Filed & accepted 1/28, TT, 1 bar, n/a transcripts

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      Like the title says. I filed and accepted 1/28. Used TurboTax, 1 bar WMR, N/A transcripts NO DDD. Anyone in with the same situation get any updates?

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          Also, from what ive noticed. People have been getting big updates to wmr and transcripts 4 days after filing. So heres to hoping wmr updates on the weekend, i think i read somewhere on here that its everyday.

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            Still no update. Locked out of wmr until 10pm chicago time. Transcripts n/a. no deposits to sbbt. This waiting game is bullshit, i went through this last year too. Will update after 10pm for everyone following.

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              I filed thru on 1/28.. accepted about an hour or so later. One bar on WMR. Fingers crossed I get it fast. Will keep checking/updating here.

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                I’m In the same boat as u filed 1/28 @ 12:59 pm accepted around a half hour later I have one bar on wmr an n/a on transcripts will keep posted

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                  Same here. Let me know if anything updates for you

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                    i hope so. its my money and i need it now lol. do you think there will be an update to wmr tonight or tomorrow?

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                      A lot of 1/27ers got their DDD’s today so yours shouldn’t be too far away.

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