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    Wheres My Refund Georgia – Share your experience with filing your Georgia Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Georgia Wheres My Refund? go to Georgia Department Of Revenue

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    Just wanted to chime in, my balance is still in green, no letters 😓

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    If you log in to your Georgia tax center account you see it

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    Where is everyone seeing approval letters? What website are you using? I checked GA WMR and the only thing I have is the generic 90day message. Getting nervous with people getting DDDs this morning.

    Filed: 1/29
    Accepted: 1/29
    TT filer

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    I called and was told what I was previously told that I have been approved and waiting to get direct deposit. I said I haven’t received a approval letter she said that is nothing to worry about. Who knows… Just waiting now

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    i spoke to Caleb he advised that he isn’t sure why WMR hasn’t updated however he confirmed that my refund was sent to my bank on 2/13. he confirmed my bank name and advised that he sees my routing and account info so it’s just a waiting game. i would just call them and use option 3 then option 3 again to get the latest info.

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    Got approval letter 2/12 but said refund was subject to audit. What does that mean?

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    Well my friend just got het state. No approval letter or nothing. Justed posted. So whats so crazy she filed feb 5. And already got it.. What da hell ga state..

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    They open at 8am

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    Wha t time does Georgia opens so I can call them. I’m on day 2 back down to zero balance still no approval letter

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    I received the approval letter yesterday and I have no DDD, or surprise DD today. Back to bed I go. Good Luck Folks! 💪🏽

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    I just talked to my ex husband, because he claims one twin and I claim the other one . He filed on 2/5 he got a DD of 2/14 and it’s in his bank this morning.

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    Grrrr… the majority of y’all got a DDD overnight, but me.

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    Approved but subject to audit letter like several others. Balance to 0 but no deposit date. What does that Leyte mean?

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    Those of you who also woke up to an approval letter…any chance you think we will have by Friday??

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    Still sitting on green waiting to get released maybe an update tomorrow I filed 1/26 an accepted on the 2/2

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    Woke up to dd date of 2/15
    Filed 2/1
    My brother filed the same day and he still hadn’t received a dd date

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    Happy valentines everyone! I wake up to 0.00 balance and a approval letter. I think Georgia is moving. No DD yet where’s my refund is say being process allow up to 90 days.

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    Woke up to a zero balance and a refund approval letter. WMR still says refund is processing. Hoping money hits my bank today or tomorrow! Just glad to finally see some movement

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    Got a letter this AM: Refund amount subject to audit verification. What does that mean?
    (Georgia DOR went from refund amount in green to 0 this morning. Filed and accepted 2-5.)

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    Finally woke up to a zero balance and an approval letter! @momdukes-didn’t someone say on here that they were told that the wmr system isn’t working correctly right now? Fingers crossed you’ll wake up in the morning with money in your account!

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    Woke up to 2nd day being in black no dd or letter 😞

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    Yay. I woke up to $0 black balance. No letter yet. Hopefully I’ll get a deposit tomorrow.

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    I have no DDD on GA WMR, and no deposit in my account. Happy Valentines Day Folks, after I drop these kids off at school, I’m eating my kit mat bars, and I’m going back to bed. Wake me up Friday.

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    No update on wmr for me either. Do you think we could see a deposit prior to an update?

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    Ok guys woke up to a red balance. Can someone tell me what the heck is going on

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    Everyone has approval letters, balances at 0 or just some kinda progress. While I filed 1/31. Got resequenced to 2/9 and still nothing but a green balance and 90 day message. Ughhh soo frustrating.

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    So, my refund amount has finally gone to $0 after my phone call this afternoon & my approval letter has shown up on my account. I haven’t received a text (I signed up for alerts on my account), Navy Fed doesn’t show anything pending, & wmr hasn’t updated.

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    Kathy Arzola

    @momdukes. A rep told me she was releasing my refund at 11 am yesterday. Still showing negative balance in green as of now. So i guess she just outright lied to me.

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    @Cierra: Mine hasn’t either.😣😣😣👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

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    my WMR hasn’t updated yet :(

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    Whoop whoop!! Same here:
    Your refund is scheduled to be transmitted, or was transmitted, to your designated bank account on 2/15/2018. Please allow 10 business days from that date and verify your designated account information to confirm receipt. If it has been longer than 10 business days, contact the Taxpayer Services Division at 1-877-GADOR11 (1-877-423-6711) to speak to a customer service representative during our normal business hours M-F 8am -5pm.

