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    Okay, I’ve just received the dreaded amend your return notice from the IRS. I have to fax the misssing form 8962 and other required papers and the notice says refunds will be issued 6 to 8 weeks after they receive it. I’ve been hearing different things all day–from 2 weeks to 16 weeks.

    I’d like to hear anyone else’s experience with this and above all, the answer we all want–will this delay the refund? It’s hard to figure out if the delay is for the entire refund or only the new, extra amount they now owe me after completing the missing form.

    Thanks and I want to stress that I will be back here posting my own results as soon as anything changes because I know how frustrating this is for all of us in the same boat.

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    I am new here.
    I filed Feb. 9th
    Called March 9th and was told that a letter was mailed to me on March 1st.
    Received my letter on March 12th.
    Faxed documents and letter on March 14th.
    Called March 21st to see if my fax was received and it was. I was told that it will take about 4 to 6 weeks for processing.
    My documents were faxed to the office in Utah.
    I wonder how fast or slow the office in Utah is???



    I GOT MY DD!! 4/20 (lol)

    So this has been by far the longest process ever to get my refund. But I think it has finally come to an end. So here is my timeline in hopes it will help others with their journey.
    Filed 2/11
    Accepted 2/12
    Received Letter 3/1
    Faxed Documents 4/1 (was on vacation)
    Received DD 4/16

    So heres what I have learned, Fax your documents don’t mail, I wouldn’t request transcripts either, Ive talked to many people who are requesting transcripts and their
    accounts were put into review, because the transcript request triggered it. So I would advise in not requesting it. And when you fax in your documents, wait 1 week and then call them and when they ask how long has it been since you faxed them, lie, and say like 4 or 5 weeks. That will help your story and then they will check. But all and all, it took 16 days from when I faxed my documents, to when they processed it and got my DD. So I will update everyone on 4/20 if the direct deposit came in. Thank to everyone who has helped and guided me. I hope everyone gets their money soon!



    I GOT MY DD!! 4/20 (lol)

    So this has been by far the longest process ever to get my refund. But I think it has finally come to an end. So here is my timeline in hopes it will help others with their journey.
    Filed 2/11
    Accepted 2/12
    Received Letter 3/1
    Faxed Documents 4/1 (was on vacation)
    Received DD 4/16

    So heres what I have learned, Fax your documents don’t mail, I wouldn’t request transcripts either, Ive talked to many people who are requesting transcripts and their
    accounts were put into review, because the transcript request triggered it. So I would advise in not requesting it. And when you fax in your documents, wait 1 week and then call them and when they ask how long has it been since you faxed them, lie, and say like 4 or 5 weeks. That will help your story and then they will check. But all and all, it took 16 days from when I faxed my documents, to when they processed it and got my DD. So I will update everyone on 4/20 if the direct deposit came in. Thank to everyone who has helped and guided me. I hope everyone gets their money soon!



    I feel like chiming in since I’ve been checking on this thread for awhile now! Here is my situation:
    Filed on 2/13
    Accepted on 2/13
    21 days went by so I started looking into the problem and learned that I was going to be receiving the dreaded letter regarding the missing Obamacare info. I had that damn insurance for two whole months in 2015 and then got a new job and insurance with it, but those two months of Obamacare screwed me over! Agh! Anyway…
    Received the dreaded letter on 3/7
    Faxed the necessary documents on 3/8
    Called on 3/23 (was on hold for 32 minutes and the second I stepped in to the bathroom to pee, they freaking picked up that call) and spoke to someone who was very nice and informed me that, yes, my information was received and was “processing.” Basically I was told I would hear “something” by 4/5 and to call back after that if there is no update. All that has changed on WMR is that the “tax topic” link has reappeared and the original refund amount as disappeared. I know my refund went down a bit, so that does not alarm me. Now I continue to wait with all of you! SUPER FUN!!



