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      So, for anyone going through some of the situations I went through maybe this will help you to understand and feel better about your own situation.

      Basically I filed on 1/26, was approved on 1/26 and WMR showed 1 bar up until yesterday around 2pm. WMR went basically blank, I couldn’t even see my refund amount, and I also couldn’t order my 2014 transcripts.

      So, this morning I checked and still no transcripts, WMR still not showing anything. Then, around 2pm I decided to see if I could pull my transcripts and sure enough, I could pull all of my transcripts, I had an 846 for my refund and a cycle code of 20150405. Around 2am this morning WMR finally updated to approved with a DDD of Feb 04.

      So, if you notice your WMR all of a sudden goes blank it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong but could mean that your refund is in between status’ and you’re close to getting a DDD. Hopefully my refund will post sometime tomorrow, my bank did tell me if it goes through before 6am it would post today, otherwise ti will be next week. So, hang in there, I was getting worked up too, I know what it feels like to be sitting there not knowing anything!

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          I finally got a ddd of 2/4 today. filed 1/7 on turbo tax. accepted 1/12. wmr checked every day since then and no update until this morning. Thankful. I read so many horror stories across the internet.

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            this morning got an update of 2/4/15 !!

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              Filed & accepted 1/22 gotta DD 2/04 GOOD LUCK

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                2/4 DDD here. Will keep a watchful eye on that Emerald Card!!!

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                  I filed on 1/23 and was accepted 9 min later. Filed through TT. Right away was at 1 bar. No update until this morning. Finally got my DDO of Feb 4th. I was so worried. Be patient guys. I know easier said then done.

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                  Tina in Ga

                    I finally got a DDD for 2/4…..I filed and was accepted on 1/21, I was able to order both transcripts yesterday! Good luck everyone!

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                      I filed and was approved on January 20th and it had said processing for almost a week and this morning I got a DDD for Feb 4th!

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                        Me too :)

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                          Same here. Whooohoooo. I ALMOST got my refund ;-)

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                            Woke up this morning, checked WMR and i have a DDD date of 2/4!! *Does the money dance*. I previously had a cycle date of 20150405, with 846 code! BEST OF LUCK EVERYONE AND HAPPY TAX SEASON!

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                              Meeeee tooooo FINALLY, DDD 2/4 !!!! about time.

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                                I just woke up with the same ddd as you.

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