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Finally an update! 20150405!!!! But when will I get it? lol

Home Forums General Discussion 2015 Tax Season Finally an update! 20150405!!!! But when will I get it? lol

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    Anyone have any idea when an -0405 code will actually receive the deposit? I don’t have a wmr update, so no DDD as of yet. And yes, glorious code 846 is present!!!

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    I filed Jan. 20. My transcript says 20150402. Here it is Feb.19 and I have no change. It just says still processing. I don’t kno what to do someone please help!!!


    This is accurate information for decoding transcript cycle dates for direct deposit.

    Hope this helps…. the unknown makes the waiting worse.


    20150405 is Thursday February 5, 2015 first 4 numbers are year, second 2 numbers are the week(weeks started on Jan 8) and the 3rd 2 numbers are the day(Thurs=01 Fri=02 Mon=03 Tues=04 Wed=05)

    Week 1= January 8-14
    Week 2= January 15-21
    Week 3= January 22-28
    Week 4= January 29-February 4
    Week 5= February 5-11
    Week 6= February 12-18
    Week 7= February 19-25
    Week 8= February 26-March 4
    Week 9= March 5-11
    Week 10= March 12-18
    Week 11= March 19-25
    Week 12= March 26-April 1
    Week 13= April 2-8
    Week 14= April 9-15
    and done…………..


    I have a cycle code of 20150402 and still haven’t received my money….


    My WMR has 3 bars, DDD 2/4/2015. No refund yet. Nothing on SBBT. I’ve heard 20150405 means 2/4/2015. But, my IRS transcript says 2/16/2015. WTH?!?!?!


    Where do I find this code?


    My DDD is 2/4 on netspend. Does this mean it will be there on the 4th?


    Hi can anyone help me?? I filed on 1-20-14 it was approved the same day. Where’s my refund still says processing but I checked my transcripts and my cycle code says 20150502. What does that number mean?? I’m so confused


    I filed on 1/18 and accepted on 1/20……approved on 1/30…..code 20150405 and ddd 2/4. I’m from NC


    Jay – Transaction code 151 is a Reversal of TC 150 or 154.

    Transaction code 150 Tax return filed – quick assessment – Return Filed & Tax Liability Assessed.

    Transaction code 154 is Posting of form 5330 Data . Form 5330, Return of Excise Taxes Related to Employee Benefit Plans


    Is this a problem
    Tax code 151
    I have a 20140405 but no 846..
    I’m confused???
    Help me


    I gotta say, this is the 3rd year in a row where I see early filers (before 1/20 or so) who get shafted and end up waiting longer than most. Last year I was accepted and received my deposit all within about 7 days, yet there were people who filed way before me still waiting. That was the same scenario the year before that. I knew this year that I’d definitely be waiting until at least today to file, which is what I did. It sucks for the people who file early and think they’ll get their money first but unfortunately that’s not the case it seems.

    My one word of advice is wait a couple weeks (end of Jan/beginning of Feb) to let them work out the kinks in the system before you fle, cause it’s pretty much a proven track record at this point that if you file early, you get the shaft.


    I too have 20150405 as a code and my WMR finally updated overnight to say that my DDD is 2/4/15. I found the website for the bank that is used to take fees out if you used Turbo Tax to file and wanted to have your filing fees taken out of your refund. It is and you can put your information in and they will tell you if they have received your funds from the IRS yet. I have tried it and it told me despite not having the money yet they were able to pull up my information and see how much will be taken out of my refund for fees. I know I will be checking on 2/3/15 as I would assume it might take extra time for them to take the fees out and then send it to my bank? Please let me know if that is not the case.

    Hope this information helps!


    I now have a DDD for Feb 4nd. That makes me one of the eight day turn-around people.

    Filed with TT Jan 27th, accepted within minutes. DDD posted today. I had education credits so expected a long delay. Maybe my luck is getting better. It has been a year from hell, I keep expecting something to go wrong with taxes too.


    Submitted Federal return via H&R Block Date: 1/17/2015
    Federal return received by IRS: 1/20/2015
    Federal return accepted by IRS: 1/21/2015
    Federal Return approved by IRS: 1/30/2015
    Refund scheduled to be sent to bank by (DD Date): 2/4/2015


    Filed the 27th, accepted within 30 minutes. Was proved today and have a DDD for the 4th.