    I FINALLY HAVE A REFUND DATE!!! 4/20 (the irony in that)

    This by far has been the longest process ever, in getting my refund, But its finally coming to an end, I hope. So here is my time line and I hope my experience will help others.
    Filed 2-11
    Accepted 2-12
    8962 Letter arrived 3-1
    Couldn’t get my docs and faxed until 4-1
    Called 4-14 and was told my file was put into processing that very day
    Woke up to DD on 4-16
    I think its really just a waiting game once you file your docs.
    From my experience, don’t mail, FAX your docs, wait 1 week and call, the number you
    have on the letter with the 3 digit ext number. If they ask you how long has it been since you faxed the documents. LIE!! Tell them 4 weeks/5 weeks even if its been 1 week.
    If you say anything less than 4 weeks they will sometimes not even try looking up your info. But After 2 weeks of faxing my docs in, I was back into processing and now on the 16th day, Im getting my DD on 4-20. Now lets see if that DD is accurate. Ill keep everyone posted, But THERE is a light at the end of the tunnel. This forum has given me hope, insight and a place to release steam. I hope my journey has helped others, and that we all get our returns soon. Good Luck everyone! Ill update you on the 20th is I get my refund or not.



    Hi everyone, I’ve been following this thread for awhile myself and I just wanted to give you guys my story on this and how it went for me.

    Filed – Jan 20
    Received Letter 12c – Feb. 25
    Faxed Letter and all documents – Feb. 29

    Since faxing info in, I have only called the IRS once, which was about a week ago. IRS agent told me they have received my fax info and it will be processed. He gave me the usual 4 week timeline. I did not order return transcripts or asked for any other info. I just took it as it is and decided to wait for the 4 week timeline.

    I’ve been checking WMR everyday and as of 3/15 at 10:23 P.M. I have the TT 152 and no DDD or refund amount.

    Here is the cool thing, while reading through a lot of the older posts and browsing the web, I decided to check WMR again. The time is now 3/16 12:52 A.M., I get the error message, “you may have entered your information incorrectly, please verify….” Hmmm, Okay. So I decide to put in my NEW amount after filling out 8962 (I was suppose to receive more btw)…..and WHAT DO YOU KNOW!?!! I have a DDD of 3/18 ! ! ! Two bars and my refund is approved.

    Finally this whole ordeal is coming to an end. I’m just hoping WMR stays like that and don’t disappear within the next few days lol (knock on wood).

    My experience and advice to those who are still waiting, stay patient it’s gonna come. I think depending on where you fax, how you faxed your info, or if your missing info when you faxed in; it’s gonna take some time. Hang in there guys!



    Filed & Accepted Feb. 9th
    Called on March 9th and was told that a letter was mailed out to me on March 1st. Called back and asked what was needed (1040 & 8962) and where to send it, the gentleman gave me the mailing address. He also told me that processing takes about 6-9 weeks.
    Received my letter in the mail in March 12th which contained a different mailing address.
    Called March 14 to inform the rep that I was given a different mailing address than what was on the letter. The woman told me to only use the information on the letter because there are different buildings that handle different IRS issues. She also told me that faxing my documents would be quicker.
    Faxed my letter, forms 1040, 1095A, and 8962on March 15th.
    Called yesterday and was told that they have received my fax and it may take 4 weeks to process.
    This tax year is driving me crazy!


    8962 saga

    Has anyone who faxed their paperwork for march 1st received a DD yet I fax my paperwork on the 1st of March and I still have not had an update I’m so fucking frustrated


    Myesha Thach

    Creative writing – Apropos , you need to fill out a IRS 8962 , my wife filled out a blank version here



    @DallasTxYall Thank you. I got a TA last week so hopefully things move faster. When I last spoke to her, she told me the IRS have my papers, they are just sitting there not being worked on. She told me to re-fax everything to her (which I did), so hopefully soon, I will have progress



    Hi Lavatte,

    Im sorry you are still waiting. The whole process took me 8 weeks. I got a TA and 10 days later I had a ddd. I fax on 2/18 and again late march and april got a TA and then ddd following that. Really the whole process can take from 2-8 weeks. Try and get a TA and see if that will speed things alone. Good Luck.



    Well if it is any help and anyone still reading this, I am still waiting. With no DDD as of yet



    well, As my journey this tax season comes to an end I feel I must update this thread one more time. I don’t know how many people will read this because I’m pretty sure mine was the last to come out of corrections lol.

    MY timeline:

    filed 1/20
    accepted 1/22
    letter received 2/10
    faxed 2/11
    again on 3/1
    again on 4/7
    able to order transcripts 4/22
    DDD on 4/23 of 4/27
    on this the eve of finally receiving the money my family has desperately been needing since October. I feel sort of like a tax return marine. first man in last man out! God Bless all of you and may your 2017 tax season be a breeze!!



