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      I can’t remember my user ID to get my transcript, and they aren’t sending the email with it.

      For those that have a cycle date on your transcript – When did you get accepted? Is it only early filers that are seeing their transcripts/cycle dates? I’m just wondering if a deposit is at all possible this week for people that didn’t file early. Thanks!

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          Anyone else have any updates that were given dead cycle codes (201501, 201502, 201503) on their submission/confirmation when they filed?

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            I also cannot remember my username and have tried both my emails, but they aren’t sending it. I am wondering why. Luckily, last year I got married and I can use my husband’s info to look but no transcripts are updated. I suggest trying to call and request a transcript by phone if you cannot log in.

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              How long did it take for transcripts to appear after filing for everyone? I filed 2/2

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                I have the same codes but wmr still showed one bar idk

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                  Filed 1/24 , Accepted 1/24 transcript updated this morning 846 refund code 20150503 cycle code hopefully WMR will have a ddd for me soon

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                    @dude you need the 846 code to get a refund. 570 is a freeze code I think. You’re delayed for some reason.

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                      i just got my cycle number of 20150503 can some one tell me what day i might see my money

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                        I filed on 1/20 have a cycle number of 20150402 and have yet to receive my refund.

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                          So if I have cycle code of 20150402 withe the codes of 570 and 896 when should I be getting my refund?

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                            Cycle dates have to also have a code 846 to anticipate a soon coming refund.

                            For simplicity’s sake, all the 2015402ers were grouped together. 846 code essentially means approved for refund without it, expect additional steps, hence no refund at the same time as the rest of the group.

                            For many, there will be a delay because of the lack of health insurance. Its rumored that this should only be 4 days extra.

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                              OrdinaryTaxPayer Thanks it was just as you said.

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                                @squeaker: I bet you will have an update on WMR this morning with a DDD of 1/30 :-)

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                                  pj5 No. I have all my transcripts showing as well as code 824 and still no change on WMR.

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                                    Can someone tell if their bars moved from receive to approve after being able to order your transcript?

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                                      I am looking to get information on refunds. I am happy for the people who got refunds already but I wondering how that is possible. It doesn’t seem cool that the regular banks hold on to the money so long. I filed Jan 8th and was accepted Jan 12. Any way I have my fees being taking out of my refund and I am able to see all my transcripts and the 20150402 code and 846 is also present. I am just wondering if Friday is the solid date or if any one that uses the TT bank got theirs already. I would start a new thread with this question but this site says I can’t

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                                        So I was not able to see transcript this morning 1/27/15 however this evening at about 1130 on 1/27/2015 I can see all 4 transcripts with cycle date 20150403 so is that Monday Feb 2 2015

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                                          Ok, so i have code 570 “account action pending” and I’ve been looking over my transcript and I saw that one of the monthly Premium tax credit amounts for September is listed as 0.00 even though what I sent on my return which i transmitted via hrblock shows the correct amount. Also I have my 1095A from the government also showing the correct amount that goes in that box but somehow when either the computer or person entered my information that’s showing on my account and return transcript they left that amount off which should be a little over 200 dollars and that also would then throw off figures for premium tax credit which would then throw off my refund. This is not my error so I’m not exactly sure who i need to contact to let them know they are missing the darn number. I hate to have to wait forever for their screw up.

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                                            ANYONE WITH THE CYCLE DATE OF 20150402 =1/30/15

                                            FEB. 16 2015 IS WHEN YOU SHOULD CALL IF YOU HAVEN’T RECEIVED REFUND.

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                                              20150402 means YYYYWWDD W=WEEK IN THE YEAR WHICH IS THIS WEEK AND D= CYCLE DAY WHICH 02 IS FRIDAY. CYCLE STARTS ON THURSDAYS NOW

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                                                I filed 01/23 accepted 10 mins later and I have my transcript with DDD. It’s definitely not just early filers.

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                                                  @Crystol: No, it will almost definitely be sooner than that.

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                                                    Good Morning Y’all,

                                                    Just checked my IRS transcripts (account & return) again this morning after not being able to access them during the last week. I was finally able to view them and my cycle date is 20150402. We filed via Turbo Tax on 1/20 and it was accepted later the same day.

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                                                      I ordered my transcript and have a cycle date of 20150402, but I can’t locate a refund issued date. Is that a problem or am I missing something?

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                                                        Thanks for the info! I was accepted 1/21, crossing my fingers for a deposit this week.

                                                        I will feel better once anybody starts getting deposits, it means there is hope for the rest of us!

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                                                          so the date that shows on our transcript, is that the date we will recieve refund>?

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                                                            Filed via TaxAct on 1/20 and accepted on 1/20 (which wasn’t early). I got a cycle date today.

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                                                              Just go like youre setting up a new account.. they will send you a new confirmation code. You can use the same email, just dont enter the wrong info or you’ll be locked out of the system for 24 hours.. like me.

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                                                                I was accepted early on Jan. 12th and on WMR I never had any bars and my refund amount was never listed. I was able to pull my transcripts this morning and it stated my refund issue date as Feb. 16th, with cycle 20150402.

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                                                                  question: on my account transcript it says code 846. refund issued date February 16. Is that when I will receive it?

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                                                                    I was accepted 1/20. Ordered transcript this morning. Cycle 20150402.

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                                                                      How do u know what your cycle number is. which transcript is it on and where?

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                                                                        I filed 1/14 but was accepted on 1/20 and looks like I’m getting a direct deposit this week or next. (I’m not sure what day but my cycle is 20150402 also). There are lots of theories floating around

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