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    busy mama of 4

      This is getting a bit ridiculous. Looking at past transcripts we were a 05. From my understanding is that it weekly. Well that is fine, but now it seems like it’s going to take much longer for a simple return :/ When ordering transcripts only the bottom boxes show 2014 but with 000s. WMR has been on the 1st bar. We filed with TaxSlayer and we are an active duty military family. Anyone else file 1/19, accepted 1/20, 1st WMR bar, 00s in account transcript (though I see a date of Feb 16, 2015) and a Wage and Income transcript under 2014 but says there is no record of filing.
      Anyone else with this situation?

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          Well I am the same situation well minus the fact I filed 1/30 I have account transcript with 000 as of this morning and we are military too. I am really hoping that they are still updating throughout the day . I won’t be checking again until tonight or maybe in the AM

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            I am still at the same :( I see people are still getting updats to their Trans. though…. But mine are still all 000 only the bottom 2 are viewable… my date is also still the 16th ( iread some changed to the 23rd??)

            filled 19
            accpt 20
            finally able to see my tran last week..000
            and 1 bar on WMR :(

            been that way for DAYS!!!

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              DDD 2/11… finally over for me. Hang in there

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              Busy mama of 4

                No updates here yet :(

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                  Same here filed on 1/23 with taxslayer. Accepted within half an hour I’m a 05 weekly stuck on 1 bar, with 000 on the transcript. But from what I’ve read 05 should update tonight HOPEFULLY. Good luck

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                    I am in the same situation.. My transcripts have showed 000 for days now and i can only look at bottom 2 boxes. 1 bar on WMR. I am not military though… Any updates for you??

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                      same situation filed 1/19 excepted 1/20 and still stuck on one bar with no changes. getting real impatient

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