    @ ctex Congrats, sooo happy for you.

    @ everyone else hope the wait is over for yall as well.



    I woke up because my daughter started crying and checked WMR….I finally got an update! Suppose to have my deposit on 4/27. The wait is finally over!



    Praying for an update in the morning! Lord please let us see an update to receive our tax refund, Amen.



    Nothing has changed. I am hoping tomorrow something will happen. I contacted the TA and I do have a case. They told me, if I don’t have any changes by Tuesday to call them back and they will dig deeper. This is the longest and worst tax season



    @ dannydark my ddd was for 4/20 and my ddd posted to my bank on 4/20.

    @ lavette Once I got a TA, I got a ddd 10 days later. All in all took 7-8 weeks. Good Luck All.



    I called yesterday and the rep told me to wait till the end of week and if nothing happens by Monday to call again, because the maximum amount is six weeks. I checked both WMR and my bank account thinking I would be apart of the people getting theirs today and nothing has changed. I am so frustrated with everything. I will be calling for a tax adviser because this is way to long to be waiting.



    So for those of you who had DD of 4-20, have any of you got it early?



    @DallasTxYall that’s awesome. Gives me hope I’ll still receive mine by direct deposit when they send my refund.



    @ ctex WMR is showing direct deposit to my bank for 4/20. I had to update my address as well. I listed my new address and my address was updated and it shows Im still receiving direct deposit.




    Are you still receiving it by direct deposit or are they going to issue a check? I know a lot of people who are receiving checks instead of direct deposit due to the change of their refund amount.



    @ lavate WMR did not change until 4/16 on saturday morning and it didnt change until I was able to put in my new calculated amount. I was able to order transcripts Friday and WMR updated Saturday morning. Im praying for an update this week for all.



    @DallasTxYall & @ctex,

    Was your WMR status changed or was there a pending deposit on your bank account? I checked WMR and I can still put in my old amount and get the “still processing, date will be available” saying. Any other amount, doesn’t work.

    I wish the young lady I talked to on Friday, was able to release my funds.

    Keep us updated!




    I will most certainly let everyone know when I get an update. Hell, speaking to such a nice person, who was willing to do their job right, made me just as happy as her releasing it. All the other reps I talked to would look at my account and tell me to wait 3-4, 4-6 or 6-9 weeks. My advice, if you’re still waiting for an update, call until you get someone nice and/or ask to speak with a supervisor. The way the lady was talking, she basically said that the person working my account forgot about it. Call until you get answers, they can look at everything on your account and tell you whats going on so don’t let them tell you otherwise. Most of the Reps are just TOO DAMN LAZY to do their job right. Don’t give up



    @ ctex

    Im glad she was able to release your refund and at least she was honest and told you what you needed to know. I pray an for an update fir you this week. As its been too long. Keep us updated and let me know if you have questions are need help.



    Like I said I was going to do, I called the IRS this morning. I was able to get a very nice lady who researched everything possible for 45 minutes. Finally she said that she was releasing my refund because there was no reason for it to still be sitting there. The lady also stated that it should have been released on March 28th when they took the freeze off of my account. So now, hopefully, I will see an update very soon



    I called IRS back Friday afternoon, and the lady told me she see no indications that a letter was sent so that means a DD will be coming. I have to wait till the 21 and somewhere around that time I will see something. That will be within my 6 weeks. She said 6 weeks is/should be the max time.



    Here is an update to my situation
    IRS was supposed to send letter twice on the 4th and again on the 18th, I received neither, called back again and spoke to a nice young lady that told me what to do and where to fax
    04/06. Faxed paperwork
    04/16. Was given a DDD for 04/20/16



    @ ctex call the IRS and request a Tax Advocate you must tell them you have an issues such as medical problems and expenses late rent etc. My TA called IRS and 10 days later I got DDD.




    You say be patient…. well…. it’s kind of hard to be PATIENT when I filed my taxes on 1/23 and faxed papers 2/17. The IRS is pulling a bunch of bullshit. Thanks to our worthless president we have, he has created this mess of chaos with his ObamaCare horseshit. You can bet your ass the IRS will get an ear full from me come Monday morning



    I got a ddd this morning of 4/20 going to my bank.