    I also had the same cycle code.


    20150405 showed up on my and my sons transcripts yesterday 1/30, woke up this morning WMR show s 1/31

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 4, 2015.

    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 9, 2015, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    **I can say from previous experience this is the fastest I have gotten a return done this fast**Last year I waited almost 2 months and I was an earlier filer.


    Hang in there guys.. I early file every year and most of the time I always see people get there refunds processed before me. I filed on 01/14 accepted 01/20 I had no transcripts or bars until 01/30. I called the offset line every day with no debt associated with my SSN but after checking my transcripts online I realized for the last four years; two things I’m on the same cycle code every year which is 05 and this year I did have a offset. Thanks irs for updating your info: But my WMR updated this morning with a deposit date of 2/4. If you have offset and use the app you want see the deposit date so just log on to to see the complete message. Good luck to you all


    I received the same code on my transcript as well. Filed on the 27th, accepted the same day. My WMR updated as well to the second bar with a DDD of February 4, this morning.


    I had the same problem as all of you but the site updated this morning and they said I will have my taxes by February 4th


    WOOHOO!!!! Finally WMR updated and I officially have a DD of 2/4!!! Hang in there everybody! $$$$$$$


    Filed with TT 1/26, accepted within minutes. As of yesterday, one bar accepted. Unable to view transcripts until a little after 7pm EST yesterday evening with a cycle date of 2015040 and 846 code under transactions.

    The WMR usually updates between 3:30am est – 4am est. Updated for me with a DD of 2/4. Used SBBT to pay the TT fees out of the refund , they don’t have an update yet confirming a pending deposit, however I got my DD.

    This is the fastest I’ve ever had my return processed. All smiles :-)


    Received code 20150405 yesterday. I have been 05 since at least 2011. DDD of 2/4 posted today.


    I filed my taxes on 1/20 got accepted on 1/20
    Had my bars until last night does not show my transcripts for 2014 but I did see a change on my 2013 I had and offset and now it says 20150405 on my 2013 transcripts when I checked WMR it says like if I had just subbmited my taxes today and have to wait for them to accept them I dont understand if I had already been accepted has this happened to anyone else???


    i filed 1/12/15 also accepted the same day, i was finally able to see my transcript 1/30/15, with code 20150405, i just checked the irs website and i have 2 bars and it says my ddd is 02/04/15, so yay….lets hope we get it earlier, but finally an update…Good luck all


    I code 20150405 no code after not sure what that means or where I can find a code wmr is still at one bar!! Can anyone help


    I see alot of us here that got the same cycle but dont have the 846 code!!

    Timmy Turner

    I received cycle code 20150405 on transcripts today also. My question is if the deposit date for our bank is supposedly early next week when will Santa Barbara bank show they have recieved the money that will then be sent to me… same day?


    For the 15th your…. 846 means refund issued, 0405 is the the cycle date, 2/16 means nothing and it’s not your refund date


    Filed 1/27 and accepted that day…
    just accessed my return transcripts with a cycle date of 20140405 and there is the 846 code as well… What does this mean?

    It says 2/16 as well, but is there a chance of an earlier DD? I guess I’m a little greedy! lol


    When does WMR update. I just checked it figuring after midnight and still no change. Does it update after a certain time?


    @Jon We’ll more than likely get our wmr update tonight, with some/most deposits on Monday and Tuesday!


    Nothing on SBBT as of yet. WMR isn’t updated past one bar either but I have the same code with 846. Guess we will wait out the weekend.


    I filed 1/20 transcripts just updated today finally no WMR update yet… But I have a pending deposit on my Account Now card to be posted 1/31 by 6am :) good luck to everyone else!!


    Netspend deposit people did u guys have fees taken out from sbbt?? My sbbt doesn’t shoe anything so I know netspend doesn’t have my funds yet


    TODAY IS THE DAY FORET WHAT EVERYONE SAID LOL!!!!!! If you have netspend then your money was deposited today!!! I got the same cycle code and an email from netspend stating my direct deposit was today! Im in Chicago Illinois if that helps!

    hate waiting

    What are these numbers I see everyone talking about? How do I find out what mines is?


