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    Okay, I’ve just received the dreaded amend your return notice from the IRS. I have to fax the misssing form 8962 and other required papers and the notice says refunds will be issued 6 to 8 weeks after they receive it. I’ve been hearing different things all day–from 2 weeks to 16 weeks.

    I’d like to hear anyone else’s experience with this and above all, the answer we all want–will this delay the refund? It’s hard to figure out if the delay is for the entire refund or only the new, extra amount they now owe me after completing the missing form.

    Thanks and I want to stress that I will be back here posting my own results as soon as anything changes because I know how frustrating this is for all of us in the same boat.

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    @Levette and @Saga….The number is 1800-829-0582 ET 332. I have a reference number of 9021. idk if that helps. @Saga did you finally get an update when you used the amt from your 8962? Thats what i had to put in. If i tried the wmr with the amt the irs gave me it doesnt work neither does my old amt it only worked with the amt i calculated on my 8962. I have a deposit date of the 6th. The wmr said i shold have it by the 11th and the irs rep said it should be released by the 17th. So idk if it is here on the 6th i will for sure let you guys know. I have a feeling that some reps only have certain amt of clearence when they check our accts and others have more. Because i have gotten better answers with some and the same old 6-8 weeks with others.


    8962 saga

    Okay so I called the 800 number and used my calculated amount from my 8962 form and it actually gave me an update as to when my direct deposit should be sent and it gave me the amount of my refund which I already knew I’m still unable to go on the website and put any amount in there but it did give me a date for April 8th but not sure hoping that it works I see a lot of people with the 6th as their date so who knows



    @8962 saga when I check with my old amount it stills says “your tax information is being processed. A date will be available soon” blah blah.

    I don’t have information about a new amount, as IRS claim they can’t give me anything.

    And the amount that I calculated, doesn’t work.

    I can’t even order my transcripts.


    8962 saga

    @Lavette So are you able to check the website with your old amount or new amount and maybe just not your calculated amount because I’m not able to check it with neither of the amounts the old new or the calculated one that I came up with



    No update for me today… maybe next week or the week after… who freaking knows… they are giving everyone the run around and pissing everyone off. One day we will get our taxes back…. it’s just bullshit. Congrats to the ones that got an update.


    Heather Johnson

    My time line:
    FIled 1-28
    Letter send and faxed info on 2-18

    I have called every day for the last 2 weeks. I get different information each time I call. From my paperwork was received to it wasnt received at all. Given the usual 6-8 week spill too. Sometimes I call back again that afternoon. I have been told a referral was sent to the errors department to speed up my return. Then told It will be 30 days from that date before they may respond. Was told on THursday that they are processing my return as if I had no insurance (I had marketplace for 6 months). Then I can do an amended return to get my money back they fine me. THis is crazy!!



    @melissa yes please, can you share the number.

    @8962 saga. My calculations don’t work either. Why make me do the calculations when it’s probably not right and will be changed.

    I’m so frustrated and ready for everything to be over with.


    8962 saga

    @melissa plz share that number


    8962 saga

    @Lavette. Well the irs told me my new amount and that it wnt be released until the 16th. I tried today to check for updates with my new and original amount and its not registering. Then i tried with the amount that i came up with after doing the 8962 form. Still nothing. I cnt track my refund now. Not sure if i should wait or call on monday.



    @LEVETTE…Monday would have been 5 weeks for me. I do have a number for a live person if anyone wants to use it. Let me know i will repost it. The whole process sucks and it makes it worse when you acant even get a rep to give you anykind of information. When i called a couple days ago she said my refund wouldnt be released until the 17th but the wmr says i have a deposit date of the 6th. and another part said the 11th.
    @levette…..u will probably update next saturday. it looks like they update on fridays and saturdays finally gives us information.



    @8962 Saga

    Where did you get your new amount from? Irs doesn’t tell me anything and the calculations I did from the 8962 from doesn’t work. I never received the cp12 paper neither. This Thursday will be my fourth week waiting after sending in the papers.



    @ ctex what is your update?

    @ melissa congrats.



    I cant order trans, wmr is stuck on refund date when available. Sent in paper work on 2/19 and was told by another rep to refax papers, so I did and called back 2nd rep said I didnt need to refax papers. Talked to a rep yesterday said its still in errors and allow more time. She said it show zero days remaining for them to correct but still no movement said she show april something should happen but she was not sure and show no letters was mailed since c12 in Jan. Spoke to a rep after her said show papers need to be refaxed told her I did that twice as recent as last week asked me to send 3rd time I said no because I couldnt get her to telling me why I needed to resend a 3rd time if it show they received fax. I hung up on her and call for a TA. Im frustrated this is unreal. I get different repsonses from each rep. I cant order my transcript anf wmr is stuck on same processing message.