    2/19 fax 8962

    3/25 fax docs again

    4/6 called for a tax advocate as no movement at all.

    4/6 TA reached out to IRS

    4/15 was able to order transcripts by phone only.

    4/16 could not put in old refund amount tried new refund amount that work and I had a ddd for 4/20.

    @ ctex called for a TA when I did that 10 days later I had a ddd. They know this is shameful.



    Just be patient, your refund is coming!

    Heres my timeline:

    02/03/16 Original Filing date
    03/01/16 I Called IRS was told by a nice lady what the issue was, how to fill out the forms and submit them once i got my letter.
    3/11/16 Received letter
    3/14/16 Sent fax
    4/5/16 called IRS & was told i would get refund or letter in 4 weeks or less
    4/17/16 my direct deposit is pending

    Also I should note that WMR had not updated my information as of 4/16/16, and suddenly my bank account shows my pending deposit? Kinda kooky, but I am happy its there.



    Still no update this week. Guess I’m gonna have to be an asshole about things come Monday morning. Praying for the rest of you that are having this problem as well



    Update: This morning I was able to order both transcripts using my new address. I was only able to order my transcripts by phone. WMR is stil saying refund date provided when available. Im in Texas FYI. My refund was to be reduce by $108.

    Return accepted on 1/19.

    Fax 8962 on 2/19 and again mid March.

    4/15 able to order both transcripts, no change on WMR as of yet.

    This is the craziest and longest wait ever. Shame. I will update any new info right away.



    So here’s my timeline on the tax drama ..
    Filed my taxes on February 11th.
    waited the required 21 (22?) days after it was received to call IRS and find out what was going on. They told me I should have gotten a letter. ( I did not) – turns out they had the wrong city listed for me (? seriously ?) and so he said, wait a couple weeks for the letter.

    Waited. No letter.

    March 18 – Called again. Said I have gotten no letters. The lady was nice and told me that I needed to fax in the 1095, the 8962 and 2nd page of the 1040 (redone). So I did it.

    Called March 30 – said to give it four weeks. Still says tax is being processed on my WMR app.

    April 14 – today. 5 weeks since the fax. I can’t get through a real person on the tax line now, and WMR says still processing.

    THIS IS TOTAL BS. UGh. >:(



    @ctex I never even received the CP12 letter. I am assuming that is the letter the representative was referring to last time I called. It is literally a waiting game like every has said. I will be calling next week if nothing changes. This is the worst tax season ever.



    My taxes were filed electronically 2/14/16. Didn’t get a letter about the missing 8962 form until 3/18/2016. My account had to re-do everything and I faxed on 3/28/16. I faxed it twice just to be sure and got a fax confirmation that it went through. I wanted to find a way to even check if it was received. I’m pictured a large desk with a fax machine and piles and piles of paperwork to be sifted through at some point in time. Very frustrating to not know anything. All of this was for a 22.00 decrease in my tax refund. SERIOUSLY? Now the waiting game begins. Don’t know if it’s been received and if it has been, what month I’ll actually receive my money. So ridiculous.



    @Levee I have called every week except last week. I did receive a notice CP-12 notifying me of a math error that the IRS had to correct. After I received the letter the lady said to wait 3-4 weeks from the 21st. So we shall see



    @Ctex when I spoke to someone during my fourth week waiting (this Thursday will be my fifth week), she told me I should either be expecting the direct deposit or a letter in the mail. If not, to call back on the sixth week. Have you received any notices?



    This week will be my 8th week of waiting. The only thing new I found out was the freeze was lifted off my account on 3/28. So now I’m praying to see an update this week


    Erika Herrera

    Its been about 4 weeks since I faxed over my 8962 for and no update I don’t know what to do.



    @8962 saga, Congratulations!!!!


    8962 saga

    The wait is over you guys the wait is over my check came in the mail today thank you Lord thank you Jesus and please do not let this happen next year!! Good luck to everyone else hope you all got your checks today or got your DDDs because we all need our money

    Timeline: filed January 28th 2016
    Letter sent: February 26th 2016
    Forms faxed: March 1st 2016
    DDD Date: April 8th 2016
    Check received by mail: April 11th 2016

    I hope this helps you guys with a timeline hopefully this can answer a lot of your questions without the concern of the IRS because they are a bunch of crap



    @Ctex – I don’t blame you. I didn’t bother calling cause at the 8 week mark, I was done. Had I not saw an update I would have been on the phone.

