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Filed 2/4 accepted 2/4

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    Anyone who filed on 2/4 have anything other than the “your return is being processed/21 day” msg? It’s way too early to be crazy about it, but just wondering considering that so many ppl who filed on the 30th and 31st still don’t have their $ yet.

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    My return was accepted on 2/4 and I filed Married, filing jointly. I used TurboTax and my bar has not updated yet. I utilized direct deposit and I haven’t seen anything yet… starting to freak out a little. Anyone else experiencing this?


    I filed on 2/4 and I recieved the “accepted” email on 2/5 at 1:20 pm. Tonight (2/11), I was able to download my transcript and the cycle date says “20140703″. Not sure what that means, but I’ve been reading other posts that says it means a DDD of 2/17. With that said, I do not have a verified DDD..only hearsay from others as to what my cycle date means.


    I filed 2/4 accepted 2/4 and still getting the 21 day message. Im gonna try to order my transcripts and see what happens


    So relieved!
    Filed and accepted 2/4 with turbo tax
    – 2/15 @ 1am(pacific) was able to pull up transcript
    menu with my new address so I knew it was
    processed. Only would come up with last years
    address prior to this. Didnt have to order.
    -2/16 @ 2am got a deposit date for 2/21! Hell yeah!

    Head of house hold. One w2, 2 kids, earned
    income credit, child tax credit.
    Hang in there guys, it’s coming! If your all legit
    you got nothing to worry about.


    I had a 2/12 DD date. It was in my bank this morning. Good luck to all.


    I filed my mom’s taxes on 2/4 and they were accepted the same day. This morning WMR says that she is STILL processing and will receive a date when available. Grrrrr. I filed mine before hers and I am just processing with a 21 days message.


    @mypitsthelife: yes! It’s good. It means you are through processing. Look for a dd date soon. I still have a dd date of 2/13, no $ yet.


    Filed 4 returns 2 on 2/4 accepted 1 on 2/4 other pending for education credits, other 2 on 2/5 accepted 2/5. All accepted was able to order transcript 2/8. 2/9 dd of 2/13 on all :)


    I was able to order my transcript last night and this morning I had a dd date of 2/13! Yay!


    Filed 2/4 and was accepted 2/4. I was able to order my return transcripts tonight – is that good news?!


    Omg! That’s killing me. I filed the same day and still no dd date on wmr. Not even past the first bar yet! Frustrating. But also gives me some hope. Maybe it will update in the next day or two.


    I filed on 2/4 and accepted on 2/4. Got a 2/12 direct deposit on wmr this morning. I used Turbo Tax but I dont think that matters. I did my daughters on HRB site on 2/4 and she had a deposit date of 2/11 on wmr.


    i filed on 2/4 was accepted 2/5 and im still on processing to

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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