    @8962 saga….my wmr didnt register with my old amount or the new amt the irs gave me. I had to put in the amt I came up with on my 8962. My amt on my updated 8962 was diff than what the irs calculated after they processed my paperwork. Hope that helps



    I was able to put my new amt in wmr and it finally updated. I have a deposit date of the 6th.
    Lost Bars 2/19
    Never received a letter but faxed paperwork anyway 3/1
    Finally got a deposit date of 4/6
    I will post and let you guys know if the deposit has been made.

    @8962 Saga….Try putting in your new amount. The irs recalculated mine i put my new amount in and it registered with their adjusted amount. I do have a number to talk to a live person that is on my where my refund page. if you want it let me know.


    8962 saga

    Ok so i checked the irs website and called the 1040 number and i used my old and new amounts and neither of them are registering. It prompts me to reenter. WTF!!!Does anyone know what this means and is this happening to you too. Im so confused and angry



    @8962SAGA…When u talked to the rep yesterday she said a letter will be sent out stating my increase for my refund. But i have not received it yet. I still never even received the letter saying i had to send in my 8962 and 1095a. I got a rep who was nice enuf to tell me what i needed to send in. All they said was there is a hold on it and it will be released the 17th or 18th of april. But i can settle with that news becuz before this i couldnt get anyone to tell me anything.


    8962 saga

    What is the best way to get the most current and accurate update. Should i call 1040 number or WMR app or irs website


    Jessica W

    No it wouldn let me use my old amount


    8962 saga

    @Jessica W so you was able to check WMR with your old amount and it said approved even tho ur amount was diff? It never prompted u that ue amount had changed


    Jessica W

    It said approved and I jus checked WMR because yesterday it was jus sayin approved but it did update today to sent it didn’t let me put in my new amount til it was approved



    I never received a cp12 letter and I have no idea what my new amount is.

    I just got off the phone with a rep and she said, as before, there will be no new news until after the fourth week. There should either be correspondance or a refund during the fourth week. I should call back that Monday of the fifth week, if nothing has changed.


    8962 saga

    @Jessica W. Does ur Wmr still say processing wen u got ur refund or did it say approved


    Jessica W

    Hasn’t *


    Jessica W

    I know if it updated it will be Saturday mine still has updated to sent and I gt my money wen the 30th


    Jessica W

    I did not receive the letter and I got my money but I fixed it using turbo tax so it figured up my 8962 form for me and increased mine by 180 and never gt a letter tellin me it went up


    8962 saga

    @ Melissa did you also receive a C12 letter I know that Ctex did I never received one and my refund went up so I was wondering if we both would have to wait for the letter to arrive before they will continue to process and clear our refunds



    Just got off the phone with a rep who basically gave me the 6 to 8 weeks speech. If I don’t hear or get a refund by the 13 then I have to call back. About to check to see if there are any offsets to be on the safe side.

    I’m so over it at this point.



    @8962SAGA…..I too called yesterday and found out my taxes are finally out of errors and cleared. When we did our 8962 the amount was only suppose to go up by $19 but when the irs got the paperwork and they did the math it went up by$370. She thinks the amount differance between my math and their math is why they have a hold on it. My taxes are due to be released the 17th or 18th like yours. She said i will get a letter in the mail stating the increase in amount. I also cannot check wmr with my new amount but it still registers with the old amount. Hopefully when they do their updates today we can check tomarrow to track the progress.

    @CTEX…..I would bother the hell outta them. I lost my cool with a rep last week because she didnt wana tell me shit. She contridicted what the rep i talked to last week said. They do have a script they follow and are not suppose to tell us anything. Its bullshit. Its our money and if we owed them they would be all over our ass for it. Keep calling till u get someone who will give you some answers because they see everything thats going on on your account right in front of them!! You couild also try calling a tax advocate. I know some ppl on here have used on and have had luck with them.
    Good Luck and I hope we all hear something soon!!



    The CP-12 just notifies you that an adjustment was made due to a math error on your return.



    Oh yea…. the lady also said that she could see that someone was last working on my return on 3/28… I’m not sure what good that is suppose to do for me but ok. I also asked if I could speak with someone higher up and she continued to give me the bullshit run around of 4-6 weeks. If I have no update tomorrow when they do their big updates I will damn sure be calling someone outside the IRS to help out.


