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    I’d like to see people commenting their refund filling and acceptance daye just to get an idea of when mine will be accepted
    I filled my returns on the Jan 4 through turbotax, blue bar halfway and yet to be accepted ( comment posted Jan 12)

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    Filed 1/18
    Accepted into test batch 1/21
    Transcript updated today with DDD 2/26

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    State & federal accepted 1/27 plus $500 advance posted on 1/27, now still says received & processing, still nothing

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    Jim Z

    I filed on 1/11 and accepted 1/27 which I believe was opening day. I didn’t think anyone could be accepted prior unless it was a test batch maybe

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    Marco Earls

    Filled on 1/8 accepted on 1/13 eitc and ctc as of 2/14 still no return?

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    I filed mine 1/26
    Accepted 1/27
    State accepted 1/30
    Got state already
    Went to path 2/3

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    Filed with TT 1/25
    Accepted 1/27
    I have eitc & ctc and all it’s saying accepted still and on wmr it’s only 1 bar still and not saying anything but your refund is being processed DO ANYBODY KNOW WHEN I WILL GET APPROVED

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    Filled with credit karma
    1/31- filed
    2/1- accepted
    2/8- DDD of 2/12

    I bank with BofA.

    No eitc/CTC

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    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/27
    Approve 2/8

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    I filed via TT on 1/13 with EITC, accepted on 1/13. As of 1/26 I received the path 152 message. No change since.

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    YAY! Transcripts updated this morning! All Good codes 150, 806, 846. cycle code 20200605 showing refund issue 2-12-2020! WMR has not updated yet, but transcripts are a start.

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    Justin Gaddis

    Filed 1/23 and still haven’t got no response…and I filed zero dependents no eitc I DNT guess idk what the hell going on ….hope to get it tomorrow

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    No movement this morning. Grrrr. Simple return w2, mfj, no credits, no deductions, fees paid up front. Daughter already got state and fed return she was accepted on 21st we were accepted 23rd.

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    @WTF are you under PATH?

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    Filed 1/20 with Credit Karma
    I’m in the PATH group I guess?
    Still pending. IRS has not even accepted return.
    It’s a waiting game now…
    I got things to do!

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    @Neek…..Yes code 846 Refund issued

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    Code 846 is your deposit date. It’s a good thing I filed on 1/27… transcripts updated at 1am friday morning. When I woke up account transcript was there with a code 846 for a deposit of 2/5. I am a weekly

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    As of this morning still on 1 bar, only movement was account transcript but it was blank. Hoping that we will have approved tomorrow morning.

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    @WTF It says code 846??

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    Accepted the 1-13. Still one bar as of Friday…disappointing because so many people who filed after already got theirs.

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    i also looked at my last years accepted date of 2/22 and i received my refund the following friday 3/1

    idk what is going on, kinda disappointing i didn’t get any update today.

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    Transcripts updated today!!! DDD 2/5. Files 1/7 and accepted 1/13. 😁

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    its 8:02 am EST
    no bar movement i hope yours moves.

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    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/27
    1 bar

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    Turbo tax accepted jan 24th ddd jan 31st

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    Files Today and accepted today 1/30

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    I filed with TT 1/10 and it was accepted 1/13. Still no DDD and is sitting on the first bar on IRS. No EITC OR ACTC. do have tuition credit though. Hopefully in next few days there’s an update

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    Filed on January 4th, got rejected on 1-13. Resubmitted on 1-13 and received and accepted on 1-14.. no patiently.. 🤦‍♀️ No credits just no plain return. Got accepted during 1st batch now still on 1st bar.. wth?? When its going to get approved and i will know my ddd??? Im seeing everyone else getting their ddd and im still waiting???!!

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    I filed 2018 taxes in July 2019 last year. Got an extension with no issues. It still took three weeks to get my refund. Turbo tax. Fees from refund. Posted in my Woodforest account around 3pm on a Thursday. EIC & address change.

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    i totally will loop you in with tomorrow/saturdays update.
    i don’t have much luck with taxes but i claimed my mom this year and had to create an IP PIN number this year for her.
    so im guessing that’s the delay. Turbo tax is stating that the 21 day mark is 2/13/20 so i hope to get it before then.

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    @amy we are literally in the same boat. I found out why I never get the funds early, for me is due to identify theft pin. I’m always in the following week’s release no matter what and that makes sense. Hopefully, we will see movement tomorrow 1.31 or Saturday 2.1

    Please post here and let me know what happens for you. I will do the same as well. Let’s hope we get dat money girl!

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    Michael Killinger

    Filed on Jan 9th, 2020. They were accepted on Jan 13th, 2020. No EITC or ACTC but used itemized deductions due to medical expenses and energy efficiency upgrades to my home. Still WMR is sitting on accepted with TT 152 and no DDD shown. I am hoping it is not due to my energy efficient upgrades since did not ask for the physical address where the upgrades were made. For the past 5 years my returns have been accepted early with the test batches and always were refunded in less than 3 days after the ‘official’ IRS posted acceptance dates.

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    i filed on 1/22 and was accepted 1/23.
    still on received on where is my refund no dates yet.
    crossing my fingers i get it next week.

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    amp sky

    I FIled on 01/29 accepted on 01/29 i woke up this morning i had 3 bars!! my money deposited overnight !! I think it was because i had the peter poppoff majic water..yesss good luck everyone!

