Filed 1/28/15 about 6pm..Nothing. Any news?

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      I filed and was accepted the evening of 1/28 around 6pm, said I was accepted the same day about a half hour later. H&R Block sent me an email stating the irs accepted your return. Next day I checked and it has been on the first bar since then. So I started reading on here, tried the transcripts, was always able to view until today when it told me a few times “technical difficulties” and then I waited a few hours and entered the information and it locked me out, said my information didn’t match(all previous successful entries to the site had same info, it’s right)…SO..Anyone heard anything about when people who filed 1/28 might get any info other than the 152 and first bar? Being locked out of the transcript for 24 hours won’t effect my return time, will it? Never had it take so long for the bar to move.

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          Yea, my state was accepted but i owe 28 bucks so arranged a payment on that later so..And in PA, I usually owe nothing and get nothing or it’s like 3 bucks, so, I just am curious about the federal….

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            This sounds just like me. The only difference is that I received my State on 2/3. I’d like some insight on this as well.

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