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      Who else is in the same boat lol?

      My return and record of account transcripts are N/A. Wage and account transcripts are there, but blank. I’ve noticed people have said that an account transcript that has “as of Feb 16” means we get our refunds before the 16th, but I don’t believe it has any correlation to us. No letters either.

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          Accepted 1/20 bar went missing Saturday. Went to look at transcript and got codes 150, 806, 766, 768 and finally 570!!! Says cycle 20150602… WMR site has tax topic 152 still. Isnt 570 a freeze? Or is it just a lame code for, it may take longer? Im confused! I do have child support offset and I added my 1 year old daughter that was born last Feb.. could this possibly be the reason for the 570?

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            TW – were they able to give you any info on the reason for the wait?

            Lyn – I hope everything turns out well!

            No updates whatsoever on my end, I guess I will be calling once the 21 days end!

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              I too filed the 16th and accepted the 20th. This is F’n retarded. I have actually been audited they owed me $100 (haha IRS) in 2009. No real issues since except my return taking a week longer then most. I was fed up this morning because I know every passing day puts it getting in my bank next week and so on. I call the tax advocate line, which I highly suggest. Told me not to call the IRS anymore and that it’s in their hands now. Said I will hear something from them in 3 days what in the world is going on. They could not see any identity issue going on. Which when I ordered my 2013 return this year just to see the cycle code it did tell me to call the specs I unit. I did and she had no earthly idea what I was talking about. This is insane. Next year I absolutely refuse to file early no matter how bad I want to.

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                I filed on 1/20 and am in the same boat. I called the IRS this morning and fibbed a little about my filing date to speak with someone. I was told that I needed to verify my identity and was transferred over. After two hours, finally verified and was told it would be 2-8 weeks before I see my refund. I just wanted to let everyone know of my situation and hope that helps. Good luck all!

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                  UPDATE: I hit 21 day mark today (filed on 1/13 accepted 1/14 and bars diappeared on 1/30) I called a Tax advocate this morning (1-877-275-8271) and she pulled my return from the cue and sent it to a local IRS office and gave me a case number and the phone number of the office and said I should hear something within 3 business days if not call them. So hopefully this is good news.

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                    I was hoping there would be some update over the weekend but nothing….
                    I filed through TT 1/25/15 and was accepted 1/25/15 – no changes at all since that date.
                    Everything looks as it did as of 1/25/15 – WMR at one bar, topic 152 – transcripts N/A.
                    Any theories out there that could explain what is going on for those of us that have remained stagnate for 2 weeks +?

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                      still no bars….my 21 days end tomorrow.
                      7AM sharp!

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                        I filed the 16th, accepted on the 20th and nothing. Not even bars on wmrIf it wasn’t for other people having the same problems id be ripping my hair out in frustration. Oddly though. My state was approved last week and that miney is already in my account.

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                          Same here. Accepted Feb 20th. IRS told me the 23rd. No bars. Topic 152. N/A top 2 transcripts. Account is blank says as of Feb 19. Others have had that date change to Feb 23, but mine still says Feb 19. What is going on?! I’ve been cycle 05 last 3 years.

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                            Filed & accepted 1-23, No update, one bar, tt 152, N/A on top two transcripts. No Clues

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                              Isn’t it amazing how hey advised everyone to file early and ironically we are the ones having issues?

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                                I’m in the same boat. My bars went missing Jan 31. Transcripts are blank too. This will be the last time I ever file early. I went through the same BS last year and didn’t my refund until June. Next year, I’ll wait until April to file.

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                                  Same situation here! Filed and accepted 1/20 through TT. No updates at all. No transcripts, no letters in the mail, only one bar on WMR. My 21 days will be up tomorrow. I have never experienced this type of delay before. Filed with TT for last 6 years and always had my refund within 10 days. Information the same last year, so I don’t know what the hold up is. The lack of information available is VERY frustrating. At least I know I am not alone.

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                                    Who is still in the same boat or has an update?

                                    1/22 filed and accepted, bars missing, top two transcripts N/A. Hoping for an update on transcripts tomorrow morning, if not then I am calling Wednesday.

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                                      I hate not knowing what’s going on I’ve never experienced this before, they a
                                      say file early to prevent I’d theft,and when you do file early you getting punished I be damn if I do be damn if I don’t…all my bars are gone also I was told because they’re processing I hope this true.

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                                        Filed and received 1-23-15. Still a single bar and topic 152 . Return transcript and Record of acct. transcript still N/A. But the delay will pay me. – I got bored and went digging back to 2011 and still have until April 15 to harvest some money I left there, also did a 1040x for 2012 for a grand so I guess the wait was worth it lol – assuming I *ever get anything.

                                        Good luck all!

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                                          The only thing giving me any kind of sanity is knowing I am not the only one dealing with this mess. Taxes… along with the need to shave my legs… is a very good reason to wish I could go back to my childhood.

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                                            Sorry to everyone else in the same situation, I know this sucks guys. When we all call, be sure to post back and maybe we can piece together some info.

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                                              I filed 1/20. Accepted 1/21. WMR bars have been gone for a week. No transcripts available. My 21 days are over Tuesday but I will be calling them tomorrow for sure.

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                                                And still no bars…not surprised though….My 21 days is up on Tuesday. I will be calling.

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                                                  I think the worst thing about people in our situation is that there is ZERO info. I much rather know I am under review, still being re-sequenced, still dead cycle, still anything other than having the same amount of information (zero information) as the day I filed.

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                                                    JD – I am in a similar situation – I filed and was accepted on 1/25/15 – I have been at one bar and no access to transcripts ever since!

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                                                      Same boat…sigh.
                                                      used TT filed 15th (education EITC, child tax, Married joint) Accepted 16th. Cannot order my transcripts online since I need to call the identity hotline. (did…2X..verified each time YET I still cannot download or see my transcripts for any year). I can order them via mail…so I tried for 2014. I ordered the account transcripts. But since that is coming by mail…I am still waiting (this is DAY 7. of waiting for the transcript to arrive in the mail). All this time I was on 1 bar. Checked 5 minutes ago…now NO bars and lost my topic 152. Just a nice note saying your refund is still processing ‘A refund still will be provided when available’. What a bunch of crock…my friends either applied the same time or after me and have their refunds already.

                                                      This is one year I really my refund needed to be here on time but nothing…just the usual wait till the 21 days and filing early does not count as since they start counting from the 20th.

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                                                        Same here. Filed 01/23/15. Bars disappeared on Tuesday 02/03 and no updates since. Filed with TaxAct and received the infamous 201502 cycle. I hate not knowing what the heck is going on. No transcripts either, just an N/A. The Wage and Account transcripts are there with the 02/16/2015 date as well but still show “no return filed”. Same exact filing info as last year, nothing new. Trying to remain patient and I don’t want to even bother calling them.

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                                                          Accepted 1/20, transcripts available only yesterday, approved with a DDD for 2/11 this morning, which is 22 DAYS FROM THE DAY THEY ACKNOWLEDGED/ACCEPTED. So! While I’m glad I and others are FINALLY getting their funds, the IRS is full of shit.

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                                                            I filed on 1/13 and was accepted 1/14. I had one bar until 1/29 or 1/30 and it disappeared and my transcripts when I tried to view them online I got a identity protection message but when I called them they claim its because I am still processing and they asked me some questions to verify my identity and then I ordered them online to be sent by mail but my 2014 are n/a. Monday will be 21 days for me and I am still in IRS limbo.

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