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      For those those of you that filed 2/16 and 2/17 have you had any updates yet ? I filed with tax hawk and paid my fee upfront .

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          Thank y’all for the updates. My brother still has processing message and can’t check transcripts because he lost his ID. Smh. I don’t know if I’m more mad at him or the IRS at this point. Haha!

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            My transcripts updated before WMR .

            Transcripts updated Friday morning on 03/03.

            Wmr updated today

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              WMR updated today showing deposit approved for 03/08.

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                Filed 2/15 all credits, HOH, transcripts finally updated this morning with DDD 3/08.. before today they were blank- no refund filed. WMR page still says “is being processed “ – no update.

                Good luck everyone

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                  For those who’s transcripts updated, Did WMR change for you at all? What message does it or did it display? Thank you

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                    i just called the IRS and found out my return had to be resequenced for some reason. she could not see why it happened but there are no other holds and i do not have to do any ID verification. it is just stuck in IRS limbo hell..

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                      filed on 2/16. still no updated transcripts.

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                        My Transcripts updated this morning with a DDD of 3/8 🥰🥰🥰

                        Next year I will be filing as soon as the irs is accepting refunds I won’t be waiting until the middle of February as I have never waited this long in the past

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                          Finally updated !!
                          Check your transcripts !!
                          I filed 02/17
                          Up until this morning my transcript still read “No tax return filed”
                          I checked this morning and all codes are there.
                          846 03/08

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                            Still no updates for me. This suckssss. Called the IRS today and was told because it hasn’t been 21 days, they can’t give me any additional information.

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                              @ I need my refund .Mine still says “being processed” it isn’t changed to “still being processed “ at least not yet

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                                Filed 2/17 accepted 30 mins later
                                First year filing married joint I changed my last name last year so I thought it would be an issue but it wasn’t! Usually file HOH with all the credits
                                3/1 transcripts updated! 846 code for 3/6
                                Have always been a weekly but it changed this year good luck all!!

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                                  [quote quote=4532439]Filed on 2/23
                                  Accepted 2/23
                                  Approved 3/1 with DDD of 3/3

                                  Last year compared to this year is night and day. I waited half a year for my 2021 refund.[/quote]

                                  oof. I’m jealous. I filed the day before you (also noticed a lot of people also filed on 2/22, as well) and I’m still waiting. I think I’m a weekly for some reason even though I have no reason to be. I’m happy for you though. ☺️ I guess I’m just stuck waiting along with everyone else. 🙃

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                                    @needmyrefund my still says being processed with tax topic is 152 so hopefully I won’t end up under review

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                                      @Amerie: I filed before you on 2/13 and I still have no update and my transcripts N/A. I updated last week on WMR to the dreaded “still processing” message. a.k.a. you are screwed.

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                                        Filed on 2/23
                                        Accepted 2/23
                                        Approved 3/1 with DDD of 3/3

                                        Last year compared to this year is night and day. I waited half a year for my 2021 refund.

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                                          I filed on 2/16 accepted hour later. Im a daily and my transcripts finally update overnight with a ddd of 3/6

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                                            Still no updates for Me filed 2/ transcripts no movement on WMR .nada

                                            I’m tempted to call 😐 it has has never taken me this long to get an update on my transcripts if it doesn’t update tomorrow morning I am going to give them a call

                                            I’m also a weekly so I don’t know if that makes a difference

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                                              @Nicky same! filed 2/16 and as of a few minutes ago when i checked, still says processing.

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                                                Filed 2/16 with personal CPA
                                                Accepted same day or 2/17
                                                WMR never said PATH message just accepted
                                                Checked transcripts and I have all good codes
                                                DDD for 3/6/2023. Weird no update on WMR today. Maybe NFCU will release Friday but I doubt it lol. Have a great 2023, spend wisely and stock up☺️

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                                                  Any updates for anyone? Filed and accepted 02/17… no movement whatsoever. Transcripts read “No Tax return received”… Anyone in the same boat?

