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FILED 2/27 who’s with me?

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    No updates to anything
    Filed 2/27 accepted 2/29 transcripts say nothing, wmr on 1 bar with tax topic 152

    What’s yours looking like? Update me here!!

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    Absolutely nothing here as well. Filed 2/27. WMR has no bars, no tax topic, nothing other than saying still processing. Transcript still showing as of 1/10/22. No new codes. No letters. Absolutely nothing!

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    Same here. Filed 2/27 and still have not had any updates

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    Response : Alayna

    I filed 2/17 A 2/18 TurboTax. ATP CTC. At first there were bars on WMR with tax topic in February early March then bars went away and we received your refund on 3/17 and then to wait 21 days. As of today 4/27 it’s still processing N/A on transcripts no action whatsoever smh

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    I filed 2/14 had to verify my identity 3/26 still haven’t gotten anything and transcripts haven’t been updated… so tired of having to wait.

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    I was accepted on 2/21. Called and got through to someone that said my return was sent to Errors dept and she did not know why. Also said sometimes the error is on their end and it will be fixed and to keep checking wmr. Still no other info, no info on transcripts nothing has been updated on them since last year. WMR still processing. 8 weeks now

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    I had to verify my identity on April 6th. I have received a cycle code of 20221505 No update in a week. This has taken 3 months already. Any feedback?

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    I filed 2/10. NOTHING!!!

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    Filed 2/27, accepted the same day. Refund received bar gone as of this morning 3/18/22, now says ‘still being processed’ and amount of refund on left side of screen increased by $4 but no other info and tax topic 152 is gone.

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    I filed 2/25 and was accepted 2/26
    I’m cycle code 20221005 —— I seen people with my same cycle code get a DDD for 03-16-2022.
    I have no updates but on my transcripts it has 766 codes twice with credit to account for 04/15/2022 but no code 846. Really hoping we get an update this weekend

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    I filed a little after you on the 1st but I’m not in a rush just looking to see when I could possibly get it

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    I though feb didn’t go to the 29th this year

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    I filed 2/26/2022 and accepted same day. No updates My previous years cycle was 05 so hopefully will get DDD on Saturday 🤞🏼

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    Nikki O

    I filed 2/18/22
    No delay message
    Bars never disappeared
    Transcripts updated early this morning with a Code 846 3/16!!!
    My return from 2020 transcripts updated this morning as well with code 846 3/16.
    2020 return was in the errors dept since August 2021. Had to get assigned a tax advocate. Was never asked to provide any documentation.
    Yell don’t give up hope. Money may not come when u want it to but when it do, it’s right on time!!!

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    @Nene- we filed the same day. I will monitor this thread and make sure to tag you if/when i received my money, and id appreciate if you did the same :)

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    I filed on Monday 2/28 accepted the same day. I had bars for a couple of days but they have since disappeared. The only thing that displays in tax topic 152 and the FAQ sections. No transcripts available yet and I filed through turbo tax and elected to have the fee’s withheld from my refund. Single, no children or credits. multiple employers in 2 different states.

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    A friend who filed same date has a Transcript update!!!! 846 3-16-2022

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    My son filed 2/26 WMR updated this morning to a DDD of 3/14

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    Accepted 2/28 no movement and tax transcript says n/a

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    Sad and glad I’m not alone. I realize it hasn’t been long enough to worry… but it’s interesting to see where everyone is at. Hoping for an update this weekend.

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    No updates, filed 1/24. WMR stuck on still processing with no TT152. Randomly decided to try and ID verify and it allowed me to last week. Now i wait for this Friday hoping there is some movement!

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    Filed on 2/26/22 no updates as of right now but ot has only been 10 days so…. With that said who knows when ot will come. Heard they have sent out more dds recently so may receive it soon without any further updates. My fiances came with no updates on hers at all. It just showed up one day lol.

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    Filed and accepted 2/26. Same shitshow as yours.

Viewing 22 replies - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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