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Filed and accepted 2/17/2021

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    Update here!!

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    Congrats!!!! @Holden that’s great. I’m glad somebody getting their funds! Don’t stress it you will get. 😊

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    I should be getting my refund overnight. Fingers crossed!

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    Update!!! I’m still processing with no bars or tt but my refund WILL NOT BE GARNISHED. Amount is still the same! Hopefully we know something tomorrow. Sending Positive vibes loves! They just trying to catch up and do us right. Let’s have some compassion for the irs employees. They just work there, they didn’t build the system. 😂

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    I filed and accepted 2/17 been on 1 bar with everything fine to 152 and amount …. I’m a weekly nothing has updated transcript says Na I logged on last night it went from being processed all this time to still being processed last night then I just tried to check status on wmr and it says info typed is wrong so I can’t even see my status on there anymore and transcripts still say Na

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    Disclaimer: this is just my situation don’t panic!

    Woke up to no bars or tt152. Called offset line and my refund was offset by Dept. of edu in the amount they refunded last year becuz of the pandemic. It was post dated 3/18 so I’m guessing that’s my refund date.

    I’m going to be hopeful and say they will see this and mail the offset back. I will call wens for more info on this.

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    Filed 2/17, accepted 2/17. N/A on everything… never had this happen before. Hoping the best for us all.

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    Wmr back up still one bar!

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    WMR finally updated overnight! Filed and accepted 2/18 through TT, DDD of 3/10.

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    Filed and accepted 2/16 still no update

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    So as of today still nothing.

    Filed 2/17/21 and accepted same day.
    I’m annoyed af.

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    Direct deposit dropping watch bank accounts

    I’m hoping it drops tonight. I need to pay bills this weekend.

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    Direct deposit dropping watch bank accounts

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    Just got off the phone. I was told that “because of the bad weather, our processing building shut down. There will be an update to the system tomorrow.”

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    Filed and accepted 2/17

    WMR has been on one bar since filing. NA on transcripts. I’m usually weekly and thought I’d see some movement today but NOTHING! Ughhhh

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    I’m a 2/18 filer, accepted same day. Been at 1 bar ever since. No EITC/ATC. Used TurboTax, $5,xxx refund. TD Bank says no pending deposits. Currently on hold on the phone.

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    Filed and accepted on 2/17. Haven’t checked WMR, but in the past few years it hasn’t changed till well after I’ve received my deposit, so I no longer check it. Checked transcripts yesterday 2/4, still with N/A. Today they are updated, unfortunately I can’t open them, not sure if it’s my internet or the IRS. Doesn’t really matter, it means something is moving and I’m ok with that.

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    filed and accepted 2/16 – still one bar wtf

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    I filed 2/16 and still at one bar as well.

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    filed and accepted 2/16 no update yet on wmr. Can’t access transcripts. Hoping for an update Saturday.

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    @rocketgirl I also have no update and my transcript says NA 😪 I filed 2/17 and was also accepted the same day. Most of my friends filed after me and already received their return .

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    Soooo no updates for us???😔

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    Mine is still on one bar and there’s no return transcript available to see. It was advertised on 2/17. Is this normal?

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    Received/accepted 2/17
    Transcripta updated 2/26
    846/DDD 3/3
    WMR updated to 2 bars

    I’m so relieved and excited because last year I had to get an advocate-I was so nervous about this years season!

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    And I’m a Pather as well. Claimed EIC and ACTC

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    FIled 2/17
    Accepted 2/17
    WMR Updated 2/28 to 2 Bars
    DDD 3/4

    My federal taxes always take a minimum of 2 weeks to get approved. I also got my state tax return today. That was probably the fastest I have ever received it. So it was a pleasant surprise.

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    Hey u all so I filed 2-17 in accept 2-17 I couldn’t check Transcripts but I woke up check wmr today got a date for 3/4 look at that it was a fast turn around my mi state still no information I always get my state first which is crazy still no inf but good luck u all

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    Same here but still nada on updates. Will they continue to update through the weekend?

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    Hey filed with TT with fees taken out. Child tax credit.
    Filed on 2/17 and accepted minutes later.
    Finally some movement on WMR. It updated to DD of 3/3.

    Good luck everyone.

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    Anybody get movement? Nothing on wmr can’t check Transcript filed accepted 2-17 state still no info

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    Filed 2/17
    Accepted 2/17

    Filed with tt having fee’s taken out of refund claimed ctc eitc and the look back wmr is still 1 bar with tax topic 152 no movement at all since accepted can’t access transcripts because I have a pre paid phone I also file with a 1099 because I am self employed so not sure if that’s what is holding mine up or if the irs is really behind.

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    rip kobe

    Weeklys update Saturday mornings people. If u can’t access ur transcript like me, WMR may update tomorrow morning.

    However WMR is being stupid this year. So who knows? Last year my shit updated at 4am on Saturday.

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    Filed 2/17
    Accepted 2/17
    Wmr: 1 bar since 2/17

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    Still nothing..

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    Accepted 2/17 – no access to transcripts but wmr updated early this morning with ddd 3/2

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    Still no moving on wmr can’t see Transcripts filed in accepted 2-17 just wait game

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    I filed and was accepted the same date 2/17. Still nothing on my transcripts. The only thing I see different is the as of date being March 15th.

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    Filed 2/19
    TT said it was accepted 2/19
    Still no bars on WMR
    Status says… We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement email….

    I have no bars. Not sure this has ever happened to me before.

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    Nothing. Ugh

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    Nothing yet for me. I’m hoping my verification code shows up today in the mail so I can check my transcripts.

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    Any update for who file in accept 2-17 have any updates I can’t check transcript wmr still onebar my state still no info

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    Transcript shows 846 refund issued 2/25/2021

    Nothing yet but will update

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    I filed with hr block..fees taken out..i have a walmart money deposit yet or change on wmr

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    Usually get mine fast every year but nothing so far.

    Accepted: 2/17

    Direct deposited into Green Dot.

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    Well today my California state refund was changed from pending to issued but nothing on federal just yet no transcripts nothing

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    At least i know im not alone. =D

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    Last 2 years, WMR never updated till after I received my DD in my bank. Don’t go by what WMR states all the time.

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    I received my refund in the last 2 years without me updating. It actually updated 2 days after I received my DD.

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    Also filed and accepted 2/17. WMR 1bar and no update on transcript yet. Federal only no state. Traditional bank. Tax Slayer. Fees paid up front

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    Still 1 bar for me 2

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    Same here! Still no movement and N/A on top two

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    Still at one bar too. Filed and accepted 2/17

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    No movement yet on mine. Stuck on one bar and transcripts not updated.
    Filed and accepted 2/17

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    I did mines the 17 too just one bar my state still say no info plz keep updates

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    I filed on the 17th as well. Would have done it earlier, but I was still waiting on a document to show up. I’m part of the group of people that receives weekly updates. So, I will check WMR tomorrow and probably my transcripts on Monday to see if they are updated.

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    Filed and accepted on the 17th too

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    Same here. I did notice though that in my account transcript my stimulus amounts were there yesterday and today they are not it’s all zeros… Not sure what’s up with that 🤔

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    Transcripts still say N/A
    WMR at one bar

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    Me too 😋

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