see a couple of other BOA users got their deposits this morning. I use BOA but i had my refund sent to my green dot checking account i set up hoping it would be faster. Should have used my BOA account. And im guessing no deposits over weekends so hopefully monday

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    I finally zeroed out this am!!
    2/4 accepted
    recieved verify return letter on 2/13
    verified on 2/20 immediately changed to 90 day message
    2/21 got the long 90 day message
    zeroed out this am… hoping for a ddd soon

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    Same here. All they’ve said every time I call is the stupid 90 Days. Said she didn’t see any issues everything looked fine.

    I was digging around and seeing where people were calling 6 months after they’d filed when they realized they never received their refund and had to get them to release it.

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    Okay – looks like there are a few of us that are on green since opening day.

    What have they said when you have spoken to them? For me, they said 90 days blah, blah, blah…

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    Filed 1/27. Georgia accepted my return the first day they opened and I am still on green

    #4368010 Reply


    @Travellife- I believe we are the same. I filed Jan 28th and was accepted the first day that they opened! This is so awful!!

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    22 days on green at this point…. I’m about to start looking for ways to complain against the state

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    20 Days on Green

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    Dor said ddd for 2/24 but the email and text msg says 2/20. Received my dd at 2 am this morning. I bank with boa. Hope this helps and I pray you all will see updates soon. Happy taxmas

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    Im confused. I have a date of 24 feb that it will be transmitted but when i call it says its been transfered to my account already

    #4365701 Reply


    Same here. Text and email say it was transmitted on the 20th… WMR says the 24th…

    @givememy_money… Glad we finally zeros out after that verification letter charade we went through.

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    Woke up to a text and email for ddd of 2/20 but I check the status of my refund, it says ddd of 2/24!

    #4365476 Reply


    Well I called federal and have a 2/26 ddd so I feel a little better. I just tried to call Georgia and hung up after 30 minutes on hold. 😡

    I know they’ll update tonight so I’m praying to at least zero out.

    #4365176 Reply


    Does their website ONLY update overnight?

    Or …. has anyone ever gotten an update during the day or evening?

    I am wondering if there would ever be a change during the day, or no need to check after the morning?

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    Checked today. Says it will be transmitted to my account the 24th. I called the number and it said over the phone that it was transmitted to my account and i talked to the lady on the phone and she said please allow 10-15 bussiness days for my bank to post it. Wtf.

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    @Sunshine Wow now its 90-180 days! Its past ridiculous now. :/

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    I just called again. This lady said it can take anywhere from 90 business days to 180 business days and that I shouldn’t call until it has reached that point.

    How are so many people zeroing out then??

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    Still on green. Ridiculous. Yeah, I’m calling when I get off at noon. I’m calling the fraud department and recommending they report themselves.

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    @KB Thanks- this is so upsetting- but I feel better knowing that there are a few others also waiting because then at least I think it wasn’t just “lost” or something.

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    @Sunshine dont worry youre not the only one. It is ridiculous this amt of wait. Would love to tell the state please allow 90 days to process when they come looking for money that they are owed

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    Day 19 on green

    #4363856 Reply

    Ddd 2/24. Will let you know when I receive the deposit

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    My green went away on 2/18, updated yesterday with DDD 2/20/2020, nothing in my account yet, nothing even pending. Hopefully it will be in my account tomorrow.

    I filed on 2/13…

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    Accepted 2/4, no letters for ID verification, no nothing. Just green. Called yesterday and she told me wait 90 days blah blah blah processing blah blah blah

    #4362017 Reply


    I was accepted 2/4, still on Green, and no letter. Very different this year!

    #4361967 Reply


    so- I called- and they said exactly what I knew they would say. No issues, being processed, can take up to 90 days.

    18 days on GREEN!

    This is awful…

    #4361819 Reply


    Was accepted on the 4th. Got the letter in the mail to ID verify on the 14. Balance zeroed out this morning just waiting for DDD.

    #4361818 Reply


    I just zeroed out. I had to ID verify a week ago. Hopefully I get my refund tomorrow.

    #4361796 Reply


    @Sunshine this truly is sad…. It should not take this long for state taxes

    #4361695 Reply


    This is BS! Seriously

    #4361641 Reply


    @sunshine yes. Mine has been showing in green since 2/4.

    I’m really irritated. This is the longest I’ve ever waited. I’ve called twice and gotten nowhere. I get off at noon tomorrow so if I don’t see some change in the morning, I’m gonna blow their phones up until they either audit my ass or give me my money.

    #4361617 Reply


    STILL on GrEeN since February 3rd- the day they opened.

    How are people that filed after me getting refunds?

    I am so distraught…

    Anyone else still on green since feb 3 or feb 4??

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    I was still in green & went to the long 90 day message around 2 am, but I just looked again & I’ve zeroed out.

    #4361492 Reply


    Still on green. This is BS. These people are getting on my nerves.

    #4361382 Reply

    Just zerod out. Waiting for ddd now.

    #4361251 Reply

    Got the long 90 day message. Cha ching. Should be seeing a ddd soon

    #4361221 Reply


    I FINALLY got the long 90 day message. Maybe it will finally zero out on Friday.

    #4359037 Reply


    @travellife- I requested a refund too. I know we don’t have to, but I figured what’s the worst that can happen too. I put the request in 12 days ago and it STILL hasn’t been looked at (still in the processing phase) These people don’t care. I am sick over this : (

    #4359014 Reply


    I been on green since 02/05 when I look at my return it has been processed since then so I just requested a refund I’m tired of waiting. What’s the least that can happen? All they can do is deny my request

    #4358994 Reply


    so upsetting : (

    I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon for me –

    I am not calling because I know they are going to tell me to wait the 90 days

    on green since FEB 3!!!

    #4358807 Reply


    Same here. Think I’ll start blasting their Facebook page lol.

    #4358695 Reply


    @ sunshine yep me too, guess that phone call didn’t do ish for me

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    #4357346 Reply


    @sammich Glad you got somewhere. Gives me hope. This waitin is ridiculous. Theres certainly no wait when you owe the state money

    #4356820 Reply


    @KB I just called again and at least this lady wasn’t so robotic and dismissive. She basically said nothing was wrong and I should see a ddd soon and no I didn’t need to fill out the “request a refund” link on my DOR account. (I knew that but used it as an excuse to call).

    I’ll keep waiting I guess. No reason it’s taking this long.

    #4356662 Reply


    Yes, I passed out after my last post but I do see it! Congrats everyone and best wishes for those to come!!

    #4356616 Reply


    Trying to have hope because so many here have ddd dates. Both times I called I was assured that nothing was wrong and no letter had been sent to verify but that may have been a ploy just to get me off the phone.

    #4356470 Reply


    I got a date for 2/18/20 but nothing is deposited into my account.

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