Filed 1/29 No Updates No PATH

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    Hello all,
    I filed and was accepted 1/29
    Claimed both EIC and CTC

    I have been at one bar and TT 152 since, no changes or movement which I know isn’t until Mid Feb.

    I see that some people have disappeared bars, PATH message, been resequences etc

    What does this mean for me? I’m worried that I haven’t been processed yet. Should I be worried about not having disappeared bars or a PATH?

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    I can’t view my transcripts online because I don’t have an account number for verification. Or a phone bill in my name since I’m on my parents plan. I did order them by mail 2/2 and it was blank




    Last year I never got a PATH message now that I recall and I got a DDD of 2/23 received on 2/22 Ermerald Card


    Q dog1983

    Hey guys im in the same boat there are actuall alot of ppl with this same situation. Ive been going to multiple sites and ppl have been commenting like crazy. Im jus praying that come Saturday i dont get a still processing message and get ddd.



    In the same boat. I filed 2/4 accepted same day been at one bar since no changes



    Sorry I meant transcripts online



    Did you guys check your transcripts line? Wmr socks but maybe you will see the next update by Saturday which is what we’re waiting for. I saw someone on here say they never received the path message last year but still received their refunds by the 22nd of Feb.
    I also filed the 29th. I’m just praying for a ddd of the 20th or 21st.



    I filed the same day as you the 29th and claimed both credits as well, I have one bar and TT 152. Hopefully we get an update this weekend



    Hey , we filed the 6th and claimed both credits . We are on the one bar , no path too 😮. I’m so confused too !!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.