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      I created this topic for people who are having fees taken out through SBBT and are having there deposit sent to a BOA account. SBBT has my refund and has sent it to BOA but nothing in my BOA account yet.

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          I woke up at 430 am est and its there.

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            Just got my money in my account 3:01am est

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              Ok guys. Update your status here. When you get your BOA deposit, tell us and the time. Hopefully when i wake up (I’m in the eastern time zone) my deposit will be there b4 work.

              Good night

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                Good lord! Auto correct much!? Haha sorry guys :)

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                  I had BOA last year as well and lived in the Pacific time zone. I called the day before and they gave me the same generic response of 1-5 days, after release. They said they couldn’t see anything pending. At 12:18 am (PST) on my dd the money was deposited into my account. So I would just check about quarter after, and it should be there. I personally didn’t have fees taken out, but many people on the forum, with BOA and fees taken out, and they received there’s when I did. Good luck all! Hope this helps, and hope I’m right! Lol

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                    I filed thru TaxFreeUsa and paid no fees at all. It should be interesting to see if we all get deposits tomorrow. I am of the belief that paying to expedite is silly. We shall see….

                    Best of luck to everyone on receiving their money in a timely manner!

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                      I was told by a BOA rep that all direct deposits and ACH is deposited at 2AM EST on the date given by the Company that is given you the money. So at 2am we shall have our money.

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                        I just spoke to someone at BOA as well, he said something similar. Since it’s ACH, it needs to go through their overnight processing which can take up to two days. If they receive it today anytime before 8 PM Eastern, then it will be available tomorrow morning.

                        Can anyone back this statement up, or was he just saying a generic message. I thought we were paying SBBT the $34.99 fee as a wire fee essentially. I also don’t remember it taking more than a day last year. Although it looks to be the case that we won’t be seeing the cash till tomorrow at the earliest. Anyone know any different?

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                          I just spoke to someone at BoA, he told me that since it’s an ACH deposit, realistically I’ll be seeing it anywhere from tomorrow morning to Tuesday morning at the latest. I’m not sure if that’s just actually realistic or just a generic CYA response.

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                          The main man

                            If it makes anyone feel better, I had no fees taken out of my refund because I have a hard copy of TT. Filed 1/09 accepted the first day 1/12 got a DDD of 1/30 and the money is not in my BofA account yet either, so fee or no fee BofA is slow.

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                              So basically there is no chance we will see our money today.

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                                From my knowledge, b.o.a is prohibited to hold Federal refunds.

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                                  When I spoke to them this morning she said to call back after 9. I did and they still didn’t see a pending Deposit coming in. I couldn’t get a straight answer as to whether they release funds as they come in or only at specified times during a day (eg 9 AM). She didn’t grasp that concept and kept saying it will be posted according to how SBBT sent it (1 day, 2 day, etc). Has anyone else spoke to anyone there? Does what you were told match up to what I was told? Hope to get something today!

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                                    Yeah i am figuring first thing in the morning but fingers crossed for later today!

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                                      BOA here too, nothing yet. I’m hoping we’ll see a deposit this afternoon, but I think it’ll be more likely to happen overnight/around 3 AM. Maybe we’ll get lucky though!

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                                        Bank of America will release all funds tomorrow so don’t worry. I’m in the same boat.

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                                          Me too BOA and SBBT has it but nothing in BOA as of yet. I wonder if they are waiting til tomorrow or late tonight?

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