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Filed 3/10 “can’t provide information about your refund” msg

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    File with tax preparer 3/10
    Ever since I filed I keep getting these two messages on IRS website:

    1) You may not have entered your information correctly. Please verify your personal tax data and try again.

    Please confirm your Social Security Number, Filing Status and Refund Amount shown below.
    Social Security Number

    or IRS Individual Taxpayer
    Identification Number:

    Filing Status:

    Expected Refund Amount:

    If you think you may have made a mistake when entering your personal information please select Re-Enter

    If your personal tax data is correct, please answer the following questions:
    Approximately when did you file your tax return? How did you file your return?
    Select Month Select Date Select Year Select Filing Method
    Please select submit to continue getting your Refund Status

    After I input filing date second message comes up.

    2) We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information

    Should I call the IRS? Has anyone had this message from the beginning? Is the site broken? Also my transcripts say N/A. I have never had this issue in my life. Any advice or other experiences anyone would like to share would be great! Thanks!

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    I have been trying to find out anything about my tax refund, but I can’t get any information from the IRS website. All they ever tell me is, they can’t provide any information on your taxes. What am I supposed to do? I mean, it’s September 4th, and not a word from them. It’s really not right for them to be able to get away with this. They wouldn’t let anyone else do that to them. . Do you have any advice for me? Thank you for your time. DanlR

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    @dp this is where you request your transcript.

    Filed and accepted Feb 28. Still tapping my toes.

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    Had to mail mine march 8th, usps says they recieved it on the 12th, have checked wheres my refund and irs2go and mine says same thing, no information. This is insane. Probably gonna have to wait until next year, I know a woman who still hasnt gotten her 2019 taxes back yet. I dont know anything about this transcript you guys are talking about, how do I do that? I called and they told me the same thing about being backed up.

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    I too get that same message on WMR enter wrong information only efiled also when checking transcripts it said no record of return filed although there is a message on account that also states “you may receive a reminder-to-file message while we work to process your return and thats been there for 2 months now 🤷‍♀️

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    Same issue here. I mailed my deceased father’s tax return. I used TurboTax, but had to file on paper because I needed to either include form 1310 (if there is no Will) or proof that I am the (small) estate administrator. I did that, included my original letter of administration which is specific to this refund. USPS tracking says that they got it on March 10. Enter all information correctly, get the same message as above.

    I am also wondering if they come back saying I’ve not filed it.

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    Melissa Rice

    Anyone know what happens if they come back 3 months from now and tell you that you never filed. When sent by mail, not much proof you did. Is there a penalty? My son was to get 1,273.00 back.

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    Ann rozun

    I mailrf my taxes on March 4th and still see the same message that I may have entered my information in correctly. I have called and they said they checked several different areas and have no record of my tax return. I too am concerned I would just like to know if they received it. They did say they are way behind because of the pandemic.

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    Melissa Rice

    I sent my sons by mail and they received it March 8,2021 by certified mail. That’s all we know. Says information maybe incorrect and then I add in all the info like file date and by paper and still nothing. Been 8 plus weeks now, should we be concerned it fell behind a desk or lost? Anyone else waiting over 8 weeks? Thanks

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    That is the exact msg’s I get on the WMR when I try to look up my refund.
    If I call or look it up it tells me “cannot provide info” for me also. There are a bunch of people like up from what I have read on Reddit and some have said they have gotten refunds without ever updating, but the IRS is super behind and we are likely not going to see movement til May from what I have been reading.

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    What do you mean by ‘the notification that they accepted it’? I have not received any notification that they accepted my tax return after filing on February 25. I can only see that the package was delivered by USPS. But when I check the status of my refund online or via phone, I am getting the same message: ‘can’t provide information about your refund’. Is anyone still in the same situation?

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    benjamin ramsey

    I am having the exact same issue

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    If you call they will just tell you they are backed up and call back if you don’t have it in 10 weeks. They’re are people that filed in February that I’ve seen say their transcripts still say n/a. As long as you got the notification that they accepted it, it’s just a waiting game now unfortunately.

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