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Finally spoke to IRS rep

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    Accepted 2/7
    WMR updated to delayed message 2/26
    No updates to transcript
    Rep stated there was an error that they were able to fix
    Couldnt/wouldn’t tell me the error but said no notices/letters sent
    Error fixed 2/28
    Put back in processing line
    Advised to wait 8 weeks
    I’m a weekly 🙄
    Anyone else have a similar situation? I’m assuming my refund has been reduced. Can’t wait to see how much they took. Hope to have an update Saturday.

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      Thanks..I’ve been calling that one but haven’t got through.


        877 777 4778 press 1 and then 1 again when prompted. Ask them to transfer you yo accounts management. That’s how I’ve spoken to the IRS.


          They Didn’t tell you anything? You probably didn’t have an error at all can you see transcript I can guide you through checking for errors . Also if there was a error it won’t take 8 weeks that’s a generic time frame then use it for everything just like the famous 45 to 60 day review. If u really had error you will probably see something In. 2 weeks so you can cycle back through. U could see update next week . Good luck


            What number did you use to get through to talk to someone

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