Filed 1/20, 18 days no updates, Identity message for trascripts

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      Filed and accepted on 1/20, IRS reps state it wasn’t accepted until 1/22. I can’t see my transcripts online due to the Identity Theft indicator. I called that department twice, and they confirmed there is no ID theft flag on my account. No bars on WMR since 1/30, amount still shown. I have talked to numerous reps and no one seems to see any issue, the last rep thought there was a freeze or hold on my refund, but wouldn’t tell me more than the usual “a letter may or may not have gone out”. I haven’t got any letters, so I am assuming they are seeing the resequence code.

      As of right now, 18 days after acceptance, 0 updates. Can anyone help me from losing my mind? We need this money for our toddlers!!!!

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          Yes somebody please tell me why would i get a ddd and the idenity message if my return wasnt being processed.

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            I filed on 1/13 and was accepted 1/14. I had one bar on WMR until 1/29 or 1/30 and then it disappeared. I attempted to view my transcripts online and received the Identity message instead so I called the number and the rep asked me some questions to verify my identity and then told me that my return was still processing and that my transcripts were not available that was last Friday and still no movement or update. I will never file that early again it seems to be the kiss of death!! I was told to file early because of identity theft affecting so many people at tax season. I will definitely be calling Monday morning if no progress because i will be at 21 days!!

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              Accepted 1/20, transcripts available only yesterday, approved with a DDD for 2/11 this morning, which is 22 DAYS FROM THE DAY THEY ACKNOWLEDGED/ACCEPTED. So! While I’m glad I and others are FINALLY getting their funds, the IRS is full of shit.

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                I filed on the 19th and accepted on the 19th. To this day I have had one bar which over night last night changed to no bar and the basic message of refund date will be available blah blah blah. No topic 152 or identity topic either. I do know I owed Bamacare 140 because i didnt have insurance for a few months. No letter issued Transcript I was able to get on tuesday had all zeros but now i cant even log in. It asks me to wait 24 hrs. I have no clue what is going on and from what I have researched it just depends on your situation. For some it took 2-5 days to show a ddd, others review others need more info. I hope it clears my 21st day is monday and im on the phone in the am for sure. If anyone has anything too help please update.

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                  Filed and accepted on the 20th no updates lost my bars last Saturday. Called and got a tax advocate yesterday. No topic codes, holds or offsets. Can’t see my transcripts either due to identity fraud. Called to get transcripts and they have the same address from last year so I know my refund has not been processed. I’m beyond pissed.

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                    I also haven’t had any updates but received a letter yesterday its 4464c letter, just stating that I’m under review, my transcript has n/a 0.00, but the date of 2-16-2015 changed to 2-23-2015 yesterday then later that afternoon changed back to 2-16-2015, I haven’t been able to contact a rep yet, I filed 1/26. Wmr still has one bar, and tax topic 152

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