    8962 saga

    @Ctex what is a cp12 letter because I never gotten one and if that’s something that I need to be get in I need to call them and find out. I spoke with an agent yesterday and he told me that I should have my refund by the 18th but at this point I’m not sure when I will get it if I will get in and I don’t have any offset so I don’t see what the problem is my refund only went up a few dollars but not much to be waiting this long for



    I just got off the phone with the IRS and I about lost my cool with the lady. I told her I filed my taxes 1/23… received a letter to fax in 8962 and 1095a forms and did so 2/17…. she stated to allow 4-6 weeks for processing. Then said a CP-12 was mailed on 3/21 which I received… she then said I need to wait another 4-6 weeks before calling again for an update. I swear these people are brain washed to read every line their computer tells them to. I’m starting to get really f-ING pissed off and tempted to contact someone on the legal side to sort this mess out for me.


    8962 saga

    So I spoke to an agent this time and he confirmed that yes my refund it go up and yes there is a date for release which is April 18th I believe what he’s saying so I’m just going to roll with that one unfortunately I am unable to put my new amount on the wmr website so I don’t know how I’m going to verify or track the progress. The website will only let me put my old amount in so I’m going to wait until the end of next week and try my new amount and see what happens then. I will update you guys on what happens next



    I just had to call the IRS 3 times in a row, and I’m happy I did because I finally got to the third represent and she let me know that my paperwork has been in the wrong Department all this time and just 15 mins ago she faxed my information over to the right Department. Ughhh.. and it’s crazy because last week they just told me my amount went up and I had to wait 45 more days. I Filed 1/20 was accepted 1/22 paper came in the mail 2/16 I mailed it off over night they received it 2/20 and I’m still waiting. I have heard so many different excuses from these representative and today I just finally decided that I was not going to stop calling until I got the answer that I wanted to hear.



    The rep I just spoke with told me, my taxes are still being processed but to call after the fourth week mark (next week Thursday for me) to get more information. He also couldn’t give me my new amount. This is so frustrating especially since each rep gives you different news OR they can’t give you news/updates at all!

    Congrats to those who have their refunds already!

    To the rest of us, may the odds forever be in your favor



    I just called the irs. There systems are down but they are able to get into some accts. She was able to look and see that my amount went up. For some reason they hsave as hold on my acct still. She thinks its because the numbers on my 8962 didnt match their final numbers but my taxes should be released around the 17th of april. Here is my timeline.
    lost bars 2/19
    Nver recieved letter but faxed info 3/1
    went bk into processing 3/15
    refund should be release 4/17

    She did state i could get them sooner, That she sent something asking for the release because there is no more errors or holds. If anyone else was told a hold was on theirs but was released before their date please let me know. Thank you and good luck for those who are waiting. I know how frustrating the process is but there are some reps out there who will answer your questions and give you information.



    This whole situation is frustrating. I too faxed my info in on the 1st of march. I was lucky to get a rep last week who told me my taxes were back in processing. Then a couple days ago i talked to another one who had no clue what i was talking about. So after arguing with her she finally confirmed they had my paperwork and it was processing to wait 6-8 weeks. But i faxed all my info without a letter. my bars disappeared on the 19th of feb. and i was told a letter would be mailed out. I have yet to get this stupid letter. I was told by the asshole rep a couple of days ago to wait for the letter that they still have not even maileed out yet. I finally lost my cool. Everytime i call i get a diff reponse for a diff rep and i am getting pretty pissed off!!!



    Still no update for me either. Faxed info on 2/19. No transcripts available. My amount I owe was deducted from my refund on thr turbo tax website and turbo tax said the irs make those changes. Thats was 3 weeks ago. Im going on my 6th week and no changes. Called irs and get different reponses, mostly that its still processing. In rep told me april for ddd, but maybe. One rep said refax and I did and still nothing. Im frustated. WMR still say refund date when available. I can still pull up my info with old amoun. But turbo tax is showing adjusted amount. Wierd.


    8962 saga

    @Ctex when I called yesterday the rep told me that my refund went up and that my account had 2 different dates. One was for the 30 and another for the 3rd but when i tried to put the new amount in WMR it didnt register so i used my old amount and it gave me the same meesage i been getn. So today i called back to make sure i had the right new amount the rep wudnt comfirm not deny the new amount But she did say that the last rep i talk to gave me internal info that i wasnt suppose to know. She said the dates where not garanteed. So i asked when will i know something or get an update and she said the 18th. Im not sure whats going on but im so fustrated. This is the worst tax season i have ever experienced. I faxed my foms back on the 1st of march and still nothing. Smh. There are ppl who faxed after my getn updates or movement!!!!ughhh



    @8962 saga
    What did the rep today tell you? I’m really hoping and thinking we will see an update this week.


