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    Wheres My Refund Georgia – Share your experience with filing your Georgia Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Georgia Wheres My Refund? go to Georgia Department Of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Anyone receive a deposit today?

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    Ddd of 2/19
    Still waiting on deposit

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    Has anyone that used the emerald card from hr block recieved there state Ga yet if so what time did it load onto card??

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    Mine went from green to zero today. Still have a message about 90 days — now it’s changed to say that if it’s been longer than 90 days — call ___. I did call yesterday and I think that got things moving. I would expect to get my refund this coming week, but I haven’t gotten a notification yet.

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    Mine went ti o today but wmr still says same old thing about 90 days anyone else

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    Hey everyone! I posted my full story a few comments down. Long story short my DDD was 1-19 and I received my money at 330 am this morning.

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    I called this week they released my return. I got a text message and a letter saying refund was released. I received a weird letter yesterday saying that there was no action required and a letter was sent to me in error. Now when I log into tax center my refund letter is GONE and it still shows 0 amount. Im supposed to be receiving my refund on monday but i bank with a credit union and there is no pending deposit. HELP! Did they take this refund back?

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    P Marie. Thanks so much! Hopefully there that quick with mine

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    I hope this information helps. Here’s my experience.

    01/31 I submitted my return/state of GA accepted
    WMR status provided the generic 90 day message and refund showed up as a credit (in green)

    02/09 Individual refund date changed from 01/31 to 02/09. I think this was the day the state started working on my tax return.

    02/13 WMR status changed generic 90 day message and instructions to call 877 and select option 3. I called and talked to a nice rep. I confirmed my employer and a few other questions, he placed me on hold, came back and told me that he had processed my refund and I should receive it within 7-30 days.

    02/14 my pending credit in green was replaced with all zeros.

    02/15 WMR status changed – My refund was transmitted and I had a DDD of 02/16

    02/16 received my direct deposit.

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    samantha C

    The Georgia Department of Revenue recently sent to you a follow-up letter titled “Refund Claim” from our Taxpayer Services Division regarding your refund for the 2017 tax year. Please disregard this letter as it was sent to you in error by the Department. Taxpayers who received this letter are not required to take any action. The Georgia Department of Revenue deeply apologizes for any inconvenience or confusion this letter may have caused and sincerely regrets this error.

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    Hello everyone. I was scheduled to receive my deposit today 2/16 from what I can see on the ga where’s my refund site, but so far nothing. I called BB&T and nothing showing up on there end. Does anyone know if they deposit on weekends or just weekdays?

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    Hey everyone! I got my DDD 02/19 last night around 11. From what I can tell it seems like you have to call to get the ball rolling. I had no progress until I called on Wednesday.

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    Anyone else who was resequenced to 2/9 still waiting for a refund? Still have the 90 day message. Never waited this long for GA refund.

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    Hey guys I have Bank of America and is still have not received my state refund. But it does say ddd for 2/19…

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    I called and apparently there was an error , “timely error” but she put me on hold and then came back and had fixed it . I cannot thank you enough for your help . :) Merry

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    Anybody here NOT called and just rode it out and still get your deposit or has everybody had to call and get processed?

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    How long till someone who called and got there return processed actually received a DDD or there refund…..Anyone???

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    @Cw that seems to be the DDD for eitc people. hopefully mine will be the same too. baby due in 2 months so this is nursery money lol

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    They did the same thing for me Monday and no change yet 😭

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    Nina- Yes i just did that and she processed it right then and there! Awesome!! Now just wait for ddd

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    Wish me luck on the phone with DOR on phone with Dominique trying to get this stupidthing processed lol.

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    Congrats y’all!

    Ms.T – ‭1 (877) 423-6711‬ .. Dial 3 twice to get a person quick.

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    Mine too Kathy!! Good luck guys!

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    What’s the number to call? Open at 8?

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    I received my refund this morning – Wells Fargo

    If you are unsure of your status, I recommend that you call the number listed on GA site and select option 3 (twice). I simply stated that I checked my refund status online and was told to give this number a call and the representative took a look at my account and processed my refund.