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    @kristenr. Im in the same boat as u

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    I filed through E-File on January 17th. Accepted on January 21st. One bar on WMR and TT 152. Simple return, W2 Only… no credits. Thought I’d have a DDD by now :(

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    Filed through TT 1/16 with CTC
    Accepted 1/21
    Receive Refund today 1/29

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    Ddd 1/29 still 2 bars through Tt. No deposit yet thought it would be early hours this morning.

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    Filed and accepted 1/21, with child credit… no ddd

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    Mine was accepted on 01/22/2020 with EITC and ACTC.

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    My husband and I filed jointly through TT on 27th, accepted same day. No EITC or ACTC

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    Well I filed Jan 26. Not accepted yet. Friend filed Jan 27. His was accepted 3 hours later? I’ve never had it go longer than 24 hours. Anyone else?

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    Used HRB
    Filed Daughters on 1/17, accepted 1/21, approved 1/25, DDD 1/29

    Filed mine and hubbys on 1/22, accepted 1/23. We are on 1 bar, no transcripts, but we are weekly due to hubbys IP PIN. Hoping to see approval on Friday and money next week!

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    Tiffany C

    Fold with TT 1/27 accepted 1/27 from TT. 1 bar on WMR

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    Tiffany C

    Filed with TT 1/27 accepted 1/27 from TT. 1 bar still on WMR

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    Filed: 1/24
    Accepted: 1/27
    Checked WMR this morning and 1 bar,Tax Topic 153
    ACTC no EIC

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    Filed and accepted 1/22
    DDD 1/29

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    Filed 1/22 HR Block, I’m weekly and haven’t been accepted

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    DaJohnna Johnson

    filed 01-23-2020
    accepted 01-23-2020
    EIC & ACTC

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    Brenda ortega

    Fied 1/21/20 accepted 1/22/20. Eic and actc.

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    Filed and accepted 1/21

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    Filed 1/26/2020
    Not accepted yet as of 1/28/2020
    Never taken this long!

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    Filed 1/3
    Accepted on 1/13

    WMR shows accepted still topic 152.

    Last year I did the same and got DDD on 1/28. Hoping it comes this week again!

    Love this thread

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    I filed 1-12-2020 got eccepted on 1-27-2020

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    Filed with Turbo Tax on 1/20/2020 and got a text that it was accepted on 1/21. Also check WMF and it has been accepted.

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    Update refund recieved by the irs one bar showing tax topic 152

    Filed 1/15 by turbo tax

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    Filed 1/8,1 bar since 1/17 no changes, approved for $500advance same day I filed w/ last stub, both credits of EIC & ACTC

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    Filed 1/15 on TT
    Still waiting to be accepted

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    My refund got accepted January 13th but I still didnt get no date m ok nes say still processing. Mines was straight 0 single and all.

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    @ gene the taxpayer you sir are an idiot and clearly have no idea what your talking about transcripts update on the backend before the front end of wmr you pleb

    #4333032 Reply


    @watever agreed lmao accepted with everyone else got the hammer looks like the IRS accepted more returns then they are willing to actually process if you made the cut you got a DDD if you didn’t back of the line with everyone that gets accepted next week smh

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    Yes, it’s frustrating! I was accepted the 13th , (filed with Taxslayer), no dependents, no credits, simple return. All my account transcript shows is 000, no return filed, with an “as of Feb 10th” date showing. I don’t get it either.

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    Look at all these smug people with their dd for 1.29.20
    Who had there taxes accepted during the second batch like me. Well I got mine accepted 1.23.20 at 10:04am nonpathing or whatever it is called. Where is my dd for 1.29.20? I sware it makes me so peeved that people get things served to them so fast and I’m literally always waiting.

    Anyways complaining is done. Congratulations to the 1.29.20 dd. Mumbles under my breath where a dd can go.

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    Two bars today! DD to be sent 1/29!

    #4332952 Reply


    Filed 1/21, accepted 1/22, deposit date 1/29. 😁

    #4332949 Reply


    Filed mine a little over a week ago, was accepted as part of the test batch and have a direct deposit date of January 29th.

    Keep in mind test batches are luck of the draw and the overwhelming majority of people won’t get theirs processed until at least the 27th.

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    Filing: Single no dependents and no EIC.
    Filed 1/14 Accepted 1/21.
    2 bars as of today with a DD date for 1/29, quickest I’ve ever received DD after acceptance!

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    PATH is the law that requires the IRS to issue refunds after Feb 15th if someone is claiming EITC or ACTC. Does not apply to the standard CTC.

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    Just checked mine after seeing the posts about having two bars and DD of 1/29 and mine is showing the same. I filed mine on 1/18.

    #4332826 Reply


    I have 2 bars on WMR with DD of 1/29/20

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    Filed 1/15, accepted 1/21. No credits. No transcripts as of yesterday, then everything updated this morning. DDD of 1/29. Yay!

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    Gene taxpayer

    Blah blah blah transcripts don’t mean a thing. Waste of time.

    #4332737 Reply

    Gene taxpayer

    Idgaf how early you file or how much hope you have that you will get your refund early. If you claim EIC or CTC you are not getting that money until late February. You can always hope but I’ll give you some advice! Hope in one hand $hit in the other and see which one fills up first.

    #4332730 Reply

    Tiffany W

    @ tiffany w

    Did you go to IRS website and order your transcript online?

    If so, it should say a processing date and a tax code.

    #4332729 Reply

    tiffany w

    Filed 1/18 with TT accepted 1/21 with EITC. Can someone explain how they found out they were tests or where they found their date on their transcript?

    #4332728 Reply


    We filed with Tax Slayer on Sunday and it says accepted. I haven’t really followed up on anything tho. I figure I’ll get when I get it.

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