    8962 saga

    Spoke with a rep yesterday saying that I will have an update on the 30th no update as of today rep also said that DDD should post by the 3rd wasn’t for sure because of new amount called today and another rep said something totally different so confused so frustrated


    Jessica W

    I FILED 1/30TH
    GOT LETTER 3/3



    I guess I’m going to try and call this week. Filed on Jan 24th and got letter 12c on Feb 22nd. Mailed all my paperwork in same day to Ogden, UT. Still nothing going on 5 weeks not sure which number on the back of my letter to call. 1-866-682-7451 ext 568 or 1-800-829-0922. Anyone else fax or mail to Utah and get a DD OR DDD?



    I called yesterday and was told “it is still processing but now being reviewed”. The lady told me it could take up to 6 weeks ( I am in week 3 now) but could be as early as next week.

    **fingers crossed**



    Still waiting in MD.
    The last time I had to wait this long it was because the ordeal with the IRS new system not being ready.

    To recap —

    Filed back in Jan around the 20 or 22 (It’s been that long)
    Got the letter back in Feb on the 10th.
    Faxed everything requested Feb 16th.
    Was told the following week that my faxed was received.
    I’m on the 6th week and there still isn’t an update.
    It’s just Monday, so we’ll see what happens.
    Fighting hard not to give up, but wow – this is just down right lame.
    I am very happy to hear that people are stating to see DDD.

    For those of us still waiting, I hope we get an update this week.



    Still no update on WMR… I would call the automated line but I know it’s not going to tell me any different. Congrats to those of you who got updates. As for the rest of us, I guess we will wait till next Saturday and see if we get ours! Keeping faith it will come soon! This has for sure taught me how to be patient and wait!


    8962 saga

    I was able to order my transcripts last night but I did not update what number do you call to get an accurate update



    @ ctex what is your update?

    @ jessica w and all congrats on your ddd. My info showed that I owe after sending in my 8962. I know it was deducted from my refund, turbo tax shows that my refund amount was reduced and they said it was reduced by the actions of the IRS. Maybe they are processing 8962 errors for those that are due a refund first. I fax papers on 2/19, cant order transcripts, no movement at all.


    Jessica W




    Was just able to order transcripts yesterday DDD 3/30 this morning!!!



    Final update, I know from a previous experience that when you check your refund status through the automated system it’s more accurate than where’s my refund. For example, I checked WMR and have no updated info on there but when I called and checked through the automated system, I was given a direct DDD and a new refund amount. This same thing happened to me last year, WMR didn’t update until a few weeks after I received my return.
    Anyways, I filed 2/7 and faxed forms in on 3/3 and got DDD of March 30th after calling and checking the status through the automated system. I’ve been following this thread since it was started so I hope everyone who’s still waiting gets some good info too




    I am in texas as well… out west of Austin in a small town…. I have been able to order transcripts since 3 weeks ago when my tax topic came back the first time… the following Sunday my tax topic disappeared and has not cane back yet…. everything I call they give me the generic statement to wait 4 weeks from the day it was returned to processing. Before that when I first faxed and would call they would tell me to wait 4 weeks and I’d see an update…… but there is a lot of people they are “REVIEWING” and every one of those people had to call and get it released by a supervisor at the IRS cause it was being held for review for no reason….. for some people it is actually taking about 6 to 6 1/2 weeks to see an update for a DDD…. this is the worst tax season I have ever experienced and I am beyond pissed off at this point because I filed on 1/23/16… faxed my papers on 2/17/16….. called every Friday after faxing…. it was returned to processing on 3/10/16 and was adjusted at that time as well… I was able to order transcripts on 3/10/16….. since ordering my transcripts I called the following week and the lady said I’d be receiving a letter in the mail notifying me of the adjustment made which was 80 dollars more… still no progress and I’m calling Monday morning


    Jessica W

    Was able to order return transcripts today fingers crossed it updates this weekend with a refund date


    Jessica W

    I’m in mississippi and my fax went to Texas I faxed mine the 4th of march this is really disappointing to hear that Texas is so slow!!



    @ Jessica W

    I hope not either, Texas always seem to be really slow. I’m in my fourth week and nothing since I faxed my paperwork on 2/19/2016.