    @DallasTxYall – I really think they’re pushing to 8wks on purpose. I submitted on the 16 of Feb. Prior to an update I spoke to a rep who in so many words said to wait till the 13th.



    I had this letter / form and many others that I had to send in. My TA told me on Friday that my refund day was set for 4/13. I just checked the WMR and it says the same so I think maybe it is actually true!
    Good Luck to everyone else going through this same thing!



    Still no update for me neither. It still says processing and refund date will be available soon. This is ridiculous.



    Finally got an update on Friday. A rep told me I would get my refund on 4/13/16 I really didn’t believe him, but I just checked WMR and I will be receiving my money on the 13th. I’m praying everyone gets an update this week. This definitely Had been a rough tax year for all of us. My paperwork set in the wrong Department For 5 weeks and it took me 7 weeks to get a refund date.. Good luck to you all.



    Still no update for me either. You can bet I’m calling Monday and not getting off the phone till they tell me what the hell is going on and why they don’t have their shit together. This is just down right ridiculous



    @ lorenzo

    Congrats. No progress for me yet. Faxed papers on 2/19 and wmr stills says refund date when available. Now for some reason I cant order trans because it says address is not matching. I put a change of address on my new papers I sent in, but its not working with my new nor old address.

    @ ctex

    Have you gotten any movement?



    Post update:

    Tried again after refreshing my browser.
    WMR updated, check will be mailed out by the 15th…
    Sooooo what happens with TT? Since I had opted for DD.

    Also had anyone got their check on time?



    Update –

    Old amount in WMR no longer works, which is same case for the amount from the paperwork, which I submitted from TT, although that could be wrong(?).
    In a way I’m happy for the progress, but now I’ll have to wait till Monday to call and see if I can get some info.

    No offsets, so that’s good.
    Keeping fingers crossed!



    @8962 saga I called the number but it didn’t prompt me with an opportunity to put in an extension. Just three options : 1- check status 2- if the refund was lost, destroyed, or stolen 3- check status of amended tax return.

    I checked the status and it is still processing, of course



    @8962 Saga I am Florida. But I will call that number today! Thank you so much! Hopefully I get someone who will give me information. I will let you know soon as I can.


    8962 saga

    @Lavette. What state ate you in? Cuz i called 18008291954 ext 863 and one rep told me everything even before i got my transcript. She even explained to me why my amount was different. She probably told me more then she should have. Because when i callef back and got another rep they were suprised i knew certain dates so they could only confirm what was said already. Try that number. Im from Jersey



    @8962 saga. Basically! I also asked them what EXACTLY can they tell us, because nothing is ever really told. She said, they are only customer service and can only say “what is on their screen”. They can not tell new amounts, new dates, any type of letters, etc because those are different depts.

    They can only really tell you, that it has been process and what could POSSIBLY be the next steps.

    I can’t be bothered with these people.



    It been about 6 week close to 7 weeka and no update on WMR still says refund date when available. He was saying things without trying to give me what he know he really sees on the system. He said the errors department have closed out my issue and I should be seeing an update in 3-4 weeks. In so many words he was trying to say errors was done and fixed the problem. I could get him to tell me that however, he just kept saying it was closed out. Whatever that means. SMH


    8962 saga

    @Melissa did you ever get your deposit

    @Lavette you haven’t heard anything yet in reference to your refund only to just tell you to call back at a later date SMH

    I did get approved it states that my check will be mailed by the 8th of April so I guess I’ll know something by this time next week hopefully I will actually get a check



    Update: Okay I got someone different you was able to tell me more information. She confirmed that I am at my 4 week mark. She said I should be receiving either my refund or a letter (she did not say what the letter states) but to no give it till the 21st of this month (6th week mark). This is so draining.




    I hear you. It will be 8 weeks soon and I have yet to get an update. The last rep told me if I didn’t hear something or get a DD by the 13th to call back. Yet, some barely waited 3wks. It’s really pathetic, especially when the reps see more information than they’re willing to give. You’d think it would better things on their end by communicating more details. It’s a damn shame.