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                                                    Still no update I am trying to be patient since it has only been 11 days but it’s hard when people who filed after me already have DDD’s

                                                    Anywhoo wmr still at 1 bar and no transcripts .

                                                    I’m weekly and I heard we update on Thursdays so I am going to wait until then to check again

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                                                      Filed and accepted 2/16.
                                                      Transcripts updated 2/24
                                                      Wmr updated 2/25 with ddd

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                                                        Filed and accepted 2/16 with TT, fee through refund. (HOH, no CTC this year, but yes to 1 dep w College credit)
                                                        No movement on WMR through 2/23 (and transcripts showed NA)
                                                        2/23 transcript updated with 846 code and 3/1 DDD
                                                        2/25 WMR updated to second bar (refund approved).
                                                        Just waiting for SBTG (TT’s processor) to update and then deposit to Chime.

                                                        Good luck everyone!

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                                                          Filed 2/15 I updated on transcripts first thing Friday and yesterday Saturday WMR also updated with a deposit for 3/1

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                                                            Filed 2/18 accepted same day no fees, No transcripts just one bar on WMR. Still waiting for update.

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                                                              I filed 2/15 today trnascripts upadted with DDD of 3/6

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                                                                Did anyone have any movement ?

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                                                                  My transcripts are still n/a but I did receive my SC state refund. Guess I’m still a weekly this year and I’ll update tomorrow I hope🤞🏽

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                                                                    Or do they update anytime on Friday? Seems odd that so many of you are getting our ddds from this time. I read they go all day.

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                                                                      Amerie, so at this point is there no chance of an update until Friday?

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                                                                        I usually file mine in January 2/16 is the latest that I have ever filed and I won’t do it again 🤷🏽‍♀️

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                                                                          I filled the 18th and my transcript had an 846 code with a DD of 2/28. This morning I checked the WMR site and it updated to show my DD for 2/28. This year was really fast for me! Good luck everyone! You’ll be getting ur money soon!

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                                                                            Checked this morning still at 1 bar .checked transcripts and I now have an account transcript .I didn’t have one yesterday 🤷🏽‍♀️

                                                                            The account transcript says no refund filed so hopefully it updates tomorrow .

                                                                            All the other transcripts say N/A

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                                                                              Filed 2/16 around 5 pm Accepted within 30mins.
                                                                              Still on 1 bar, Tax topic 152. Transcripts are blank and show N/A

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                                                                                I’m weekly and I was told they weeklies usually update on Friday mornings .So I will check it tomorrow morning

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                                                                                  Bianca, apparently there is a cycle code that tells you if you’re weekly or daily. But my transcripts weren’t even there and then boom, ddd. I don’t know if I’m weekly or daily

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                                                                                    I filed 2/16. Wmr was one bar, being processed, TT152. No transcripts showed for 2022 until yesterday when it all showed up after update with a ddd for Feb 27th. Today WMR updated to approved with the same ddd.

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                                                                                      Filed 2/16 with CPA(fees paid upfront)
                                                                                      Accepted either 2/16 or 2/17
                                                                                      Blank transcripts and a weekly.
                                                                                      I’m not sure if I should keep checking transcripts or not. Curious to know if the transcripts update every day. Does anyone know?

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                                                                                        I checked this morning still one bar and no transcripts .My state hasn’t updated either and I usually get those within 8 days of filing I’m starting to get nervous 😕

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                                                                                          I filed the 14th, TT held it for 48 hours because I did it on a different account.

                                                                                          Accepted on the 16th.
                                                                                          No advance
                                                                                          Paid fees upfront to TT
                                                                                          Where’s my refund at 1 bar, says my refund is being processed w/tax code 152

                                                                                          I can’t check my transcripts so I’m just hanging out waiting, lol!

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                                                                                            Bump where is everyone keys obsess together lol

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