    Had the same cycle date, checked Paypal prepaid, it was there!!!!! I filed on the 27th! woooot!!!


    Anyone with this code able to see anything on SBBT website? I have the 05 code with 846 release 2/16/15. SBBT has nothing…


    I just checked my credit union and my deposit is pending for 2/4!


    holy crap, @Corey. That’s awesome. I hope I get mine tonight, too. I don’t use Netspend, I use Rushcard, but they both go through Meta….So I hope this means I can get mine tonight. They post deposits at 7pm, so I guess I’ll find out in about an hour!


    I had the same; cycle code 20150405, my refund was just deposited in my netspend account…

    Be Blessed. Until next year!


    I have the same 20150405 filed & accepted 1/27 still on first bar on the WMR site
    This year I decided to get a netspend card, just got an email that it was deposited today yet the card hasnt shown up yet


    My bank account (navy fed) finally shows mine as a pending deposit for 2/3/15. No second bar, just transcripts. So hopefully all us with 20150405 will get our refunds between today and the 4th :)


    I have posted a few times…1 bar WMR, wasn’t able to login to transcripts due to an address error for a while. Last night I was able to create an account and 2014 account trans was N/A. This morning I was able to see account trans and had code 846 and cycle 20150405.

    Got a notification that my refund was deposited into my netspend card and the funds are available!!!

    If you use netspend/PayPal prepaid, check your accounts!!!



    2015 is the year 04 is the week of the year 05 is the day of the week, but the IRS days start on Thursday not Sunday so. Thursday being 1 Friday being 2 Sat being 3 so on and so forth. Your DDD should be Monday 2 FEB 2015


    No code but I have the same cycle date. Is that a good thing?


    @CoreyFromChicago No if anything you might get late Tuesday night. Some bamks hold for a day or two pending fees. if the bank don’t hold at all, you should get it late Tuesday night


    I filed Jan 08 2015, Accepted Jan 12, and just now my transcript became available. I have cycle date 20150405 which most ppl are saying means a DDD of 2/4. I know someone that filed a couple weeks after me that already got their $. Why the IRS has to use such a cryptic and confusing system of codes I will never understand but I guess that’s bureaucracy for you. Here’s hoping Wednesday comes quickly.


    where should I be looking for the “Refund Code”?


    Hey there! I have a quick question and if anyone has any info, I’d appreciate it greatly. First and foremost, I updated to 20150405 with 846 this morning.

    If everything pans out, we are scheduled for DDD of Wednesday. My question is: I use Netspend. Is it possible I will get it 2 days earlier (Monday) or do they send Wednesday? If you use Chase, BOA, etc. do they take 2 business days from Wednesday to process?



    Here are the posting cycles from IRS for example cycle date 20150401 would be 01/23/2015 add 4 BUSINESS days for your DDD. You have to skip over the SAT SUN days


    @KristinM with you cycle your DDD should come up with 02/04/2015 when it populates


    @TraciT – 01 is Friday this year. 2 = Monday, 3 = Tuesday, etc.


    150 Tax return filed 16221-416-09414-5 Cycle 20150405 Date 02-16-15 Amount -$1,044

    806 w-2 or 1099 withholding Date 4-15-15 Amount ($4067)
    766 Credit to account Date 4-15-15 Amount ( $1000)
    846 Refund issued Date 2-16-15 Amount $4023

    This is good right :??


    I forgot to add that WMR is still at 1 bar and has not updated since acceptance on 1/26


    Hi everyone – just a bit of info comparing this year to the past 2 years with regards to transcripts and how I think I interpreted them. My bank is Wells Fargo. Return submitted and accepted January 26, 2015.

    2012 – Cycle Code: 20130805 (week of Feb 18-22, not sure what day 1 is for this year)
    Refund Issue Date: 3/11/2013
    Date $ in Bank: 2/27/2013

    2013 – Cycle Code: 20140605 (week of Feb 3-7, day 5 Thursday – since last year day 1 was Friday)
    Refund Issue Date: 2/24/2014
    Date $ in bank: 2/12/2014

    2014 – Cycle Code: 20150405 (week of Jan 26-30, day 5 Wednesday – since this year day 1 is Thursday)
    Refund Issue Date: 2/12/2015
    Date $ in bank: 2/2/2015*

    * I based on the fact that in the past 2 years mine have showed in my Wells Fargo bank account 11 days before the Refund Issue Date noted on my transcripts. I hope that I am right on this one!