    Good Luck.

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    Got my state this morning. Pulled my federal transcript and I have the 846 refund issued code with a ddd of 2/22/18. Good luck you guys.

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    I. Filed jan 29 no updates still in green. No emails no nothing anyone. Else

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    I got my GA refund!! Wells Fargo posted around 4am! Good Luck Ya’ll!!😘😘

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    I got my refund this morning too

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    Finally after everything i not my state refund this morning. Good luck everyone!!!

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    Ok ok I got my DD posted to my Walmart money card between 310 and 327 am!
    I filed 1 /29
    Accepted 2/1
    Processed between 2/9 and 2/13
    I received a email saying they transmitted on the 14th but gtc’s wmr said 2/16
    I did receive my state taxes this morning thank you everyone for all the help this year I hope you all get your refunds in a timely manner
    (Also so when I look for this post next year I got my ga state refund the previous year on 2/15/17 this year it was deposited 1 day later)

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    Hey guys and gals I know I said I’d see you next year But as I have insomnia and can’t sleep during tax season EVER I thought I’d give everyone some important information!
    They posted a message saying the Ga DOR site will be down for maintenance over the weekend so don’t fret if you can not access it 😃
    Also a friendly reminder that Monday is a holiday so if your need to call and ask any questions regarding your account/taxes make sure you do that tomorrow or you will have to wait until Tuesday :)
    Also I called when I got my approval letter the subject to audit verification just means if they DO ever audit you and they find you were over payed you have to pay it back.
    Hope everyone has a grrreat weekend and the state of Ga pays you swiftly!!

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    Anyone else have the same problem as me?…. mine was accepted jan29th but still nothing no update just still processing…..I’m notngettung much back at all $145…..I don’t understand the hold up

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    You should call first thing in the morning!!! I had the same thing as well as WMR saying the my info did not match..still don’t know what the error was though…but after less than 10 min on the phone yesterday(Wednesday) he had processed my refund. WMR immediately changed to the 90 day msg. The error-timely msg was gone when I woke up this morning. Around noon I had my approval letter and about an hour ago received notification that my refund had been deposited.

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    What does Error – Timely mean ? mine says 2/9/2018 now and has error- timely. Do I need to call or should it change itself. I filed and was accepted on 12/29/2017 Thanks

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    So I just received a text and email saying that my refund has been or will be transmitted on 2/15/2018. WMR says the 19th. Not sure which to believe. I guess I’ll know in the morning. I bank with chase so if it was sent today it will show up in the morning. .

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    I think most of us who haven’t got a DDD yet have large refund amounts.

    My state refund is $850, so I’m sure I wont get a refund for a long time.

    I’m pretty sure Georgia is broke. They’re always broke

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    thanks it says will be transmitted by 16th wait up to 10 days if not received but since bank account it should be there tomorrow correct? tanks again for your help

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    Kathy Arzola

    @kris. Mine just hit my netspend card!

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    @joann & @tonya81 that’s the standard letter we’ve all gotten before a ddd

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    I have greendot and I don’t have mines either

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    @greg there’s a wmr on the Georgia site

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    they just said transmitted to bank account allow ten days. does that mean really 10 days if dd or will i
    i get tomorrow?

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    Kathy Arzola

    @cierra. Thanks. I got netspend because they were supposed to be so fast. Now they’ve got me worrying. No sleep for me tonight!

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    @Kathy no I don’t have Netspend. But I have a prepaid card called Chime which is backed by the Bancorp Bank. it’s similar to Netspend

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    Kathy Arzola

    @cierra. Do you have a netspend card? Mine still hasn’t come

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    FINALLY!! my refund just hit my account

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    Kathy Arzola

    @georgia81. Well mine never has. They deposit straight to my bank or netspend card, whichever i have had at the time. Plus if you call River City or Sbtg it only asks you for your federal refund amount. If you put in your state refund amount it well tell you the info doesnt match their records

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    where does it show ddd date? Mine went to 0 on the 13th

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    When did the state stop going through a third party bank @kathy

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