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Filed 1/13, Accepted 1/21, No DDD on WMR No TS IRS Update!

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    I called this morning and after a 20 minute hold talked to a person who said that my DDD is 2/4. I can see no transcripts, no DDD , accepted with 152 on WMR since 1/21. Just wanted to share. :)

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    I actually just called the 800 number! Like googled IRS phone number and got a 800 number. I know it ended in 1040 but I don’t remember what the other #s were. I had to go through like a dozen menu’s. Never selected anything about refund status. Always just “other options” or whatever I could select to get a person. I may have gotten just really lucky with who I talked to also. I just explained that I wanted to find out what was up since I had filed on the 13th and haven’t seen any status change since my acceptance on the 21st. I was super apologetic for “wasting her time with such a silly question” and acted supper grateful for any help she could give me. Haha. I guess it was being polite. :) Like I said though, I bet I just got lucky. PS My transcripts are now showing up on the website. I checked at noon and they were not there. WMR still says 152 and accepted.


    O cool! Ya thanks for sharing hopefully that applies to me also, I was accepted on 1/12 no bars, no ddd, no Transcripts no nothing lol


    well i hope i have the same thing how did you talk to someone?????


    I filed 21 Jan, and accepted 21 Jan. Could not order any transcripts up until this morning. But I could only order my account transcript and not my refund transcript. Sill might be a good sign?


    Well, that’s good news!! Thanks for sharing! How did you get someone to talk to you? I waited 45 minutes on hold and the woman I spoke to just said, “no, no, no! not until 21 days have passed!”

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