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    WMR on the GTC now shows:
    Your refund is scheduled to be transmitted, or was transmitted, to your designated bank account on 2/15/2018. Please allow 10 business days from that date and verify your designated account information to confirm receipt.
    Small steps guys, but it looks like GA is making progress. Good night all!

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    Ha! So straight from the GA DOR just received a text (I signed up for alerts) that states that my refund is scheduled to be transmitted, or was transmitted to my acct on 02.13.18. Please allow 10 business days…
    Since that was TODAY and I can assure you, I didn’t get it. Oh Georgia…

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    Daphne Brown

    Ok guys so I bit the bullet and completed the Request Refund option found on the taxpayers site. I’ll update with progress if there is any soon. Just FYI

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    Daphne Brown

    Ok guys so I bit the bullet and completed the Request Refund option found on the taxpayers site. I’ll update with progress if there is any soon. Just FYI

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    Busy Bee

    I finally got my approval letter today.

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    My dd was there today. Good luck to everyone. I filed/was accepted on 2/4 and don’t have GTC account so I don’t know about the approval letter.

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    Georgia has got to get their stuff together. I’ve had a green balance since the 5th. They told me yesterday that my return had been processed and approved on the 5th. Again today a rep said my funds have been released. My balance is still green and no letters of approval. WMR still says processing. It’s never been this bad getting the state side of things.

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    That is my issue I have a zero balance and no letter and as of 5 minutes ago I still have no letter of approval

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    Update 🙂

    I called the 800 number yesterday and choose option 3 then 3 again. I spoke with a guy rep who was nice and verified and processed my return. I checked my GTC account at about 6am this morning and my refund amount was at $0. I did not have any approval letter in my correspondents.

    I checked back around 2pm this afternoon and I had a approval letter which popped up on the main page.

    Hopefully I see my funds soon. Happy waiting! This is TAX season after all……😕😒😕😒😕😒😕😒

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    Ok so I filed on 1/28/18 and accepted on the same day called the customer 1800-number on yesterday and the young lady that I spoke with started my process over the phone while I was on the phone with her (thats what she said) lol well I called back just a few mins ago and spoke with another young lady who told me my taxes were completed today.. she explained the process was started on yetserday and was completed today and that I should see my funds really soon but she had to tell me the 90day statement they tell everyone LOL so I will keep everyone updated on when I get my coins.. LOL FYI: The online where my refund is not working at all she said thats why it best to call for a true update..

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    My balance changed to 0, and in my account I had the Refund claim letter, that says my refund has been approved and is subject yo audit verification. I called and they said that there is nothing wrong with my refund unless I ode the state of GA or have offsets I should be getting my refund back soon and that the letter is a standard thing they send out once you have been approved. I hope that I get a DD soon as in like tomorrow because my Federal is still on the PATH msg and my amazon cart is awaiting.

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    Ugh!! So frustrating!! My amount has been staring at me for days…wmr still processing. Sent in on 1/31, resequenced on 2/9. I’ve called twice now and they just say that I’m still processing. Keep hoping that I get someone that will be helpful like y’all have!

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    Just an update!

    Have called 3 different times today and recieved the same answer…but the last rep game me more info.

    All 3 stated that my refund was released today.

    I asked the last lady just now why my amount is still showing in green and she said to check my bank account in a day or so and it should be there. She said that lots of people get deposits BEFORE the amount in green goes away! She said i assure you it WAS released to your bank today.

    I had an offset so my WMR status still says amount has been offset.

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    The approval letter would be under correspondences when you sign in. Once they release your refund that green amount will go back to zero.

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    Where are people seeing an “approval letter”? I have my refund amount in green but wmr says it’s being processed. Help!

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    I just called and spoke to Dominique as soon as she answered and verified my info she put me on hold for 5 min and then came back on the line and said I processed your refund for you….

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    This approval letter is so confusing to me. My account did everything everyone else’s account did overnight except get a approval letter

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    @Devace: Did you ever fill out that littke “request a refund” portion last week? I wonder why everybody else is getting so0me sort of an approval and now they want your income verification. I did see the GA DOR statement that said they would be doing random quality assurance reviews, but Dang.

