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Filed using ID Theft PIN mailed last year?

Home Forums Identity Theft Filed using ID Theft PIN mailed last year?

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    Did you get your refund? Are you still waiting? Are you being reviewed for ID Theft again? Post your experience here! We want to know!

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    I was a victim of identity theft last year. I received my pin late January and e-file on January 28th with turbo tax. It was accepted the same day. My WMR statues bar has been missing since FEB 15 with no topic just refund a mouth. It won’t be 21 days till Monday so I will be calling them. This is my first year filing with an IRS issue PIN because of my identity theft last year. Has anyone been A victim of identity theft them had issues with a return the fallowing year? Last year when I found out about my identity theft it was a horrible wait. I did not receive a refund check till September 2018. I hope this is not the case this time around since am giving birth in march and will be out on maternity leave with no pay :(. Can someone with similar situation please advice? I am really stress

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    Jezzy Bass

    fuck the irs

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    I just did the id verify 2/4

    This has happened to me 3 years now..

    I called before filing and ask about ip pin or how to get one..
    They told me I didn’t need one unless I received a letter..
    How do I make one for future use ?

    Seriously I’m sick of being flagged..

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    Update: Today I was able to order both transcripts after being accepted on 1/19. Will update with DDD or actual DD.

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    quietstorm3179: i use an IP pin, and have for the past three years. like you, the first time i got mine back oct. ’12. in 2013, the first yr i used a pin,filed mid feb, and it was july when i received my refund. 2014-2015, i got it on time. i filed right on filing day, and got it back in like two wks. it gets better.just hang in there. everyone is different, so i can only speak on myself. just make sure you use your pin, and you should have no problems if your return is correct. =) hope this helps

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    Good Morning, i went thru id theft last year and didnt receive my refund til Sept…smh..This yr i was given a ippin to use,has anyone had any experience with using it? How long did it take u to get ur refund?

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    This will be my first year using an IP Pin (not to be confused with a regular PIN for e file). Last year I filed, not knowing I needed one and it was a mess. Thankfully I used the Taxpayer Advocate service to move it along and got my refund in April.

    This year, I have yet to receive my letter with my new IP PIN. I was going to retrieve it online, but the system is down for maintenance :(

    If you need the site to get your IP PIN once it’s back up and running, here it is:

    I have no choice but to wait for the letter or the website, whichever becomes available first….

    Has anyone ever filed with an IP PIN and has a success story (aka normal/fast refund date)?

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    Mina, you could submit a change of address wit the usps. If you do it online it costs $1 but it goes through quicker.

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    I forgot to update my address so my IP pin was sent to my old address what can I do now?

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    I got a new pin as well, they sent it to my new address as i moved. The orginal one they sent to my old address was used from what they told me. Told them i moved from there a long time ago and made a change last year of the new address. Turn out the area i use to live in the postal carrier was stealing W2s and PINs.. so i was a victim because of that person. Now what took me a few days to get a return, takes weeks and last year 6 months.. File on the 6th this year and acceptect and approved on the 9th and expected DD on the 25th. I hope it gets better and faster next year, as this is one of the worst year to file taxes period. New healthcare laws, tax credits being destroyed.. ect

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    it’s me

    I was issued a IP pin but forgot to use it on my returns what’s next?they say your tax will be rejected but mine was accept can some one please help

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    This is my first year using an IP PIN to file my taxes. I didn’t know I was a victim of identity theft, they sent me a letter informing me of this. My returns were rejected several times using the Pin they issued me. They gave me another Pin to use and I used a different software program to file and it was finally accepted 02/02/2014. The wmr tool only says a date will be provided when available. Today makes 21 days……. I’m not sure what to expect………………What’s going on?

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    this is my third yr with identity theft,second using an IP pin. the first yr was gruesome! i didnt get my refund until nov.2012. last yr i received my refund in june, after filing in february. so the wait gets shorter, haha. the earlier you file, the better. i just filed my return thhis yr on feb 15th, accepted, but still processing…..

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    @SgCrawford in the same boat just waiting on a response

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    I was a victim of identity theft last year, didn’t receive my taxes until August. This year I was issued a IP pin and my taxes are still saying processing. Does anyone know if I will have any problems this year?

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    • Select someone trustworthy to prepare your tax return and only file paper returns.
    • File taxes early in the tax season to reduce the window of time a thief could file using your SSN.
    • When/IF filing electronically, only submit forms through a secure internet connection.
    • When filing by mail, go to the post office directly to mail the envelope.
    • The IRS will never communicate with you via email or phone. Do not respond to any email message that looks like it is from the IRS.
    • Never give out your personal information over the phone to anyone claiming to be from the IRS.
    • Keep your computer’s spyware and firewall up to date.

    We hope your 2013 tax returns come out favorably for you. Stay vigilant! You should initiate contact with the IRS by going to their website and calling the phone numbers listed on their website. Do not take calls from someone claiming to be from the IRS.

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    I filed with a pin this year,sent on the 2/2/13 accepted on the 2/4/13 no return date yet.

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    Filed using IP pin from ID theft last year. My dependent and myself were victims. Filed exactly the same this year plus IP pin on 1/31, accepted same day… Now have a ddd of 2/21.

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