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Found Out Why My 2/4 Acceptance has been delayed "Processing"

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    So I got a brief 30 minutes to try and call the # listed to “speak to a human” this morning while riding to site for work. I spoke to some girl who was pretty nice, she said that I left off my “1095-A” Form/Info.. I said “Uhh I know exactly what that is, I did not have a plan from HealthMarket last year.. I did in 2016, not 2017 though!” Of course she replied well take it up with them, you will be getting a letter (received today when I got home after my 13 hour shift).
    She said I would need to fill out the 8962 form or whatever, not “amending” my E-File, but just adding the information.

    So I logged onto and what do you know.. they had a PDF file for me for 2017, for 2 months of coverage from AmeriHealth NJ which I NEVER enrolled in! I downloaded it, added it to my E-File program, and saw my notice “You have to pay money back!” So I basically watched like 60%+ of my Federal refund disappear. I “re-filed”. Honestly not going to argue with them about it, as long as I don’t owe anyone money and I am receiving something back, fine whatever.

    So after doing that, I called the HealthMarketPlace # (I should have called before re-filing honestly.. but it doesn’t matter now)… and spoke to a young girl, also nice.. but brainwashed. I told her I spoke to the IRS, I filed my taxes on 2/4, I’ve been waiting for my return, the IRS told me I needed to add/upload my 1095/8962… I told her I NEVER enrolled in a plan for 2017, I had a plan in 2016, and both years they (HealthMarketPlace) NEVER sent me a 1095-A. So I have experience with this, and thanks to HRB’s program it is very easy to fix… trust me, I looked at the actual 8962 form, it’s like rocket science.

    The girl argued with me that I did, I said nope, never did. She said “You have no way to prove it…” I said “Okay fine, I’ll eat it this year…” However, I did enroll in a plan for this year in December before the HealthMarketPlace Deadline just to be safe, luckily I got a new job a week after with health insurance, so I never paid my 1st month for the plan (as they say.. if you do not pay by 1/1/2018 you will be terminated/opted out). A few days after I also called the health insurance provider directly and apologized and said please make sure I am not enrolled, I fortunately got a plan through work and do not need yours. She said okay, but make sure to contact HealthMarketPlace, it’s not our duty.” UGH… so I both went online to HealthMarketPlace and Opted Out/Cancelled… I also called and told them “sorry I got a plan through work, being honest, I can’t have this plan, the insurance provider told me to call you to opt out.” The HMP agent said “Okay, No problem, but you may be billed for the first month…” I still don’t understand it. I NEVER paid, even OPTED OUT/CANCELLED in the 1st week of January…

    The girl at HPM on the phone just before said “It looks like you enrolled in December, and you terminated the plan 2/28/18.” I was like uhh.. no, I never paid, called both you and the insurance company in the beginning of January, to be honest, and I do not need 2 health insurance plans nor take advantage of HMP.

    She once again said there is noway you can prove that, I was like WTF? The even say they “record the calls for ‘whatever’ purposes’…” I asked her how the heck did I get 2 months of coverage this year when I never even paid for the 1st month? LOL. She said well we see you terminated 2/28… I said NO! That was literally less than a week ago, I can actually remember that far back… So I will most likely get scammed for another $350+ next year when I file, and I am sure HMP will not send the 1095-A like they are supposed to either when I go to file.

    Ridiculous, honestly stay away from the Health Market Place, Enroll in your State’s Medicaid, or just pay your doctors cash… I know not everyone has employers giving health insurance nowadays, heck it’s been several years since I had, and I am VERY lucky to work where I am.. and hopefully make enough money to just “eat it” again next year.

    It’s sad to see almost 60%+ of your Refund disappear because of the Government incompetence, they hire little kids to work at the HMP, uneducated, brainwashed to say whatever… it’s a joke. They were great when they initially started, they helped me a great deal.. but the past 2 years have been hell with them.. and besides 2 years ago, when I had a plan (2016), I had my 1095-A sent to me via Snail Mail, E-Filed, and everything was okay. As for 2017, they duped me.for 2 months. I never had what plan they claimed, obviously never used it… and it just seems like the used what info the girl told me I have had this year… same company, same time period… give me a break already.

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    What is the number to speak to a human?

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