    Today I called them (multiple times might I add). Four weeks. Still nothing. I have no idea what to do anymore.



    Well i still haven’t seen any updates yet. It has been 7 weeks since I faxed in my papers. This is a crock of shit!



    well just to update you my refund was not in my bank acct but it did go through turbo tax bank and said it was sent to my bank. @levette, u will proly get an update by saturday. I will say a prayer for you. I know how much we all need this money!!



    @melissa & @8962 saga that sucks that turbo tax is charging you guys. That is insane. It too, has been a long tax season and was really depending on the refund. This time frame really threw me off with bill and things. Sigh. I will keep you guys up dated Thursday-Saturday.

    Let me know if anything changes!


    8962 saga

    I didnt use turbo tax i use a placed called vanmeter tax service and they use replublic bank. My personal bank does not have anything pending funds. I dnt know if it would be delivered by mail or ddd. Ughhhh



    @saga8962….My refund already went through santa barbara bank which is the bank turbotax uses for their direct deposit. u can try there and see if there is anything pending under your ss# if you google sbbt….it will come up at santa barbara bank and trust. click on taxpayer and it will ask for your ss#. Mine was direct deposited. Keep me posted


    8962 saga

    Also now that you mention it I also had my fee for my Taxes coming directly out of my refund but they too do not know about my taxes being mailed to my house at least I don’t think they do but at this point it’s like what the fuck because I pretty much did my taxes myself when I had to fill out the 8962 but I’m pretty sure if they don’t intercept My Refund and take their fees they will be calling me or sending a bill but let me know when you guys deposit hit your bank and I’ll let you know when mine hit mine


    8962 saga

    @Melissa I’m not sure why they are mailing mine I guess because of my address changed but not really sure. Are they mailing yours? On the website it says your check will be mailed by April 8th so I don’t know if they’re still going to mail it or direct deposit it. I’ve been looking online and read in different posts and some people say that it was a mailed but then it would be directly deposited and then sometimes it will say direct deposit and it will be mailed so I’m not sure if they’re going to mail it or deposit it. Nevertheless I just want my money. Did yours say direct deposit or mail? It also say mail by the 8th so I’m assuming they will mail it no later than the 8th



    @saga…well im glad u finally have an update but i wonder why they are mailing you a check instead direct deposit. But at least you have a light at the end of the tunnel. I actually got a notice from turbo tax that they were gonna charge our acct for our taxes because our refund didnt come thru so on top of everything else i had to notify them and let them know it has all been worked out.
    @Levette….Hey girl. Yesterday would have been 5 weeks since i faxed mine in. So i would think you will have some news by saturday. I also couldnt put my 8962 amt in until wmr no longer accepted my old one. So if it still says processing they havnt finished your taxes yet. But I hope its soon. Is been a long tax season and this wait has been horrible. My husband has been out of work and we were relying on our taxes coming back so we had something to live on. Things are finally looking up now as this whole mess made us do something about our future so we started our own bookkeeping business. If it wasnt for having to wait for the irs we wouldnt have never made this decision. So things have a way of working themselves out. Keep me posted and i hope you get your refund sooner than later!



    @8962 saga. Okay. That sounds good. Thursday is week 4 so between Thursday and Saturday, there should be some sort of updating or updates. I will let you know then!


    8962 saga

    @Lavette if you were unable to put your calculated amount and then you probably are not finished processing yet expecially if you are able to use your expected refund your original amount then chances are you’re not finish processing yet maybe Friday or Saturday the systems will update and you will be able to use your calculated amount online or on the app once you are able to use your calculated amount then chances are you have a refund date



    @8962 saga & @melissa
    I tried my calculated amount from the 8962 form through the automated phone call last night, and didn’t get anything. I guess that amount might be wrong? However, I tried my original amount and gave me the same response as wmr “still processing. Will get a date soon. ” blah blah.

    This Thursday is my fourth week. Hopefully something will happen by then. Or at least a date or some information.


    8962 saga

    Melissa I was able to use my 8962 calculated information only through automated system and online my delivery date says it will be sent for mailed to me on the 8th but a representative did say that it will be released on the 3rd and then another representative said it would be released on the 17th only God knows what it really will be released



    If it makes any difference i still cant order transcripts but have a deposit date for the 6th

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