    Jessica W

    I faxed my stuff to Texas I hope mine doesn’t take long I’m on my third week



    @ CTEX

    Are you located in Texas? Our situations are similar. I’m still waiting for my refund and I faxed over my paperwork on 2/19 and I have been waiting ever since. I have called and all I get is they show a received code and I how to wait 4-6 weeks, its still processing. Then I had a rep tell me its shows I needed to re fax my paper work, so I did. I called back after re-faxing my papers and the second rep said she show no indication that I needed to re-fax papers and my return is in processing, I’m beyond pissed off. I will post my updates and let everyone know if and when I get my refund. Congrats LivLiv….



    You guys would not believe this!!! i just got the text message from Netspend I GOT MY REFUND!!!!!!! There is hope, but check your cards. WMR still says processing and I was only able to order my transcripts today! And it went up by a whole 200!



    Do we need to order our transcripts in order to get the refund?


    8962 saga

    I was also able to order both transcripts with my new address hopefully next week something happens good maybe a DDD



    I’ve been following here for almost 2 months. Filed & accepted: 2/5
    Lost bars: 2/26
    Received 8962 notice: 2/29
    Faxed: 3/1
    Finally able to order transcripts today :)



    THANKS @livLive!!! I checked WMR this morning and nothing, but after seeing your post I called transcript line and TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!! Finally able to order both! My 2 month hell is coming to an end!!!!!



    Anyone else able to order both transcripts today? I was finally able to with my new address…hopefully that means we’ll get a DDD tomorrow.



    i got the cp12 letter march 7 and still haven’t recieved mine, i called last week and the had the release codes wrong and she fixed it and said it would take about 3 weeks to get my refund



    I got the CP-12 letter today notifying me my tax return increased by $80. Has anyone else received this letter? I’m now curious as to how long it will take to receive my refund. I mean evidently they have completed processing it and everything is done so what’s the hold up? Im half tempted to call and be a smartass about it and tell them I received a letter notifying me that the IRS owes me an outstanding debt that needs to be resolved! Wonder what they would think about that shit?



    I’m not sure why, she said they were backed up. But I sure wish the paper work they mailed me would have said faxes instead of mail because it seems like it’s taking longer. It’s going on 5 weeks



    My return was seized because IRS said I received an advance payment for Premium Tax Credit which I never did. Submitted the paperwork on 3/12/16 and I have absolutely no advancement on it. I submitted my return on 1/27/16 and here it is going on 2 months later and I was told by the IRS that I needed to be patient and due to a heavy workload and the fact my refund was going through a strict inspection (guess im being audited…last time I pay TT for their services), the lady told me to expect my refund between 4/23/16 – 5/7/16. And to not bother calling until 4/23/16 for further updates…I am gonna say this….BS BS BS BS. IF I owed them money, theyd be all over my backside and threatening me to get my money and yet I gotta sit back and smile and wave at them while they hold onto my money. And yeah they do get interest the longer they hold the money for.



    My refund went up $1000 and I got it just shy of 4 weeks from faxing( faxed 2/27, DD 3/22). My friend faxed the day after me. Refund went done $36. Still no movement.



    I faxed all my paperwork (form 8962, 1095A, tax paper, and letter) on March 10th. Today marked 2 weeks (or 10 days). I called and was told I was still being processed and will not have any new news until April 7th, which will be a total of 4 weeks waiting.


    Jessica W




    Well I spoke with a very nice rep today at the Texas office. And because my amount went up $76 I have to wait an additional 45 days. Which means I won’t hear or see anything until April 30th. I guess I just have to sit back and be patient. This is so frustrating.


    8962 saga

    Is anyone up here from New Jersey that fax in March and still hasn’t received a DDD



    Just got off the phone with a rep. I called the number on my letter at the ext. She was really nice, and told me it is still in errors. They have my paperwork and she said it should be out of errors by next week. She said it updates in their system over the weekend and to call back after its been exactly 4 weeks from the date I sent my papers which is next friday. I am going to wait a little since she said it’s being worked on right now. She also said they will be updating some this weekend and mine could still be in that pile. Here’s to hoping????????


    8962 saga

    Hey you guys so I finally broke down and called the number with the extension on my 12C letter and I was able to get some type of update although it wasn’t a DDD but it was some type of update I finally got to know that my Taxes is out of errors in is back in normal processing so there was movement and I must say the representative that I spoke to was one of the nicest reps I’ve ever came into contact with during this tax season. I don’t know if it’s just the women reps that are mean and nasty or what but the men are just awesome they are always looking to help in assist with whatever matters and questions you may have

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