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    So by calling idk what I did but now they want my last 4 pay stubs and w2

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    Called a few mins ago option 3 and rep said mine was processed yesterday and should receive in the next few days. Still shows the generic msg.

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    Just talked with another Rep after the 3 then 3 option because so many that filed after me are getting DDD. She said my money was released and to expect it in 30-90 days. Really!?!?!? 30-90 days and they have already released it? Wish I could tell my bill collectors the same things lol

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    I’ve been watching the thread hoping for some similarities with others but my return was resequenced to 2/7. I don’t see anyone else with that date. My amount is still in green and I don’t have a letter or ddd. Ugh frustrated

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    GA tax refund

    Anyone get a o balance in black and a refund claim approval letter
    Saying refund was approved but amount being verified

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    I received approval letter on 2/8, on 2/10 I got the ddd date of 2/13— it was in the bank this morning-

    #4215564 Reply


    There is hope! I got resequenced due to filing early. I was resequenced on 2/9. Logged into GTC today and had an approval letter. Balance is now 0.00 from my green credit so it has been released. Now to get it in my bank account.

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    You have the same message I do and they told me that my refund was released today.

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    For those of you that received a DDD today, what was your processing date? Mine was originally 1/29, then it changed to 2/9 and my amount is still in green.

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    Basically, you’ve been approved, just waiting for the update for ddd. You’re probably receiving a paper check that’s why you gave that extra message at the bottom.

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    I am confused about this message


    Your return has been received and is currently being processed, please allow 90 days to receive your refund. If your refund has not been received in 90 days, please log on to the Georgia Department of Revenue website at complete the Replacement Check Request Form and follow the instructions.

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    Kathy Arzola

    I finally got a rep to ” release” my refund. My question is how long before the green balance disappears and you get a ddd?

    #4215418 Reply


    I keep hoping for a DDD. I have been Green since 2/5 but WMR keeps just saying processing even though the reps have said I am processed. I want to see some movement.

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    I checked my account this morning and the following message was provided: Your return has been received, and it is currently being processed. Please contact the Department at 1-877-GADOR11 (1-877-423-6711), option 3 to speak to a customer service representative during our normal business hours M-F 8am -5pm.

    I called the number and selected option 3 (twice). I reached a nice representative who asked how may he assist me. I explained that I checked my refund status and was instructed to call. He asked me to verify some info and placed me on hold for 5-10 minutes. He told me that he processed my refund and I should receive it between 7-30 days but it can take up to 90 days. He stated that it usually doesn’t take 90 days to issue refunds.

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    This morning my green balance went to 0 but no approval letter. I called and she said that it meant my refund was released and that I should see something in 2 to 3 days.

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    Just got off the phone & was told that he just processed my return and I should be receiving my return in the next 7-90 business days. I called & pressed option 3, then 3 again. I told them that I had issues logging into my account online & was needing some assistance with the status of my return. There was no wait, even though they tell you it’s a long wait time.

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    What do it mean when the balance is in green

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    @Nicki. 1-877-423-6711. But I can’t get anyone to tell me anything except the 90 day blah blah blah b.s. I filed on 2/1 – accepted same day – still in green also. I see people filing after me getting their ddd. Frustrating

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    @dww i spoke to a rep and she said my refund was released today. so i’m assuming those who received an approval letter today, their funds were released today.

    @Nickie call the 8774236711, option 3 then option 3 again

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    What # are you guys calling to talk to someone? I filled 2/4 & accepted 2/5 & I’m still in the green.

    #4215317 Reply


    Cierra, if you find out anything, let us know.

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    lol I think im going to call and play dumb to see what I can find out lmfao

    #4215282 Reply


    My amount is still green, no letters, but I’m happy to see others having movement and hopefully I can say the same too 😇

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    Checking in with the same as today’s majority.
    Filed 01.26.18.
    Accepted 01.29.18.
    In “Error-Timely” limbo until 02.09.18., when my refund amount turned green
    Lost green refund & received approval letter 02.13.18.
    Waiting for that magical deposit notification alert any day now! :)

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    @itsshay oh okay. well hopefully we all update with a DDD in the morning

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