    0405 is the date it was processed. Last night… has nothing to do with an offset. The irs contacts you if you have offsets.


    @Jason I’m sorry, cycle daTe. Not transcript code

    James ler

    Unfortunately code 05 is new offset code installed please contact irs asap new refund code is 06 846


    @impatient. What’s a transcript code?


    @Jason – the transcript code is as follows. Whatever day the code comes to be, is the date your return was processed. Take that date, add 4 days, and that’s your ddd. This is all from the irs manual, so it IS legit.


    I have a couple questions but first I’ll give the info
    Filed on 1/27, accepted 1/27 as of 1/30 1 bar @WMR. Did the transcript thing (account one correct? top two weren’t available) with a cycle date of 20150405.
    First how certain that this account transcript translates to a DDD? Secondly what does the cycle date mean if it means DDD? I filed with Tax Act too. Is there any proof that transcripts mean anything. Wouldn’t a return transcript actually be more of a guarantee? Just wondering


    @s track – Yes, it Does. The cycle code is the day your return was processed. You take that date, and add 4 days, and you have your ddd.

    elexis long

    Can someone olease explain this to me..

    150 Tax return filed 20150405 02-16-2015 $0.00
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 -$1,222.00
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015 -$1,000.00
    424 Examination of tax return 01-29-2015 $0.00
    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2015 -$5,430.00
    810 Refund freeze 02-16-2015 $0.00
    811 Refund released 02-16-2015 $0.00
    971 Notice issued 02-16-2015 $0.00
    570 Additional account action pending


    20150405 is actually Monday! Congrats!


    I got the same today…21050405 with an 846 code….you would have thought I had already gotten the money when I saw that lol… I believe we are looking at Tuesday or Wednesday? My WMR hasn’t changed but I feel a little better today.


    Hi everyone. I filed and was accepted the same day on 01/16/15. Ive always had one bar with the standard 152 topic code, and up till this morning I had n/a for transcripts. However this morning I can see just my account transcript, everything looks good. No bad codes, no review codes or healthcare penalties, and all my credits at the bottom equal what I expect. I have the cycle date everyone is getting for the expected Wednesday date also with that 2/16/15. However I DONT have a 846 refund issue code. Any ideas why, or am I still finishing up, and they just haven’t batched my refund yet? Any help or insight would be great. Thanks


    Filed in 1/20,I was accepted on 1/20 my transcripts showed up this morning with a cycle date of 20150405. As I see from comments this is a DDD of 2/4.


    I got same Wage and Account transcript…but mine stops at line 766 credit to account and there is no code showing refund. I think I am going to have an offset. Boo!

    s trask

    I think these cycle dates are being interpreted wrong. My cycle date says 20150404. When I looked it up on the calendar… the 4th week of the year, on the 4th day was the 26th… and that is the date that I filed. I don’t think the cycle date has to do with when your funds will be released. However, I do believe that the 846 code does mean it’s done processing and your money is about to be sent. Just my thoughts.


    @impatientlywaiting thank you. i was just unsure about the other few codes at the bottom of the page. they are normal based on what i filed? i didnt know if it was issues they found because on the IRS transcript site it describes ACCOUNT TRANSCRIPT as:

    Account Transcript
    Tax Account Transcripts provide any adjustments either you or we made after you filed your return. This transcript shows basic data, including marital status, type of return filed, adjusted gross income and taxable income.

    so when i saw “any adjustments either you or we made” so i was like oh no what changed.

    Thank you.


    @abingham you’re about to get your money. With a ddd of Wednesday, the 4th


    can anyone help me understand this? is this ok? normal?

    I too only have the two transcripts. Account and Wage & Income.


    I too got 20150405. but the only transcripts that are available are:

    – Account Transcript & Wage & Income Transcript.

    The account transcript has cycle 20150405 listed towards the bottom…..but wage and income says “no record of return filed”

    i still have n/a for “return transcript” and “record of account transcript” is this normal? should i be concerned?

    Also, wmr still on 1 bar. I am so confused

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