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For those of us with blank transcripts sinc last Thursd that did not update over

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    So I filed 1/20 accepted 1/21 . I was able to order transcripts last Thursday I believe but they are all blank with 0000 and feb. 16th date. I am upset I wasn’t updated like the rest last night. I understand I was re sequenced whatever. This is ridiculous.

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    I’m an 05er as well and had a account transcript with all 0’s on it last week on the 27th. I’m still waiting but I agree with parker I also believe we should get an update by Friday.


    1/22 filed
    1/22 accepted
    Lost all bars on WMR last week
    Still no transcripts, showing N/A

    TT says 53% of their 1/22 filers have their refund.


    Parker, I hope you’re right about 05 cycle. I too have been 05 for a few years now. Anyone else on here 05 not get the update and saw 0s end of last week? This is nuts this year!


    If I had to guess I would say you friday transcripts folks should see new transcripts on Friday for a possible Wednesday or Thursday direct deposit


    February 3, 2015 at 2:47 pm

    @1/20 Filer, you were right

    cld IRS, spoke to very nice person, said all of us 1/20ers will get our refunds by 2/11. They delayed the early filers for security reasons I cannot say.


    Someone one in another thread on here said that they talked to an IRS rep and they were told that the 1/20ers would have their money by the 11th they had to hold them for security reasons. That they couldn’t say.


    @elligirl90210, That’s exactly what I was thinking because I was able to see my blank transcript Friday morning. So I’ll just remain optimistic until this weekend. Now if I don’t get an updated transcript by then, I’ll start worrying.


    Yes I think you are correct. Those that had blank transcripts appear last Tuesday had updated transcripts this morning so those of us that received blank transcripts Friday morning should have updated transcripts this friday.


    Have you guys reviewed your cycle dates from previous returns? It will show you if you’re on a weekly cycle date or daily. It’s weekly if the last number is the same each year. Mine ends in 05 for the past 3 years. That tells me I should get my return on Wednesday as always. I didn’t get an update to my transcript like others last night, but theirs all updated ending in 02 which makes sense that I didn’t get an update, because I’m an 05er. The 05ers for this week got their transcript updates last Friday or Saturday (I believe) with a cycle date of 20150405. So if my theory is correct, I should see an update by the end of this week with 20150505. That’s tax year 2015, Week 5, Day 5 = Wednesday 2/11/2015. So check to see if you’re on a weekly cycle, this will give you an idea at least of which day of the week you should be getting your refund.


    Same here still nothing and no use in calling because they keep saying you have to wait 21 days from the 20th smh so what was the point of accepting my return on the 12th then??? every year its something with the irs.


    Filed 1/24 Accepted 1/24 no updates to transcript still 0.00 & 1 bar WMR

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