filed 1/29 any ddd or wmr update here 1/29 club

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      I filed and accepted 1/29 1bar wmr tax topic 152.anyone got wmr update or DDD able to order 2014 transcripts I try to look online transcript and says contact identity theft cannot process at this time can order 2013 transcripts with old address if I use my new address it says its not the right information update anyone?

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          still nothing for me, filed 1/29 and got acceptance email within 3 hours.
          checked h&r block online the next morning and it said i was accepted 1/30
          no access to transcripts and had 1 bar this whole time
          checked on 2/3 and still the same tried transcripts though and told me to call ispu
          did so and the irs verified and they said my acceptance date moved to 2/2…
          1 bar/tt 152/ no transcripts

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            E-Filed both Federal and State returns thru Turbo Tax on 1/29. Got accepted the same day, The past few days WMR has one bar, today it disappeared. I’ve been trying to access Transcripts but I can’t log in even if I have my correct credentials/info and instead I keep getting instructed to call the 800 908 4490 (IPSU-identity theft). I never reported of any issues regarding identity theft, first time this happened. Tried to order via phone (Transcript Hotline) and the automated system stated they don’t have any info with my 2014 return. :(

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              I have seen a lot who updated yesterday, with a ddd of 2/6 & some who updated this morning with 2/9. There are also a lot of people who still have not seen updates though. Myself included. There is no rhyme or reason to it. People who filed 1/20 some have updates, a lot don’t. Same goes for us, I suppose. It is, unfortunately, whenever they get to it. It really stinks.

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                It just doesn’t make sense. Y no transcripts? Have u heard if anyone filing on the 29th and received a DDD?

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                  What’s the website you are on?

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                    Nothing for me yet getting real irritated nothing ugh

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                      I just don’t know about the people at the IRS. I had a big mess last year in a cycle group that was issued our refunds and taken back the same time before the money ever hit our account. Wmr told me to call IRS. I did. They had no clue what was going on and told me to call back after 21 days even tho I was referred to call the IRS. And they just tell u stuff to keep u from calling back. I haven’t called this year and I’m not going to. People are better off guessing the problem than calling the IRS.

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                        this is what someone posted on another post. I am going to assume it goes for those of us who filed and were accepted 01/29

                        Okay everyone, after nearly an hour on hold (love how they quote you 15-20 minutes), I am actually grateful because I spoke with someone who was fairly pleasant and informative. However, since everyone seems to get different responses and often say the reps have no idea what they are talking about I am not going to go 100% off of this until I see more evidence that it is true. That being said…

                        She told me that when you submit your return on a non-processing day for the weekly cycle your are on (referring to us 04s which are and 05s) you are given a dead cycle code and re-sequenced to be accepted/processed on the day when they usually update your cycle. I submitted mine and received acceptance from Tax Act on 1/28, however the IRS actually received and accepted it on 1/30 and put me into re-sequencing because Thursday Night-Saturday morning is when the 05ers are updated. She said she is not sure why some companies issue submission ids with the dead cycle codes in it because it causes panic and there is often no reason for alarm and while they have been trying to veer away from the weekly updates, some people still fall into that system. She stated that at this time I am under normal processing and should see an update soon, but no later than 2/20. She did say that system updates on Saturdays and Sundays can delay WMR updating (I noticed this all day last Sunday) so to check Monday prior to calling if there are no updates on the weekend.

                        I hope this information is true and no just a heap of mumbo jumbo to hush me up and get me off the phone, but it sounds reasonable.

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                          I filed bf taxes on 1/29. Accepted within the hour. Has not changed since. Transcripts unavailable. Filed mine 1/30. Updated yesterday DDD tomorrow. I don’t understand. I’ve done our taxes for years.

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                            Any update for u?

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